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  1. Hi, I looked into the Living Errata 1.1 and saw all these weapon damage changes. I think I can understand the reasons for these changes, but then I looked at the Tau Pulse weapons which has been changed from 2d10+2 E Pen 4 to 1d10 + 12 Pen 4. This change increased the average damage of the Pulse weapon and makes it better as the Astartes Bolter (who has 1d10 + 9 Pen 4) and equals it to the Astartes Havy Bolter (1d10 + 12 Pen 4). Now I woner if this is realy an intented change or if there is a typo and the +12 should be another number. (Sorry forgott the ? behind the title . It should hve been "Typo in Tau Pulse weapons stats in the Living Errata 1.1 ?" )
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