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  1. I extensively used Ark of Lost Souls encounter generator, and I recommend it to anyone. Adventure itself is nice, but the generator is priceless for generating thing, I used it on Deathwatch, Rogue Trader, Black Crusade. Also used it in Dark Heresy and Only War (scaling a little down, so Major Perils/Hazard/Encounters became Standard, and Standard became Minor). You can even combine it with Stars of Inequity to generate area, enhance it with bonus area rules from Stars of Inequity (scaled up for DW, BC and RT session because encounters in Stars of Inequity are way too easy), and add Stars of Inequity loot. Voila. I recommend it to anyone still running 40k sessions... which probably means me and like 3 other people on the planet these days. Note: This Adventure is made for lower-level characters, but it is advisable for players to have, either from Deed or just buying for xp, Pilot (Space Craft). It is not necessary, but will make adventure easier for players, although mine can beat it without Pilot skill. Tech-Use is a very useful Skill here. It is also a nice start for a longer Campaign. Note: By Crit Success, I mean 01-05 or 5+ DoS, same with Critical Failure on 96-00 or 5 DoF. Players are a fresh wave of Deathwatch reinforcements. They met just before leaving for Jericho, on the supply convoy with reinforcements and supplies, so they can roleplay these few days or weeks of travel to Wrath, the seat of power of Lord Sebascor Ebongrave, commander of Canis Sailent. They arrive in the system, and are immediately hailed by the System Defense Fleet under command of Lord Captain Hilga Brashnir. Lord Capitain is very skeptical,says they did not receive any Astropathic message that would prove they are a legitimate convoy, and demands to search their fleet. However, if any Astartes appear on the screen, she changes her tone of voice, obviously. Lord Capitain informs them that Lord Sebascor Ebongrave wants to see them immediately after arriving on the orbit. He sends his personal, military shuttle for them. When they arrive, they are scanned by Head Astropath with some psychic powers, make the test WP. On 3 DoS, they feel something, but do not know what, although anyone with Lore Warp, or Librarian, will quickly realize their aura and minds were checked for taint of Corruption because of Ebongraves' paranoia. Although, maybe this time it is justified. Lord Ebongrave tells them that all his Astropaths, and even some Navigators, have horrible premonition for the last day. A great catastrophe is to befall Wrath. He orders them to stay on Wrath for at leat as long, as news won't reach Inquisitor that can change these orders. It's slightly tricky situation, since they were ordered to immediately after arriving on Wrath fly resources to Watch Station Arkhas, but on the other hand Wrath is crucial. No matter what they decide, though, they return to orbit in Ebongrave's Aquilla Lander (their decision will impact their future relationship with Ebongrave; do not dismiss it as unimportant). However, when they are nearing orbit but still in atmosphere, disaster strikes. (Take note; players went to Ebongrave and then back to prepare and re-arm, so they have only their standard equipment still; they can re-arm after this mission, if then). A dark sun appears above them, a ball of pure black. They can feel a sense of dread, and see how the giant monstrosity spreads long, metallic tentacles, and a swarm of smaller abominations flows out of it. When they regain their senses, they see it's a swarm of ship wrecks slowly scattering on the orbit. It's been just few seconds, but above them, chaos ensues. Space Hulk appeared in the middle of orbital fleet, scattering ships with powerful blast wave as it was leaving Warp, and causing multiple earthquakes on the planet's surface. Their pilot has to test Pilot (-20) or the shock wave makes him lose control of his shuttle for a moment, hitting some debris and damaging the shuttle (all Battle-Brothers inside suddenly see fuel rushing through damaged wall and igniting; all Brothers receive 1d10+6 Pen 0 Damage if they have any unarmored body part, and all Brothers must test Agility or catch fire). After few minutes of turbulent flight, they are contacted by Lord Capitain Brashnir. She tells them that one wreckage from Space Hulk, a mighty Grand Cruiser by the name of Indestructible Arrogance, former Imperial ship lost to Warp a thousand years ago, is falling on the Planet among other debree. Worse, the falling debree, earthquakes and thunderstorms on the planet, it is impossible to move anyone on the planet for at least few hours, probably few days. And the Argent Crown is now falling directly unto Fortress Prime with engines powered; if it hits, it's gonna pierce through the shields like they aren't even there, and will probably even crush underground fortifications, endangering Ebongrave. And if it's engines explode, the entire Fortress Prime and small fortresses around it are going to be destroyed, totally annihilated. They are the only unit in the area that can stop it. Indestructible Arrogance is too large to be destroyed by surprised and damaged ground fortifications, and orbital forces are scattered, damaged and in chaos. Right next to it, there is a falling Space Fort. If you managed to redirect it's weapons to hit Indestructible Arrogance point-blank, it will push it from it's trajectory. However, the fort is falling fast, and gravitational forces, damage it sustained, and the fact that it's currently too high in atmosphere to breath, means that Astartes are the only unit that can deploy there and manually target and fire the weapons. The pilot tries to land with Pilot (-20). On Critical Success, manages to land on a landing platform next to weapon platform and asks them to hurry, so he can take them back. On Success, he informs them that he is unable to land directly, but can fly close enough for unassisted drop, or try again. On failure, same as above but falling debree damages shuttle, giving -10 to all future Pilot Tests. On 5+ DoF or Crit Fail, he crashes into it, dealing every Brother 4d10+10 Pen 0 Damage, dying and destroying the shuttle. If they landed far away, they need to move through the falling apart station. Encounter 1. Standard Hazard. Do not tell them how many rolls they need to pass, only penalties. The only way they see if through Munitions Vault. However, it is critically damaged, small fire scattered around it and ammunition exploding left and right. They need to somehow break through before it's too late. - With 5 passed Agility (-20) Tests, they break through. However, burning and exploding ammunition deals every Battle-Brother 1d10+7 Pen 7 Damage for every Test whenever passed or failed. Crit Success deals no Damage, but Crit Fail hits the entire Kill-Team, not just this Brother, with 1d10+9 Pen 9. On 5 passed Tests total, they break through the area. - With 7 passed Strength (-10) Tests, they can throw the ammunition our of their way to explode harmlessly in the atmosphere. However, at first glance it seems it will take longer, risking that area becomes even more unstable and damaged (alotough nothing says they won't do it quickly). - With 5 passed Tech-Use Tests (-20), they can activate fire suppression systems, which will stop the fire. - With 7 passed Navigation (Surface) (-10) Tests, they can find alternative route. However, on Crit Fail, they instead wander into Medical Facility, see below. If they take more then 5/7 Turns to complete, the area destabilises and crashes under their feet. They have to pass Dodge or Pilot (+0), or fall to the deck below, falling hard. They hit the floor, which deals them 36 Primitive Damage (note, I use home rules for falling damage, so here fall from 6 meters is 36 Primitive Damage, but you an adjust it). Medical Deck: They find themselves in nearly intact Medical Facility. Serivtors are still functioning, but without Medicae it won't help them much. However, the only doors leading to their destination are locked, requiring five passed Strength Tests (-20). If they take 5 Turns before they finish, an electric surge causes all equipment in the Medical Bay to explode violently, showering them with sparks and breaking and igniting oxygen bottles. If they have any Armor Breach, they have to test for Fire, otherwise it has no effect. Encounter 2. The only war forward is through tight ventilation shafts. What's worse is that emergency shutters have been closed, requiring opening. The first Battle-Brother has to pass three tests of Strength, Tech-Use or Security, all with -10 penalty. For every Test failed, he does not open shutters in time, and distant explosions catch with them, dealing the Battle-Brother on the back 2d10+5 Pen 5 Damage. On Crit Fail, all Battle-Brothers are hit. Encounter 3. Radiation Leak. There is a leak from reactor, that endangers the weapon platform from above. They must plug the holes and enter emergenc sealing procedures, or weapon will be irradated which will make using it extremely hard. It requires five Tech-Use (-20) Tests to pass, and every Turn, all Battle-Brothers with damaged Armor must test for light radiation (Toughness (-20), on failure (1d10 minus their lowest Armor Value) temporary Toughness Damage). On Crit Fail, all Battle-Brothers must Test for medium Radiation (Toughness (-40), 2d10 instead of 1d10 Damage). IF THEY MANAGED TO LAND, THEY LAND HERE. Weapon platform is still usable, macrobatteries are very lightly damages, even some Servitors seem to work. It requires a Tech-Use or BS Test to prepare them to fire, with only one person allowed to Test per Turn. However, there are some