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  1. was that the one won by an american or scum? edit: I looked. IT was the one sim one! I love sim, whats wrong with worlds 2018 other than me having to spend my first round bye working for my old awful job?
  2. Rz2s are really cool, I like talking about them! One time, at gencon, i beat an old man who was playing 5 rz2s and it was really cool and i told him to get gud and he let me call him dad
  3. This map feels a little unfair to the rz2s. I got mad about large base turrets in 1.0 (obviously not small base turrets, those are so pure that i named a kitten after one :P) in part because they could always reposition over great distance at little to no cost to thier defense, and had a true 360 arc, all they really had to do was not land on rocks. An Rz2 has to avoid bumps, something that can't be said for every ship in this game, and it it want's to do it's faux turret impression, takes a stress which limits its dial, admittedly not a ton, but also, it's doing the boost rotate, it's giving up it's ability to mod any of it's dice, which is pretty significant on a ship with only 4 health and 2 attack dice.
  4. Idk man, I feel like everything that moves after ten pretty much deserves to get hit with a double modded torp at this point 😉
  5. Man maybe im remembering wrong, it's been a while since i was super plugged in, but IIRC even at the height of rebel beef, it got eaten alive by the equivalent tie swarm.
  6. when was the original due date? IIRC isn't it closer to July 1?
  7. Look at all you honorless cowards not picking row 2 slide 1
  8. If the other ships in your list are at i4 or higher, jake, i4 or lower, arvel
  9. I ususally just get shots with rivas anyway?
  10. Has more to do with the wealth of good options FO has and how Lehuse gets in the way of them
  11. Seems like disney/lfl has gotten lazier of late with protecting the star wars license. I remember a time when people who sell third party alt arts had to jump through hoops to profit off of them. If my facebook feed is any indication, those parties are more than happy to openly sell those items with no strings attached again.
  12. As the undefetead now retired (sorry Bruno) Alpha intergalactic loremaster 2000 until defeated, I even had to look up what Kullbee does. Fun fact, K2-B4 is actually named after the late mamba
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