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  1. we could have saved everyone from Miranda if i had just been More narcissistic
  2. MkV was the list I won the first invitational with. Chris (but really ben and alex) did most of the work on The Zack and Chris special, but i named it so my name goes first
  3. Looks like zero copies of the Zack and Chris special mk1 or mk2, shame!
  4. Is it easier to build now that you know the definition of ace?
  5. Actually first they came for the krayt thread and we behaved so it stayed in on topic.
  6. I think ethans version from gencon is probably stronger.
  7. I think you said it well on the cast, it's a better ketsu
  8. Why on earth are you protecting dutch though? The points from wedge could be used to not take a basically naked y wing
  9. Id assume youd put selfless on Dutch since hes not doing anything beyond passing locks. Not sure what wedge is doing in that list though, maybe jedi insurance?
  10. im so confused, are there scorches available or not, can i sign up for scorch plz?
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