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  1. Still trying to move this?
  2. Dear FFG, If ever you had the perfect opportunity to update Netrunner to the new Learn-to-Play & Rules Reference Guide format for documentation, Terminal Directive is it. Do the right thing. *edited autocorrect
  3. Obviously OP has been canceled but if you ever want to play a game, I live just a couple blocks from Tacoma Games.
  4. Anyone in the Tacoma area?
  5. Location? I'm in Tacoma.
  6. I wouldn't be too worried about this. Y'all remember the old Outrider toy?
  7. Propulsion Test Technician for Aerojet Rocketdyne I test-fire electrical propulsion engines used on spacecraft and measure their performance. It's pretty tight.
  8. I agree, but I'm just hoping it's foreshadowing for tomorrow's release to be an X-wing upgrade.
  9. Give an X-Wing only title or mod that gives them the Slam action, stating the the second maneuver cannot be green. X-Wing fixed.
  10. It was dual decimators but I don't know what the upgrades or pilots were.
  11. Grander scope. Capital ships would be the focus. Instead of individual starfighters, I would be controlling squadrons (maybe led by a single elite pilot). X-Wings would be really good generalists. Wait...
  12. I'd take tactician over gunner. Anytime I face a gunner build, I usually end up just accepting 1 damage on their first shot rather than try and defend through both (unless I'm using Fel or a phantom).
  13. The world may never know. As you said, you've improved a lot as a player since our last match up!
  14. My boss today told me I should have finished out the tourney and called out sick to work.
  15. I wouldn't even have mentioned it save that I love to see Z-95 swarms get the attention they deserve! The real glory goes to Gersun!