complications. First, a call for help. Crew of one macrobattery managed to survive, and beg for extraction before Battle-Brothers leave. If Brothers agree or lie that they want to save them (if they intended to leave them anyway, Battle-Brother speaking has to pass Deceive versus their Scrutiny of 30), they will help them with operating weapons (automatically passing Test above), which frees Battle-Brothers from having to do it themselves. There is a Tech-Prist there, Deltus-65, who took command but they have no way out through the debree. If players don't not agree to help, they will sabotage weapons, giving -10 to Tests to prepare weapon to fire. If players do not manage to open fire in three turns, macrobatteries jam. Mission failed; they may try to go to maneuvering engines to try to salvage something. Second, once they manage to prepare weapons, they are contacted by Brashnir. Signal is weak, but she warns them of incoming, unfortunately no idea what since radio signal disappears when they burn through atmosphere. Third, launch some good music that fits this, maybe with some wind in the background. I used Departure from Mega Man, although not the original, one of the remixes that fitted 40k a little more. As they fall through the sky, they feel peace for a second. But, in this galaxy of unending war, peace don't last. Standing among burning, exploding station, in the sunlight, they see large figures diving towards you. Ork Stormboyz appear just a hundred meters above you, and fly in their direction at highest speeds. A huge Horde of Stormboyz with one Nob appears. 60 Magnitude, and Storm Nob with Big Choppa. Turn 5 they Charge (although Nob is much faster, and Charges in Turn 4). Their engines are prone to failure; roll 1d5 every Turn, on 5 they lose 3 Magnitude as one of Stormboyz overcharges his backpack too much, and either hits the debree or just explodes. I also added some nice descriptions here, when players are firing and then firing. Sun reflects from Astartes metallic weapons and armor. Fire reflects in furious eyes pf the Orks, eyes full of bloodlust. Once players defeat Orks, they are again contacted by Brashnir. Macrobattery fire is not enough. They need to fire maneuvering engines and ram the Indestructible Arrogance, fast. They can go for the lost crew first, or directly to maneuvering engines, but remind them that there is a Tech-Priest among survivors. If they go for Survivors, see below: Encounter to save lives: Brothers just need to shuffle some debree to allow crew to escape. However, life support system failed spectacularly, making it very easy to slip on. All Players need to pass three Strength (-10) Tests to remove debree. However, on failing Strength Test, they need to test Agiliy (-30) or they slip and fall. This deals no damage, but definitely makes them not look dignified in the eyes of their brothers. There are total of 6 survivors, and a Tech-Priest, there. Survivors ask them to secure some emergency Grav-Chutes, so they can escape. If players agree, look below. Grav-Chutes recovery. Standard Peril. Grav-Chutes are kept nearby, but the only usable way is through the hangar. When they arrive, they see that there war a fresh delivery of ammunition being unloaded to the hangar, with Aquilla Landers full of volatile ammunition still in exploding hangar. Players need to pass either five Strength Tests (-20), or seven Demolition Tests (-10) to shove the shuttle out of their way or stop ammunition from exploding too fast. If they fail any Test by 3 DoF, the Battle-Brother is hit with 3d10+7 Pen 5 damage from exploding munitions. On critical fail, the hangar goes ablaze, hitting all Battle-Brothers for 4d10+10 Pen 7 Damage. If humans were standing too close, they vanish. Even if not, explosion destroys Grav-Chute compartment, leaving humans stranded with no way off station as it falls unless players have a functioning shuttle of their own. The road to maneuvering engines: The way forward is through crashed, critically damaged corridors. They are small, and moving through them is hazardous. As station falls closer to the planet, it's more and more damaged, and large pieces of jagged steel pierce through the corridor. Securing it and cleaning a way requires passing seven (-10) Strength Tests. On every Test, failed or passed, Battle-Brother gets hit with 1d10+7 Pen 7 Damage. However, if they manage to clean the way it's safe for them and the Tech-Priest to pass. If they do, a simple Tech-Use, Void Combat or Navigation (Stellar) Test is enough to fire engines. Now players need to escape, either with Grav-Chutes, their shuttle, or trying to find any working shuttle on the station. If they lack Pilot skill to fly it, they also need to find a Servitor capable of piloting it, and fast, before they fall with the station (or burn Fate Point to manage to just escape the falling station). Success! Rewards: - Managed to fire macrobatteries: 400xp, 1 Renown. - Managed to fire maneuvering engines: 200xp, 1 Renown. - Saved the stranded crew: 100 xp, 1 Renown. - Managed to secure the way off station, so they did not have to burn Fate Point: 100xp. The Codex Astartes does not support suicidal actions for no reason. You can do a lot of mission later. If you have access to it, Salvaging Solace deals with aftermath of a ship falling just next to the Hive instead of on top of it (I intend to use it), players may find a Tyranid ship (boarding it can be done with freely available Oblivions's Egde, it's second part deals with boarding Tyranids), players may be sent to Spcae Hulk as scouts, rescue party, or to find long lost Deathwatch relics. Or maybe their Chapter relics? It can be tempting for Squad Leader to disregard mission for a few hours and go deeper into Space Hulk, if he catches any trace of a Relic his Chapter was searching for a long time.
  2. Beating forum records of late answer, I know, and I also know that I'm probably one of the last GMs on the planet still running DW, but if anyone finds them useful: My Primarines have +5 Strength and Toughness, +5 Wounds, but -5 Fellowship to represent them being very fresh and new, and many older Battle-Brothers not trusting them. I also allow to go through becoming a Primarine during character creation, as a bonus Deed. You do not have -5 Fellowship penalty, but since the process is very dangerous still you lose 1 Fate Point. I also converted their weapons: Name Class Range RoF Dmg Pen Clip Rld Special Req Renown Heavy Bolt Pistol Pistol 40m S/2/- 1d10+9 X 6 14 Full Tearing 10 - Absolvor Bolt Pistol Pistol 40m S/2/- 1d10+12 X 7 7 Full Tearing 10 Respected Redcutor Pistol Pistol 10m S/2/- 1d10+9 I 9 7 Full - 10 Distinguished Bolt Rifle Basic 120m S/3/- 1d10+9 X 6 28 Full Tearing 10 - Auto Bolt Rifle Basic 120m S/3/- 1d10+9 X 6 56 2 Full Tearing, Storm 25 Respected Assault Bolter Basic 60m -/-/6 1d10+12 X 7 30 2 Full Tearing 25 Respected Bolt Carbine Basic 100m S/3/- 1d10+9 X 4 28 Full Tearing, Special[1] 10 Respected Marksman Bolt Carbine Basic 100m S/3/- 1d10+9 X 4 24 Full Tearing, Special[2] 15 Distinguished Stalker Bolt Rifle Basic 200m S/-/- 1d10+9 X 10 24 Full Tearing, Accurate 20 Respected Accelerator Autocannon Heavy 250m S/3/- 3d10+7 I 5 14 Full - 25 Respected [1] I do not allow firing Basic Weapon with one hand (too many balance issues, and marginalizes Pistols even more and they are already horribly marginalized), so in my rules you can fire Bolt Carbine single-handed by taking a -20 penalty to BS Tests to shoot it. [2] Marksman Bolt Carbine also benefits from above, but you cannot use two at the same time to fire two Accurate shots. That is too much.
  3. Slight necro, but topic is still relevant, and show in any search about Devastators. About Dead Station Vigilant and shooting; one of my players, a shooty Tac Marine with Bolter Mastery and Astartes Weapon Specialization (bolter), and he loves it. - Main ability of DSV allows choosing one of 4 bonuses; among them, additional damage when Shooting (and not a +1, it's usually from +3 to +6!) or additional Cover (especially if it's doubled by Dig In) are amazing. Additional Cover also works for entire Kill-Team in this cover, which allows some serious fortifying! While it's Intelligence-Based, even with fairly low 40-something Intelligence this class is amazing. As additional bonus, Devastator can now help other with things like Lores, especially one shining new Lore that I do not want to spoil for players, but it's cheap and available at +20 easily. There are also some other Lores, one Peer if I remember right, and Wisdom of the Ancients. It also has very low requirements and entering this Specialty is cheap, while advancement table is fine. - If Devastator is Squad Leader, new Oath is amazingly powerful in some situations and especially in high-level missions, where your players usually have a lot of Insanity stacked, especially on Outer Reaches, it's a mine of Insanity, Corruption, and salt y players. New Squad Modes are also super-hot. Even if he's not the leader, Living Death can be amazing. Kill-Switch can save entire Kill-Team on occasion. Also, new Demeanour, more Roleplaying possibilities! - Additional abilities against Outer Reaches threats comes in handy, quickly, if your campaign has even some elements from Outer Reach. Shooty and Intelligence-based characters should definitely pick this Specialty. Even those with lower Intelligence can take it and rise their Intelligence in time. Just take notice, this Specialty, if done right, is very powerful; as a GM, you should consider giving it to the weakest member of the Kill-Team, relatively speaking; in hand of a well-rounded character it can easily overshadow others in combat with right gear.
