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  1. Been playing since 1.0's wave 2 release. I was excited for 2nd edition and to be returning to the game after dropping for the final year of 1.0. My favourite thing was the large tournaments and days away with friends. I'm not feeling the restrictions of the Hyperspace as I like to fly ships that are not available in this new format. I feel shut out of the game. It's a no from me.
  2. '(specifically, a negative effect inherent to shooting it, and not counting not shooting a more preferable target).' Not sure what you mean by this exactly. Admiral Sloane is probably defined out of this thread by the above but is among the most oppressive cards that punish shooting stuff successfully.
  3. Can't see how the concept of failing an action isn't good design. Taking actions in some circumstances has now introduced a risk/reward decision. Meaningful decisions made based on a player's ability to asses the boardstate is surely a good thing. Grabbing a handfull of tokens and dumping them on the table regardless of what just happened was one of the worst things about the later stages of 1.0.
  4. 'An attack is obstructed if the attacker measures range through an object.' Yep, this seems to be the key bit i was missing. Cheers guys.
  5. Collision Detector: While you boost or barrel roll, you can move through and overlap obstacles. After you move through or overlap an obstacle, you may spend 1 (charge) to ignore its effects until the end of the round.' Obstructed: An attack is obstructed if the attacker measures range through an object. If a ship or device obstructs an attack, there is no inherent effect. If an obstacle obstructs an attack, there is an additional effect. • If at least one asteroid or debris cloud obstructs an attack, the defender rolls one additional defense die during the Roll Defense Dice step. Scenario: Ship 'A' finishes move overlapping an asteroid and spends charge to 'ignore the effects until the end of the round.' Ship A engages. The attack is obstructed by the asteroid currently being overlapped. Does the Target (Ship B) receive an additional defence die? Yes because Ship A is ignoring the rock not ship B? Ship B returns fire. Does Ship A receive an addition defence die due to attack being obstructed? No because Ship A is ignoring the effects until the end of the round? Thoughts?
  6. Yeuuuuuuuuup! This looks like it is going to be great!
  7. Why not organise your **** party in the off topic section or, I don't know, just email each other?
  8. Complaining about complaining?That'll reduce the complaining, he complained.
  9. I nearly always run Omega Leader with Stealth Device. I spend the evade.
  10. Will it still be a self congratulatory snoozefest though?
  11. Play a tournament with twin Phantoms and this will almost certainly happen. If it doesn't then it's probably your fault you didn't win the tournament. F**k Dengar and Tel.
  12. Dice stories are boring as hell to listen to. I rolled this, he rolled that then I rolled this again. He then rolled all that. Then I rolled... Pretend to fall asleep when someone starts a dice story. Or go for the classic:
  13. This is stupid. On one hand you're saying complaining (about lack of game balance) is annoying. Then you go on to complain about complaining. If you don't like feeds then unfollow them. If you don't like the forum don't visit it. Criticising others, who want change, for voicing their opinion then thinking you can affect change by voicing your own opinion shows a serious lack of empathy and some serious hypocrisy.
  14. I'm guessing that's a figurative literally rather than a literally literally?
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