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  1. Many stores will not support organized play at all, but that's especially true for the cooperative games. Why will organized play not allow game groups to purchase game night kits and run them themselves? Communities are already doing the majority of the work in promoting your products - give them the tools they need to grow the player base.
  2. Lotr lcg 2p starter ever getting its own release?
  3. I played a demo of HoT. I like most of the changes made from WQACG. I was told it would be out late WE / early Q4
  4. Dear FFG, If ever you had the perfect opportunity to update Netrunner to the new Learn-to-Play & Rules Reference Guide format for documentation, Terminal Directive is it. Do the right thing. *edited autocorrect
  5. Obviously OP has been canceled but if you ever want to play a game, I live just a couple blocks from Tacoma Games.
  6. I wouldn't be too worried about this. Y'all remember the old Outrider toy? http://www.amazon.ca/Kenner-Hasbro-Rendars-Outrider-Cockpit-Turret/dp/B000TRGLO8
  7. Propulsion Test Technician for Aerojet Rocketdyne I test-fire electrical propulsion engines used on spacecraft and measure their performance. It's pretty tight.
  8. I agree, but I'm just hoping it's foreshadowing for tomorrow's release to be an X-wing upgrade.
  9. Give an X-Wing only title or mod that gives them the Slam action, stating the the second maneuver cannot be green. X-Wing fixed.
  10. It was dual decimators but I don't know what the upgrades or pilots were.
  11. Grander scope. Capital ships would be the focus. Instead of individual starfighters, I would be controlling squadrons (maybe led by a single elite pilot). X-Wings would be really good generalists. Wait...
  12. I'd take tactician over gunner. Anytime I face a gunner build, I usually end up just accepting 1 damage on their first shot rather than try and defend through both (unless I'm using Fel or a phantom).
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