  4. OK, a little late (my fault for not noticing this post earlier, sorry!), but I'll try to answer as much as I can. Bear in mind that 2 DW campaigns can be vastly different, but I do have a (although melee-oriented) Champion in one of my Kill-Teams, so I hope it'll help. Deathwatch champion is at the same time best vanilla Advanced Specialty (only Honour Guard and Storm Warden's special one are better, they are basically Champion+), one of the most expensive with both high entry cost and high cost for abilities, and a Specialty that's mostly of no use to Assaults (since they have basically all of it on their Rank, and cheaper, and can take Champion only for flavor and some special abilities). On the other hand, Devastator Champion is the best possible vanilla combination aside from some Librarian builds. If you already bought all stuff from your Devastator Rank, up to whatever Rank you are currently, and some supporting Talents and Skills from General/Chapter, AND you can see that there is nothing revolutionary in the next 4000xp range for you, take Champion. Access to Wall of Steel, Step Aside and all other Melee-Talents combined with having one of the best Melee Talents, Stalwart Defense (that Assaults for some reason do not have), a TON of cheap wounds on Devastator Rank to support Xenos Bane and you are shootier than anyone and as good (and sometimes better) in Melee than your Assault brethren, although with a tad lower WS and it costs you an arm and a leg. Figuratively, of course, right? On a third hand, which I just grew in a totally not-heretical way, it also depends on your utility and Chapter. If your are a skill monkey in your group, and you are full of Lores/Demolition/Tech-Use and such, than you probably have a lot of stuff to buy, and Champion would actually decrease your usefulness in a team. The same applies if your Chapter has some amazing abilities that work well and create synergy with some options from General or Deathwatch Table, as well. Long story short' if you can wait and there is nothing urgent for next 4000xp, do it. If you need to buy stuff constantly to fulfill your role in a Kill-Team, either don't do it, or split your XP 50/50 or something like this, with one part spent and other waiting for better moment to buy Champion. I would talk with my GM about changing Xenos Bane to work from Melee-only to Ranged-only, if he agrees. It sounds reasonable for you, although he needs to consider balance. I also agree that Devastators have very weak access to better Specialties. If you do not want to be Captain, you're left with Kill-Marine (limited use in a Kill-Team, although it can be valuable but rulebook limits it to only Rank 1, although I allow it to be taken alter), First Company Veteran (a very general rank with not much to it), Intelligence- and Fellowship-based Keeper and that's it aside from chapter-specific ones. However, you can point your GM to a special, surprise Specialty available in Outer Reach. I do not want to spoil the fun, since it's amazing class, but if you're a player, you should direct your GM to this rulebook. There are possibilities for Ranged characters there, too! My shooty Tactical with Bolter Mastery and Astartes Weapon Specialization (Bolter) was very happy when I gave it to him (although you will need at least a little bit of Intelligence to use it to fullest extent, you can buy it now and than slowly rise Intelligence), & there is also a new special bolter ammo there, bunch of interesting Relics and an epic, funny editing mistake (with one Relic granting 10, yes, TEN Renown per Objective completed XD). For GM, there are also some new enemies, few good missions and a ton of plot hooks. My players spent time from reaching 20, 000 to achieving 50, 000 XP on basically this rulebook alone, if you're flexible you can make a whole campaign out of it. Survivor, it's the ability to once per mission nullify all penalties to Characteristic Tests, right? I do not have rulebook with me, so going from memory, I'll just write down use of it for every Characteristic (although, from what I remember, some Characteristics cannot be chosen for Survivor). Also, as a GM i think of Survivor as something more than usual, and allow some special uses, normally impossible, like lifting something : WS: Penalties are very rare, but Overwatch, aiming for specific body parts and Parrying while laying in 1m deep snow in a middle of exploding battlefield in the middle of a night with no light, or hitting someone in a situation like this, come to mind. BS: The same as above, although bonuses for BS are easier to gain, but Hard Target, Sprint, and Flyers also exist. Strength: Lifting something REALLY heavy, for example closing doors to a bunker, or lifting a vehicle, or throwing someone heavier than you can (but remember, no one throws a Squat!, I mean, a dwarf), Grappling large targets. That's just from top of my head. Toughness: Resisting Poisons, although Astartes are really god at it (but remember, high-level Dark Eldar Posion used by Master-Level Enemy, high-power Nurgle stuff and some Psychic Powers can give you modifiers like -60), and the most important - resisting Radiation. Difference between passing first Toughness Test and not passing it, losing 2d10 Toughness with no Reduction and THAN rolling again, and again, until you leave the irradiated area, can be a difference between life or death, and radiation penalties can range to even -60, and theoretically it can even deal 4d10 Damage, if you're sitting in a reactor without a Terminator Armor, of if enemies make a very good traps (happened to my players once in a starship and once in underground base, nowhere to dodge in tight corridors!). Agility: Penalties from Disengaging via Acrobatics Test; penalty from Tyrannic War Veteran's special magical dodge; penalties to Drive, to Evade while driving, penalties to Pilot, including flying with Jump Pack through a gigantic storm made of pure daemonic hatred and such. Perception: Penalties from camo cloaks and such, from darkness, from psychic powers, from special Talents that give penalties to Scrutiny. Intelligence: Finding obscure information is the most obvious; some extremely hard Tactics tests, especially Opposed. There are also some Intelligence-targeting Psychic powers, and they are really nasty. Willpower: Psychic Powers of all sorts. Possesion. Daemonic Presence. Fellowship: Fear and Cohesion damage tests. Interactions with stubborn or hostile targets. There are some other possibilities. Chapter about Skills in rulebook gives a wide variety of Penalties in every Skill, there are more examples there. It can be a kind of rarely used, but life-saving ability. And if I were you, I would suggest to your GM that you can use it AFTER testing, to make it more viable and not waste your once-per-session bonus. Sorry for being late, hope it was useful!
  5. OK, Necrons got out of hand - I needed another post for them, so... Necron Master Post is here! All Necron-related comes here. Below are not only characteristics, but also full, made by me, rules for penetrating a sleeping Tomb World! May good use of them :). NECRONS: Oh boy, here comes the fun part! A quick remainder that I'm using old Necrons rules and fluff (up to 4th Edition), but the new Necrons can be easily build using my Tabletop Conversion Rules. General Necron Rules: - They have Stuff of Nightmares, meaning that they ignore all Critical Damage unless it kills them outright. So usually to kill them you need to remove their Wounds and then deal around 7 Criticals with one hit, depending on damage type. Crack Shot/Crippling Strike helps a lot. Psychic Powers, Warded, Holy, Accursed, Warp and such weapons ignore this Trait. - The have We'll Be Back Rule. If at the beggining of a Turn there is a destroyed Necron unit in 10 meters from another Necron unit, the destroyed unit rolls 1d10; on 6+, it returns back to life with it's normal Initiative, but only 1 Wound. On 1-5, Necron disappears in a flash of green, mist-like lightning. Necron Lord is the only unit that can roll even if there's no Necron unit around. Parias and Monolith, and of course C'tan, do not have We'll Be Back special rule. Some things disable We'll be Back: -Weapons with 10+ Penetration deal too severe damage to be repaired quickly. - Weapons dealing too much Damage for the internal systems also count. This requires dealing a lot of Damage in one hit: For TB8, it's 32 or more Damage in one hit, before any reduction from Armor or Toughness For TB15, it's 62 or more Damage, as above. For higher TB, it's impossible for Damage alone to stop We'll Be Back. - Force/Warp/Blessed/Accursed/Tainted and similar weapons also block WBB, since it's Warp stuff and Necron technology is not compatible with Warp energy. Not at all. - Gauss. All Necron weapons and all CC attacks have Gauss special rule. Since theyr erode everything they hit, for every natural 10 Necron unit rolls on damage it destroys 1 point of Cover; if target does not have cover, it loses 1 point of Armor. Against targets with no Armor and Cover, Gauss always deals at least 1 wound on a roll of 10, even if it would normally be unable to because of stupid-high Toughness Bonus or Stuff of Nightmares Trait. - Silent Move and such. Necrons are enemies of all life, living blanks, holes in the Warp sucking out energy from everything. Even if they fail their Awarness Test, they still