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  1. There has been no word about any UK nationals, so would assume they will be well after May. With Euros happening at start of June, I would assume nationals would be after that again. Perhaps a smiilar time to last year.
  2. Try to position your squadrons so they are engaged with only Fel or the Escort and not the other. The squadrons engaged with Fel can attack him without being affected by the Escort on the TIE/Adv, and the squadrons engaged with the TIE/Adv don't take damage from Fel. Not always easy to manage, but avoid all the extra damage can make all the difference. This is one (of many) cases where Intel would be beneficial, allowing you to rearrange what squadrons you are engaged with.
  3. This looks like a great setup for a two player campaign. Will try persuade my regular opponent to try it out. Should definitely be moved to a on-topic forum!
  4. Great podcast Jim! I caught up on some of the episodes and the content is great. You clearly both know the game and how to present. Episodes are also a nice length, avoiding endless talk. Would recommend you try get some guests on the show for variety, perhaps if you play a game with someone you talk talk about your respective sides afterwards.
  5. Breach the Wall! Stake your Claim as King of the North! House GamesHub in Edinburgh welcomes challengers from the all the Noble Houses and any roaming Hedge Knights to present themselves at Castle GamesHub to stake their claim as King of the North! The day will include both melee and joust tournaments. We'll start with two rounds of swiss for the melee, so determine who is the table talk champion of the North. Following there we will all meet at the list for the joust championship to see who will break the most lances. Additional prices for the overall winner in addition to the individual events. Prizes will include both FFG prize kit swag and alt art house cards. For more info and pictures of swag, follow link below. https://www.facebook.com/events/1500406833540591
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