automatically detect every living creature (Servitors too, but not normal machines) in 10 meters. Lords and Wraiths detect in 30 meters, as they can sense the life they were created to purge. Psykers are detected in range equal to their PRx10, and Daemons count as having PR10 for the prupose of this Test. Damonic Psykers add these numbers, and Greater Daemons are detected from kilometers (It's no use hiding your personal Lord of Change puppy during a Tomb World 4-star tour, you have to leave it before you enter!). Necrons are also extremely resilient to telepathic tricks, what with being souless bodies and a black hole sucking Warp. No Telepathy can work on them. They literally have no soul&mind that can be influenced by psychic powers. And are Fearless. And no, they cannot be re-programmed. One more thing. Aside from Wraiths, Necrons do not use Cover unless they just happen to stand in it. They just walk forward and shoot, or stand and shoot. And, let's go to statistics! As usual, I'm not writing down everything, only important stuff. All Damage and Characteristic modifiers, like weapon quality and upgrades are already accounted for. Also, it's all written for my fixed weapon damage in a post above. If you are using normal weapon stats, you would need to make some tests to see how dangerous these enemies really are. Necron Lord (Master) WS50 BS50 S50(15) T50(15) Ag40 Per40 WP60 Wounds 30 Armor: 9 all Weapon upgrades and quality modifiers are already included in WS/BS/Damage. Talents: In addition to some basic Talents, like weapon training and such: Wall of Steel, Swift and Lightning Attack, Blademaster, Crushing Blow and Crippling Strike, Mighty Shot and Crack Shot, Deflect Shot, Double Team. Skills: Awareness +20, Dodge, Parry+10. Weapons: Most Necron Lords use Staff of Light. 30 meters Range, S/-/6, 1d10+14 Pen 7. If enemy is on Criticals, Damage increases by 4. In CC, they deal 1d10+24 Pen 7, with Critical bonus as above. It can do both Swift and Lighting Attack as a one- or two-handed weapon, although when used as two-handed it cannot make Lightning Attack and gains +5 Damage. However, some Lords use formidable scythes made of unknown materiel. They cannot shoot, bun in melee they ignore ALL armor, even warded or Daemonic, and ignore Force Fields. This also works on vehicles and buildings, the slice through the reality no matter what is sitting in a place they decided to cut. It deals 1d10+30 Damage with every hit. It cannot do Lightning Attack, but still, if you will not Dodge, you have problems. It's impossible to Parry this weapon; it cuts even trough Chainfists and Thunder Hammers like butter, and even Holy or Daemonic Relic Blade can only stop one hit, maybe, before shattering. Generally speaking, only the single most important Lord on a given Tomb World/Ship could use scythe, and probably only on 1 of 3 planets. Also, Necron Lord can take up to 3 things from the list below: - Chronometron. All non-Necrons in 30 meters suffer from time distortion. This increases ALL Disengeage Actions by Half Action (so Full Action Disengeage becomes 1 and a half, Acrobatics increases from Half to Full, and Assassin Strike (and DW Squad Modes that allow Disengeade as Free Action/Reaction) now needs to use a Half Action to work. This effect is passive and always works. - Phylactery, a swarm of nano-bots and Scarabs. Necron Lord can always roll for WBB, returns to life on 3+ instead of 5+, and when he returns to life he regains all Wounds and cures all Damage, Critical Effects and all effects like Stun, Snare, Crippling. - Resurrection Orb. All Necrons in 30 meters can WBB no matter what, and may re-roll failed WBB rolls. Necron Lord also benefits from that, it's cumulative with Phylactery. Also a passive effect. Necron Lord can also use the Orb as a Full Action at the beginning of a Turn; Orb disappears as it's energy is 100% used, but all Necrons in 100 meters automatically pass WBB this Turn. - Veil of Darkness. Once per session, Necron Lord can teleport himself + any 1 squad to any place within Tomb World. Outisde of Tomb World it allows teleport up to 100 meters. Teleport is done at the beginning of his Turn and costs him Full Action, but units teleported with him do not lose any Actions. - Lighting Field. Each time Lord is hit, he stores small part of this attack's Strength. At any moment, he can unleash it. It's an explosion focused on Necron Lord that does not hurt Necrons. This is a free action or Reaction, an attack that deals Xd10 Damage for every hit Necron Lord suffered, with Blast equal to X and Penetration 0. X is equal to number of hits Necron Lords suffered in this combat. Dying, even when using We'll Be Back, resets this number to 0. No matter what, X cannot exceed 6. - Phase Shifter. Works as a Force Field with Rating 50 and no Overload, however it is rolls BEFORE Dodging and Parrying, since some attacks just fly through the Lord. - Destroyer Body. Necron Lord is mounted on a Destroyer. This increases his Toughness to 6(20) and doubles his movement. - Solar Pulse. Once per combat, Necron Lord creates a blinding, unnatural light, that seems to only deepen the darkness around. All enemies have to pass Hard (-20) Agility Test or are Blinded, with normal equipment modifiers. Even if they pass, the Solar Pulse is so powerful that they suffer -10 to BS until the beginning of the Lord's next Turn. - Nightmare Shroud: Once per Combat, Reality warps around Necron armies, giving Lord Fear (3). Alone Lord is a dangerous enemy, but surrounded by other Necrons he is extremely dangerous. Lord teleporting with 3 Wraiths will ruin the day of any enemy quickly, especially if he takes Destroyer Body for more resistance and Orb to make Wraith WBB. With 3 Heavy Destroyers and Destroyer Body, Phylactery + Orb this basically makes for a nearly-indestructible firing position with a LOT of firepower available that will require either prolonged firefight, applying heavy weaponry in high numbers or closing under deadly fire. Lord with 20 Warriors is the best stall there can be. With Phylactery and Orb, it's nearly impossible to kill and this unit shoots quite impressive amount of shots. However, GM's must be careful not to make the fight too long. Necrons have a theme of "you can't kill us", but it can also make fights too long. While it's very in-game typical for Necrons, remember it when planning missions. Fiu, that was looong! Let's go to other units. Wraith (Elite) WS50 BS0 S60(24) T40(8) AG60(24) Per40 Wounds 12 Armor 0 all Special: Phase Shift. Every time Wraith is hit, roll 1d100; on a 1-65 hit passes through as he shifts to a different plane and dimension. On 66-100 it hits. After that, Wraith can still Dodge. They can also Phase through every non-warded area (although Psychic and Void Shields defenses work as usual). In this state, all attacks pass through them as they are in a different dimension; however, at the end of their Turn they have to re-materialize. If they re-materialize in a solid area, they can try to Dodge to an empty space nearby; if they cannot or fail Dodge, they are destroyed. However, in order to Phase, they have 0 Armor, making them an easily prey to a lot of hits, low-pen weapons. Talents: Step Aside, Swift Attack, Lightning Attack, all two-weapon wielder talents, Crushing Blow and Criplling Strike, Preternatural Speed, Sprint, Rapid Reaction, Double Team. Skills: Awarness +20, dodge +20, Acrobatics +20, Parry. Weapons: Usually attacks with it's claws. Wraith Claws are not too strong in themselves, but they are very sturdy and are not destroyed when Parried by a Power Weapon. And Wraith's strength makes up for that. Claws deal total of 1d10 + 26 Pen 2 Damage. If target reaches Critical Damage, it's increased by additional 4 Damage. Scary, right? Wraiths usually exist in a squads of 1 to 3, and attack enemy commanders, heavy weapons squads, vehicles (especially artillery) and such. They are usually the greatest threat to DW Kill-Teams, since they have 90% chance on dodge and can dodge 2 attacks in a Turn. Of course, they are basically made of paper with no Armor, so it they are hit, they die, but combining Phase Shift with dodge is painful. Be extremely careful - 1v1 Wraith is a challenge to a Rank 3 DW Marine! 1 Wraith is a challenge for a whole Acolyte Cell easily. Wraiths do not charge blindly, remember! They have enough Charge Range to make it into CC easily. Immortals (Elite) WS40 BS50 S50(15) T50(15) Ag20 Per30 Wounds 12 Armor 9 all Talents: Mighty Shot, Crack Shot. Skills: Dodge, Parry. Weapons: Gauss Blaster, 150m, -/-/6, 1d10+14 Pen 5. If enemy is on Criticals, ir deals additional 4 Damage. CC: It just hits with the rifle, Unbalanced and Unwieldy. Still, it's 1d10+15 Pen 2, not Primitive, so it can hurt. Immortals are around half as tough and similarly shooty as Devastator with Heavy Bolter. 1v1 it loses against SM Devastator, even if we count WBB, but a squad of them is very dangerous to low-renown DW group without some Plasma weaponry (although Kraken ammo makes it easier). Higher Renown DW groups need to be outnumbered at least 2-1, and usually 3-1, to make Immortals a threat. Even 1 Immortal will slaughter your typical DH party if they do not use cover and tactics. BC, it depends on soo many things, it's impossible to say (depends on Toughness they have, Wounds, psykers, armor, Daemonic stuff etc). Immortals move in squads of 5 to 10. Warriors (Elite) WS40 BS40 S40(8) T40(8) Ag20 Per30 Wounds 12 Armor 9 all Talents: Nothing worth mentioning. Skills: Dodge, Parry. Weapons: Gauss Flayer, 100m, S/3/-, 1d10+8 Pen 4. CC: It just hits with the rifle, Unbalanced and Unwieldy. Still, it's 1d10+8 Pen 2, not Primitive, so it can hurt a little. OK, Warriors. Base Necron unit. They move in squads of 10 to 20. In a danger scale, I would consider 1 warrior equal to 2 Ork Boyz but shooting (they are better at shooting than Ork Shootas, but lack special weapons). Reducing Armor hurts all heavily-armed opponents and vehicles, also fortifications. 2 squads of 20 Warriors and 1 squad of 10 Immortals can easily reduce nearly any fortification to dust. 1 Necron Warrior is a big threat but manageable to an Acolyte Cell of at least Rank 4 with some normal weaponry, and basically 3 Necron Warriors are a threat to a single Space Marine. However, it's important to note that 20+ renown Kill-Teams with Plasma weapons can take at least 5 Warriors per Astarte, and 40+ usually have Barrage Plasma Guns and such and require 7-8 Warriors per Astarte to be a threat. Flayed Ones (Elite) WS50 BS0 S40(8) T40(8) Ag40 Per30 Wounds 12 Armor 9 all Talents: Swift, but not Lightning Attack, Crushing Blow but no Crippling Strike, all talents for dual-wielding, Double Team. Skills: Dodge, Parry. Traits: Fear (3). Weapons: In CC, Flayed Ones use their claws to rip enemies apart. Claws deal 1d10+13 Damage Pen 3, with Tearing. With all Two weapon Wielder Talents, they can make multiple attacks, too. Their main problem is that their attacks do not deal as much damage as other Necrons - they do more than a Necron Warrior, but Necron Warrior has more hits (Flyed Ones need to waste one turn for Charging), and they do not need to come close. I would rate them as as dangerous as Warriors (stronger but need to come closer), with an addition that Fear can ruin life of any non-fearless group quickly, although Resistance (Fear) + Unshakable Faith + some Fate Points allow Acolytes around 4-5 Rank to mostly pass this -20 Test, especially with Special Uses of Skills like Inspire. 60 Insanity also protects from that. In case of Astartes, I'll rate Flayed Ones the same as Warriors, with 1 point of difference depending on whether your Kill-Team is more suited to killing ranged or melee opponents. Scarabs (Troops) WS2 BS2 S3 T3 AG3 Per3 Wounds 9 Armor 4 Scarabs move in units from 9 to 30 Scarabs. They can, but do not have to, form a Horde. If they do form a Horde, remember that they have Stuff of Nightmares. Talents: Nope Skills: Dodge. Attacks. Outside of a Horde, they deal feeble 1d10+3 Pen 2 Damage, which is still enough to face Guardsman and Cultists. However, outside of a Horde they exist for one reason - Gauss. They will weaken armor of any enemy they're attacking. Compared to Immortals, Destroyers or Wraiths they are indeed a low-priority target - but if they make their attacks, suddenly your vehicles lost their Armor. And since they definitely have numerical advantage, if enemy is a vehicle or does not have Combat Master, they can even attack twice with penalties for two-weapon wielding, and ignore them with hilariously high bonus for outnumbering. Statistically a vehicle will lose around 5 Armor after being hit by this Horde. A person will lose 5 points, but probably from different body parts, so it will not be a big problem... aside from the fact that it's still 5 armor down and other Necrons are also firing and attacking. Besided, this Horde will wipe out a team of Guardsman in CC. Scarabs are never a threat in themselves, but they are the only Horde Necrons have, so it's nice to throw them from time to time, 1-3 units of 30, to make Devastator with Heavy Bolter and Unrelenting Devastation+Storm of Iron happy. Aside from that, they are mostly a distraction. Tomb Spyder (Elite?) WS20 BS20 S60(24) T60(24) Ag30 Per30 Wounds 30 Armor 9 All Special 1: Scarab Creation. As a Full Action, Tomb Spyder can spawn a unit of Scarabs equal in size to Wounds that Spyder has left. After that, Spyder loses Wounds equal to 1/10th of the number of Scarabs spawned, rounding up, so spawning 24 Scarabs cost it 3 Wounds. These Scarabs act with Initiative equal to Spyder's minus 1 (so they can act instantly after Tomb Spyder's Turn). Special 2: WBB Support. Necrons in 30 meters can roll WBB even if there is no other Necron unit next to them. If Necron unit, but not Scarab, fails WBB or is destroyed with no WBB from Spyder in 30 meters, it's energy transported to Spyder instead of phasing out normally. Spyder can, as a Full Action, create a squad of Necron Warriors with 1 member per 1 Necron (no matter type) that was transported this way in this fight. This uses all Necron energy stored inside Tomb Spyder. Talents: All Two-weapon fighting Talents, Double Team, Crushing Blow. also, they fly and their base movement is 8. Skills: Awarness, Dodge, Parry. It also has Tech-Use +20 for the purpose or repairing everything Necron-related. Combat. In melee, they attack with their massive claws, dealing 1d10+26 Damage Pen 4. Tomb Spyders usually patrol in groups of 1 to 3 Spyders, and every Spyder has 1 to 3 squads of 10 to 30 Scarabs. ... that's a little vague, I know, but do not worry, below there is some additional info, in part about sleeping Tomb Worlds. Now. Tomb Spyders are theoretically Master type enemy - tough, strong, can spawn minions etc. However, they have several weaknesses. First, abysmal WS. Second, crappy Dodge. Third, Lascannons. To be honest, to a Kill-Team without heavy weapons (why would you do that, though?) it's a Master-Level enemy. To everything else, they are Elite. 3 Tomb Spyders in Melee Range, or 3 Tomb Spyders with some Scarabs outside Melee Range, are a small, but tough and persistent threat to a Kill-Team, and if they get to attack in Melee, the have potential to kill an Astarte. also, they can use WBB, making them an undying annoyance. Against things like Acolytes, one Tomb Spyder is a grave threat to a whole Cell and a great final enemy in an important mission, if your players use heavy weapons. Destroyers/Heavy Destroyers (Elite) WS40 BS40 S40(8) T50(15) Ag20 Per30 Wounds14 Armor 9 All Talents: Mighty Shot, Crack Shot. Skills: Dodge, Parry. Weapons: Gauss Canon (Destroyer), -/-/6, 2d10+10 Pen 5. If enemy is on Criticals, id deals additional 4 Damage. Heavy Gauss Cannon (Heavy Destroyer), S/-/-, 5d10+20 Pen 10, CC: It just hits with the rifle, Unbalanced and Unwieldy. Still, it's 1d10+8 Pen 2, not Primitive, so it can hurt some weaker targets. Oh, and they fly and have Movement 8. Destroyers are anti-personnel, while Heavy Destroyers are anti-armor variants of mobile weapon platform used by Necrons. They usually move in squads of 1 to 3. Destroyers are dangerous. It can easily destroy an Acolyte cell, and 1v1 it's nearly a match for an Astarte Devastator with Heavy Bolter. 2 to 1, they are a serious threat. 3 to 1, Destroyers are a deadly opponent that requires a lot of firepower. Heavy Destroyers are simple "Dodge or Burn Fate", as maybe Astarte can survive 1 hit, but not many others can. It's basically a lascannon. Necron Lord with Orb, Phylacterie and Destroyer Body, with 3 Heavy Destroyers, is definitely a very hard encounter, and in itself it should be an Objective. Destroying a position like this can be all or nothing for Imperial tank regiments and armored infantry, since prolonged firefight against Destroyers would cost Imperium dearly. 3 Destroyers with properly equipped Lord can easily halt the advance of every standard foot unit Imperium has, forcing the use of heavy infantry on a coverless area surrounding such position. MONOLITH Necron super-heavy and only true vehicle. Capable of braking every resistance. Nearly indestructible. BS50 Armor 50 All Structural Integrity 120 Special rules: - Living Metal: Materiel used to create Monolith is literally out of this world. Normal anti-armor effects do not work on it in any way. Monolith ignores Melta, Tearing, Razor Sharp, Lance, Warp and Accurate Weapon qualities, greatly reducing their effectiveness. It also ignores Haywire, like all Necrons. All special anti-vehicle, anti-fortification and armor-reducing effects do not work on Monoliths, no matter the source. Only Damage and Penetration of the weapon apply. Monolith also has Stuff of Nightmares, making it immune to all Criticals that do not destroy it in one hit. so after depleting it's Wounds, better prepare some high-power weapons for final blow. - Teleportation: Monolith can teleport up to 1 kilometer. It's a Full Action for Monolith, but after teleporting all his weapons may fire as normal. When teleporting, Monolith creates a hole in space that it slips through in a fiery crown of green lightning. Every living creature in place where Monolith appears is blown away few meters to make way as space is deformed (no Test allows to avoid it - space itself warps, there is nothing to do). Every living creature has to be moved at least 1 meter from Monolith, this also includes all light non-living matter like small tress, cheap buildings or even light vehicles. - Levitating Fortress. Monolith is out from this world, and does not follow normal Vehicle rules. Monolith levitates about 1,5 meter above the ground. If someone was stupid enough to walk under it, the pressure of a gigantic hovering pyramid would instantly flatten him into the ground. And no, armor on bottom is the same as everywhere else. Monolith can move up to 10 meters in a Turn. This does not affect his weapons in any way, it can still fire all it's weapons at once after moving. Weapons: Main weapon: Particle Whip. 100m, S/-/-, 5d10+20 Pen 10, Blast (3). Alternate usage: Teleport. Instead of firing, Particle Beam can instantly teleport any Necron unit in range to any other place in range. It is especially useful in quickly gathering underground and nearby Necron forces in one place. Teleported units instantly roll for WBB, and may re-roll it if failed. If the unit starts or ends teleport in range of Resurrection Orb, this bonuses stack, making Monolith a powerful support vehicle. Secondary weapons: Gauss Flux Arc Weapons mounted in a corners of a Monolith so that nowhere is safe from them, they rain eldritch fire upon all enemies in range. They are especially effective against nimble, agile, or running away enemies, since they create a net of powerful green lightning that no one can escape. Special: Every unit in 30 meter range (therefore, every enemy in range and every Horde) gets hit 1d6 (if you do not have a d6, use d10 and re-roll 7+) times by a Flux Arc. Every hit deals 1d10+14 Pen 5 damage. They can of course be Dodged, but note that these are separate hits, not a Semi or Full-Auto. Therefore 1 passed Dodge only allows to dodge 1 hit regardless of successes. This is a monstrosity. If it appears in a middle of Imperial army, it will destroy everything around and probably teleport a full squad of Warriors, or something worse. Use with caution. Killing a Monolith is extremely hard and it could be a full mission in itself to destroy a Monolith before it reaches 1 kilometer from Imperial lines. to be honest, it's a nice Mission: - Primary Objective: Destroy the Monolith before it reaches Imperial positions (Veteran Objective). - Secondary Objective: Gain support of at least 2 of the Imperial groups in the area. (Novice Objective; Skilled if you save 3, Veteran if 4) - Tertiary Objective: Save Infantry Regiment of 313th Castilian. They are pinned down by 3 squads of 3 Necron Destroyers (Skilled Objective) - Tertiary Objective: Save 21st Elusian from being overrun by a Flayed Ones teleporting around Battlefield with a Necron Lord, who use their Fear rating to destroy morale and slaughter guardsman in seconds. (Novice Objective) - Tertiary Objective: Protect 3rd Auran Artillery regiment from Wraith ambushes (Skilled Objective) - Tertiary Objective: Destroy anti-tank position of Necrons, consisting of Necron Lord Destroyer and 3 Heavy Destroyers, in order to allow Mechanised Infantry from 14th Hethgards to advance. (Veteran Objective) - Secondary Objective: Destroy Monolith's vanguard before destroying Monolith. Escort keeps at 400m before Monolith and consists of Necron Lord (with Chornometron only) and 2 squads of 10 Immortals. (Skilled Objective). Here you have it. If you manage to use it, please write a report in answer to this topic, I'll happily read it and put a link to it :). WARNING: BELOW ARE MISSION DETAILS FOR AN EXAMPLE MISSION. DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE A PLAYER AND WANT YOU GM TO RUN IT. How to: Explore sleeping Tomb World. If you are stupid/crazy/glory hound enough to do so... I usually make Tombs with 10 levels, each level is of course divided into sub-levels since very level is like 200 meters deep minimum. Each time you descend a level, you need to make a Forbidden Lore: Xenos Test (I hope you have it; if you are in Outer Reaches, infiltrating Tomb World without a Dead Station vigilant, well...), Forbidden Lore: Necrons +20 Test or a Navigation: Surface -30 Test. Test to Descend safely and do not get lost or accidentally start an alarm gets harder in every level. To get from surface to level 1, it requires test with additional -10. From 1st to 2nd floor, another -10, etc. Success means that they descended safely, exploring Tomb. Make sure to prepare a lot of detailed descriptions as a reward, and besides, tombs can be really awesome, especially Necron tombs. Full of technology beyond human understanding. Descent takes an hour for one level, and every DoS decreases time by 5 minutes. The same applies to going up. Teleportarium cannot reach levels 3 and below. Failure results in meeting patrols and maybe even rising alarms: - Failure, no DoF: Descent takes 2 hours instead of 1. - 1 DoF: They meet a group of 30 Scarabs repairing some small dent in a wall, or perhaps just moving from one place to another. How this dent was created, or where are they going, can be interesting subplot or a dead end, however, players need to succeed at Stealth roll versus Scarabs' Awarness, or they are caught and attacked. They can kill them, but they have to do it in 1 Turn or they rise an alarm. - 2 DoF: 3 groups of 30 scarabs moving between 3 corridors. Any Stealth Rolls are at -30 Penalty, since misfortune always comes in threes and Scarabs are covering nearly entire floor. Killing is still an option. - 3 DoF: 1 Tomb Spyder. There is not enough space or time to hide; they have to kill it in 1 Turn or it rises an alarm. - 4 DoF: 1 Tomb Spyder and 3 groups of 30 Scarabs. Either kill them in 1 Turn, or pass Stealth at -60. - 5 DoF: 3 Tomb Spyders. There is now way to hide, they must be killed in 1 Turn. Passing a Hard (-20) Recon and Stealth Test allows luring them and dividing to 1 single Spyder and one group of two, giving you two turns to kill them, but failure results in immediate alarm. - 6 DoF: 3 Tomb Spyders and 9 groups of 30 Scarabs. Hard (-20) Assault Doctrine allows for a turn of Surprise, but there is no way around them. - 7 DoF: Fast reaction forces teleport before the players, possibly even Surprising them. Roll 1d10; on 1-3 it's a Necron Lord and 20 warriors, on 4-6 Lord with 1 Upgrade and 10 Immortals, on 7-9 Lord with 3 Upgrades and 3 Wraith, and on 10 it's Lord Destroyer and 3 Destroyers. There is no choice but to fight. - 8 DoF: Lord Destroyer and 3 Heavy Destroyers approach you from the way you came; before you are 2 squads of Destroyers searching the corridors. Passing Hard (-20) defensive Doctrine allows to create some cover, giving 12 points of Cover. If they pass, in a first round of Combat one of them can use Evalute to reinforce the cover per rulebook. - 9 DoF: Massive Alarm. Nothing happens yet, but all Tests to navigate Tomb World are at additional -40. - 10 DoF: Catastrophical Mission Failure. A Monolith teleports before players, and 3 Necron Lords with 20 Warriors each surround them from sides and back. What more, the corridors leading out are smaller than usual and there is now way to retreat quickly without being hit multiple times in the back. - 11+ DoF: End of the World. 3 Monoliths, 9 Necron Lords and 9 squads of 10 Immortals appear around players bent on killing them. Modifiers: - Players are in the Tomb more than 10 hours: +1 DoF on failure. - More than 20 hours: +3 DoF on failure. - Silent combat (all enemies killed in 1st Round): - 10 to Navigation in the Tomb (both Lore: Necrons and Navigation: Surface). - Loud Combat (between 2 and 10 rounds or enemies raised an alarm): -20 to Navigation. - Excessive Combat (Either more than 10 rounds, or a combat with trigger-happy usage of Demolition resulting in a lot of noise and damage on this level, i.e using Seismic Escalator Detonator or detonating 10 Demolition Charges and/or Melta Bombs during combat): -40 to Navigation. - General Stupidity (Singing out loud HMKids Deathwatch, or screaming "For the Emperor" every 5 minutes, or destroying everything in their path): -60 to Navigation and +6 DoF in case of a failure. Example Mission: Check and explore sleeping Tomb World somewhere in the Outer Reach. To explore a single level, you need to roll the same Test as if going down, but with a +20 modifier after all penalties. It takes 1 Hour, with 5 minutes less per DoS. Spending 3 hours in the Tomb makes this Test +60 instead of +20. (do not tell the players about consequences of spending tom much time in the Tomb). Primary Objective: Reach and explore underground level of the Tomb, at least Level 1 (Novice Objective) Secondary Objective: Reach at least level 3 (Secondary Objective) Tertiary Objective: Every floor from 4th counts as a single Veteran Tertiary Objective. This is a bare-bone idea, it can be expanded neatly, but I'm leaving it up to you. If you use it, please write it in this topic, I'll be happy to read about it :).
  6. Something like 3 months late, but here are my 2 cents. Cohesion Challenges... +1 to Cohesion Challenge isn't much, I agree. And +10 to Cohesion Tests, while useful against Fear and such, is only truly useful if your Squad Leader has poor Coomand/Fellowship, no Fearless, and you face Fear-inducing enemies. It's just so rare, and even if it's useful once, it means you managed to save... 1 Cohesion, less than Oath of Astartes (!). I would make this Oath automatically confirm all Cohesion Challenges and Cohesion Tests. That would make it useful, especially with some Cohesion Challenges required to switch into 2 different Squad Modes in a Turn. Still, Squad Modes are probably the only reason to take it, since it allows one Sustained Squad Mode that prevents people ganking on 1 Astarte, Split Fire can negate basically any 1 attack even if it's a Railgun/Artillery/High power psychic powers, and Regroup allows to ignore enemy Overwatch which is amazing.
  7. Let's continue the Walls of Text. I am fortifying this topic! ... let's leave Emperor Text-to-Speech device jokes aside... You know you're playing Deathwatch when: - 3 Astartes, around 5 Rank, can kill (with w few rounds of preparation) 600 Cultists in 3 Turns, than survive the 400 others attacking them and still kill enough of them next Turn that they start fleeing in terror. - The same Astartes, getting hit by 12 Demolition Charges each, point-blank by suicidal Servitors do not even burn Fate Points. - When a Horde of 100 Servitors is considered a small obstacle at best, and usually can only slow them down. - Soul Grinder (basically bigger, stronger and tougher Defiler) is killed in 1 Round no problem. - When Lamenter wants to become Chaplain somwhere in the future, and others point out that he just done a clearly Chaotic act, although he managed to hide it from them (eating gene-seed of a Chaos Space Marine, do not ask)... ... and he responds by remanding one of them that on another DW session, that player got to 90+ Corruption, had to burn Fate Point to avoid dying from excessive Corruption, had to afford a long purging and somehow he actually managed to become Chaplain in the end, so he he can't stop him now. - Also, some of the players are so happy to gain some absolutely-not-Chaotic-natured-bonuses that in the end, in one of the groups out of 4 players only squad leader is truly pure, rest having at least once 30+ Corruption. And while you would think that it's totally out of character for Marine, they managed to do it without breaking it, somehow, and therefore they succeeded in fooling their nature, training, undying loyalty, out-of-character and in-character knowledge of how bad it is to became corrupted. Chaos can truly lure even the strongest. - When players start to ask why they do not have Forbidden Lore: Chaos anywhere on Rank despite the fact that 1/4th of the Crusade resolves around Chaos, 1/3rd of Jericho Reach book and basically 1/3rd of Achillus Assault are about Chaos, Mark of the Xenos and First Founding have enough Chaos to last for a small campaign no problem, and even in Outer Reaches there's Chaos. Not counting daemonic Encounters in the Warp or Perils from Astropaths/Psykers/Librarians and such, and Xeno races worshiping Chaos. - When your description of Elusis consists of "Statues, everywhere" repeated few times each time you describe it, and then adding "And basically Bottom Hive below it, so Hell below and Heaven above, except that Heaven is full of statues and plotting priests for some reason". - When Elusis became a meme and Daemon Prince of Khorne decides that this place disgusts him so much, he's going to bombard it instead of conquering and move on. Not because it's hard to conquer, Elusis was like the first planet to fall to Chaos when Jericho fell, but because it's so unworthy of existing in any way, shape or form. DW Kill-Team with the same player considers Elusis a living, breathing cancer made of statues and ego of head priest and his followers and they suggest bombarding it instead of wasting time defending it against Tyranids. - When so few people play Deathwatch, that your posts in this topic take way too much space compared to everyone else... :(. Seriously, I wish more people were here.
  8. I would say that some ammo are Energy instead of Explosive. However, first it's not said anywhere in a rules so you would need to house-rule it, and second, Explosive weapons are more effective against Hordes, so it would weaken them in this way. Of course, some Energy Criticals are better than Explosive (for example, Energy 6 on Head kills, and it's only Critical to kill on 6), and their effects are different, so theoretically you could argue than one is superior to another. However, I'd just say that you should do as you want, either way it should not have that much impact on gameplay and if you're using mainly Bolters it will make a nice change to hear about their face melting instead of ripping off sometimes ;).
  9. Yep, that's why I'm not doing it ALL the time ;). However, using every available cover is definitely rational in case of important units facing enemies with strong firepower. Obviously, this tactic is useless, for example, if enemies use artillery (Medusa with bunker-penetrating rounds will destroy any underground Synapse), if there is no time to make tunnels (like when they're attacking, which happens 90% of the time if not more) or if there's a need for mobility. That's why my players lately managed to kill 9 Zoanthropes and are going to kill even more other Synapse creatures on the next session, because nids are attacking and they did not have time to make tunnels, as they are in a haste. However, when you are in a Tyranid-controlled area with little to no cover except digging underground and you need some Synapse to control long-range firing units like Hive Guards, than putting Synapse under 20 or more meters of ground is a good thing. This way, expensive Synapse has cover, Hive Guards are under control, and since they are firing at long ranges and nearly all Synapse units are useless in a long-range firefight, you do not lose firepower that way. As for orbital bombardment, I highly doubt you need more than 1 accurate hit to wreck every underground Synapse, so you do not even need to call it multiple times ;). Lance from orbit will kill it instantly, if it hits. Actually, let me continue this point here... If you have access to orbital bombardment, nothing short of Titan or Void Shield can stop it. Since Tyranids do not use Void Shields and Bio-Titans are extremely rare (no pun on Availability intended),you can pretty much destroy any target this way. Which is a good idea, if you have it. However, since Tyranid armies are vulnerable against fire from the orbit, the only way you will get extensive fire support against them is you won the orbit, nuked their main army from orbit and you are hunting survivors. Which is a good idea for a few missions, actually. But if they have an army on the ground, it stands to reason that they control most of the space above the planet to prevent bombardment, or at least they are engaging Imperial Navy and it can't really spare a ship to fire an orbital strike somewhere, especially since orbital bombardment is not too accurate and probably few shots will be necessary even considering their awesome destructing power. Even Blast 20 100d10 of Damage is useless if it hits 50 meters away from the target, after all. But yes, if you have some Orbital Bombardment to spare, it can work wonders. As for the teleporting - it's a great idea, but once you kill Synapse, now you have to either survive X minutes (30, if I'm not mistaken) for the Teleportarium to cool down, or escape on foot, from Tyranid tunnels while being in a middle of a force that was previously controlled by a synapse and now is either in frenzy or hiding and waiting for you to come out and shoot with whatever weapons they happen to have. It's doable, but risky. I'm not sure if I wouldn't prefer to fight them in ranged combat on the surface, rather than close-quarters in underground tunnels and such.
  10. OK, first off, I'm this GM, so I may be slightly biased here ;). But I'll try to answer these points. Why? Tyranids do not have a fear of death, but this does not make them mindless when in range of a Synapse. Licotrs hide and use ambushes, Mawlocs try to make holes in the best possible places, generally speaking Tyranids have very good tactics. Remember Battle for Macragge? There, on the Cold Steel Ridge, they used impressive tactics to beat Guillman and his forces despite them being heavily fortified and prepared. Tyranids do hide and use cover, too. These are actually both viable tactics, especially the first one!
  11. Since I have 3 DW groups playing for some time now, I will divide this post in 3 groups. If someone's interested, my previous posts in this forum were about 1st group, mostly :). 1st DW group - When the best method of fighting Necrons is to run as fast as you can through them, because Sprint is the best, Hard Target is even better, and they all have Jump Packs. (WARNING! BIG SPOILERS FOR RISING TEMPEST!): Seriously, BIG SPOILERS! Do not read until spoilers end! - When they fight against an entire Tau army, with help of small Sisters of Battle force in their monastery, with said army outnumbering them 40-1 in normal troops, 5-1 in Elites and with Master-Level enemy as commander, and they still win despite burning some Fate Points. - When they find the mysterious Xeno-tech orb full of Ghanataar technology, and they immediately bring it to Erioch... ... Only for it to reveal itself as a trap, and a portal opening releasing full army 10 times the size of the force above directly into the Watch-Fortress, with around 15 Marines in whole Erioch having to fight them alone... RISING TEMPEST SPOILERS END HERE! 2nd DW group: - When you are ordered to withdraw, and you refuse because you are playing a Marine from Hospitalizer Chapter, and your Oath does not allow you to leave your Imperial Guard allies to certain death. - When you coordinate a withdrawal of the whole IG force from the position you are leaving, protecting them along the way. - When you are attacked by a band of Tzenetchian bikers, Mad Max style, and they hit you with krak grenades on a stick. ... Sorry, it was called "Lance with a Krak tip", it's definitely not STC of just stick and a Krak Grenade... - When "Lance with an X tip" becomes an instant meme on all sessions. - When leader of said group challenges Charcarodon Assault Marine, with an Armor History giving him massive boosts in CC in exchange for some Insanity, and he fights him one on one... with no psychic powers... - When said Tzeentchian is 4-armed bird-faced Champion with style, throwing lances around and doing acrobatics for sake of doing acrobatics... ... And he wins, because he's Gandalf, and Assault burns Fate Point in a fair melee with Tzeentchian, becoming an instant meme. - When Techmarine has lowest Intelligence from entire group. Yes, this group is an instant meme, only add GM. - When Hospitalizer and Raptor buy Speak Language (Binary Chatter) and speak it better than Techmarine... - When Hospitalizer Battle-Brother takes a special Heavy Bolter relic from Armory despite it being a Dark Angel relic, because it's unofficial name is "Insubordination Heavy Bolter" and he's a Devastator who kind of ignores orders to evacuate and goes out of his way to help normal people. And DW command actually accepts it. He uses it with pride. - Also, using this Heavy Bolter with right ammo, he kill around 40 enemies in one turn, no problem. See a Horde? I don't see any. - When you enter a Chaos Manufactorum that you were supposed to infiltrate only to find out everyone was slaughtered by Necrons. - When they can defeat entire armies of Chaos bikers and assault heavily fortified bunkers alone, they are sliced to pieces and burn a lot of Fate fighting 6 Wraiths... - ... to their defense, it was their fist encounter with Necrons, and my Wraith are closer to their Tabletop version than FFG's, so they actually pack a punch. - When they learn that they are going to fight Tyranids for the next few sessions, squad leader, the only one with more experience (he also plays in the 1st group) comments "And believe me, after few fights with Tyranids we will wish to fight Necrons again..." - When Tyranids are so powerful enemies that players say, absolutely seriously, that galaxy is doomed, and even powerful Ascended Deamon Princes, most powerful in the Jericho, are afraid of Tyranids and do not want to fight them, and PC's DW Kill-Teams also came to this conclusion pretty quickly. - When this group of players consists of 2 Devastators, Assualt Marine and Techpriest. And they are shootiest of them all. - Devastator #1 has relic Heavy Bolter called informally insubordination, he's a squad leader. Oh, and he also has Missile Launcher, and no other weapons, because why would you need anything else and where would he keep them? With LOTS of additional rockets, of course. - Devastator #2 has Heavy Bolter full of Special Ammo and 2 Hand Flamers to burn everything that comes too close. - Assault has a Heavy Flamer and Two-Handed Chainhammer to pack some punch for single-target damage. - Techmarine is a Storm Warden with low Intelligence, full Strength and WS, Heavy Bolter and two-handed gigantic Claymore. - And the rest of Requisiton goes for as many Demolition charges as they can buy and carry. Usually a lot. - And hilariously, they tend to pick up completely defensive Oaths, despite the fact that they could use Fire for Effect for devastating effect. It makes sense in one way, since they have absurd offensive power already and would rather boost their defensive abilities, but it's still hilarious that the most offensive-heavy weapon-exploding Kill-Team takes the most defensive doctrines of all Kill-Teams ever... 3rd DW group: - When you can kill 200 strong Horde of Gaunts no problem, and eat 5 Warriors behind them too, in like 5 rounds tops, no problem; but few Lictors attacking from ambush will make you burn Fate Points like candies. - When one of the players buys Tactic: Orbital Drop Procedures in order to play guitar while Deep Striking. And he's going to take Talented, too, and buy it +10 and +20 until he can finally do this. Somehow. - When Iron Hand and Ultramarine start arguing, and Ultramarine starts saying "Brother, do you remember Istvaan? Your tactics there failed, you know" , and then he stopped himself seconds from saying it when he realized that his brother would shoot him there and then, instantly. - "Brother, remember X' becomes a meme and when Lameneter joins Kill-Team, it changes to "Brother, do you remember Ultramar?". - Poor Ultramarine is a leader all the time because he's the best leader for sure, but his Kill-Team keeps making him feel horrible all. the. time. - He blames his Captain, a Raven Guard with a... specific sense of humor, I would say. - Everyone is sure that next Battle-Brother is going to be a Minotaur or Black Templar for sake of further humiliating Ultramarine. - Players decide to stay in Outer Reaches and join Dead Cabal. Hilarity ensues. - When your players check Outer Reaches relics and they say they are overpowered and cheap, they then remember what kind of hell Outer Reaches are and just accept it. - Players volunteer for a recon mission to a lowest available level of a sleeping Tomb World. Yes, Outer Reaches do that to people. - When your Ultramarine with Outer Reaches relic bolter, on 3rd Rank, generates double-digit Cohesion without using his Solo/Squad Mode to regain it, and with it and Exemplar of Honour he can easily generate 20+ Cohesion not counting mission objectives. - When you have so many DW sessions and they are so meme-generating, you are posting a Wall of Text in this topic, again.
  12. - When they prepare to kill the main antagonist , their only rival to the throne of Warp Storm, for a few sessions, but they suddenly decide not to, and instead kill the most powerful Greater Daemon in the Warp Storm, than they take his daemonic armies for themselves, and THEN they proceed to beat the living crap out of the poor rival with their help... - Also, when the best way for a Khornite Deamon Prince with Collar of Khorne to kill a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch is, according to him, entering through the front door, and killing everything between door and the throne room. And it works, wihth side effect of some allies burning Fate to survive while helping him. Just as Planned. - When in order to kill a PC, enemy has to destroy his mind, than snap his neck, than make his ship Plasma Drive explode, than Warp Drive explode, than make a hole in reality that sucks him to the Warp, and after all that, he still needs his allies to betray him otherwise he would survive... ... And guess what, they did left him to die no problem. What a surprise. - When players divide Jericho Reach between themselves, and Tzeentchian and Khornite are tricking each other to no end, which somehow ends with Outer Reaches being left for a Tzeentchian Astropath, ALL ships in the Jericho being under command of a Slaaneshi robot pirate vampire corsair Deamon Prince, and Khornite Deamon Prince being the supreme ruler. Somehow. And no one is really sure who actually outsmarted the other. - And, the Necron tomb world in a middle of a Warp Storm also ends up in hands of said Tzeentchian. No one knows why, propably. - Said Khornite is a happy ruler of the Warp Storm and beyond... expect that he now learned about Necron threat and is not happy. At all. - Slaaneshi PC is ready to risk his life and lives of his allies to fight few thousand years old Apostle of World Bearers Legion, because he banished him from the Warp Storm for a few months. That said Apostle had every right to slay him back than and was just merciful, and also did it to not weaken Warp Storm further after a civil war, is of no consequence. And the fact that he's thousand years old and like ten times more powerful than him is also ignored. - And as a side note, despite the fact that their second group plays Deathwatch and there were focused on fighting Chaos for last 6 months IRL, few in-game years, and the fact that there are total of 3 different Deathwatch groups playing in the Jericho Reach next to them, BC campaign still managed to basically own entire Jericho Reach and there is nothing Imperium can do to even slow them down. Basically only Tyranids and Necrons are left to oppose Chaos, and Tyranids are bent on attacking Warp Gate and ignore Chaos for now, while Necron sleep, mostly. It's pretty hilarious. For more about my hilarious DW groups, check the alternate topic, You Know You're Playing Deathwatch When... ;).
  13. I support it. Just give people choice, I'm not forcing anyone to like the old theme - some people will definitely like the new one - but at least make it an option.
  14. - When your players really think that they are better than the quasi-1984 planet they found and they are going to make it better by bringing Chaos there... ... Which includes mutation, worshiping Eldritch Abominations from beyond time and space, and building massive fleet and army for said players... ... And it's not only character, but the players who actually believe that they bring something good to those people... - When you know that you're players read this topic and they're going to disagree with you and say that they are really better for these people than their current government... and all this starts going meta. - When PC's seem more human and morally better than society they are trying to conquer... - When PC's would actually leave this planet alone, but natives captured some of their crew and refuse to give them back. Therefore, they deserve to be taught a lesson, and as an additional benefit planet will be under their control. - When PC's first try to explore the planet ended up with them losing their most powerful ship; second one ended up with a Plasma Torpedo exploding nearly point-blank in their faces, which forced one of the characters to sustain his life via reverse-engineered Necron-tech which is now imbued in him with no way out; third one ended with a Tzeentchian Astropath saving them for a price that is, as of yet, unknown but can be very bad. - ... And they are still going to try again. And again. And again. Their current plan is to drop a wrecked SHIP to the planet and hide in the wreckage. They will avoid orbital scanners by IRRADIATING the hell out of their Arvus shuttle so radiation will hide them in the static in the middle of the burning and exploding wreckage. That is falling to the planet. Full of enemies. Free-falling through the atmosphere. Did I mention they are going to irradiate their own shuttle? - When your players are so high-powered that summoning and defeating a Herald of any Chaos God is considered a sport, and not a real challenge like, say, summoning a GREATER daemon and fighting it one on one. - When they still haven't reached Ascension, which makes GM think what will they be capable of once they actually Ascend... - ... And when they are really sad that invading Khorne's Realms is already taken and they cannot do that after reading this topic lately.
  15. ... When one of the players reads above and makes GM correct that it was around 500 000, no less... ... When Khornite's idea of planet conquest is to teleport in the planet's capital city and walk to their leaders, killing everything that tries to stop it. Considering said Khornite can break through concrete and can shoot down choppers by throwing large rocks at them (and hitting) at 150 meters range, this plan has a chance of succeeding... ... When Undivided Psyker decides to get rid of Khornite after his plans to control psykers are growing too large in scale, Khornite player declares (out of character) that he can take him, Tzeentchian psyker takes both sides at once and alternates between supporting either of them at the same time, and Slaaneshi capitain of their ship immidiately says "Not on my ship!"... ... To which GM remained him that every time he said that the exact thing happened... ... When no one in the group has any problem with one of them governing the planet they just conquered, but making regulations and laws concerning psykers on this planets immidiately triggers everyone... ... When your players regularly read this topic and want you to make corrections and add more posts, because they do not have time to write them themselves (they are too busy plotting against each other to have time for such earthly concerns)...
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