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  1. Vader with two PS1 Defenders is a pretty strong list. People tend to always assume the Defenders will 4-K so play on those expectations. Try this: Vader with TIE/x1, Predator, Stealth Device, and Advanced Targeting Computer Onyx Squd Pilot x2 You can also run Vessery with Vader as a Target Lock buddy.
  2. Work. Periodically looking at the FFG page while bored at work. Scrimmage baseball game. Coaches meeting for my 10U baseball team. Put family to bed. Look at FFG page. Get insomnia. Watch Archer late at night. Get my normal 4 hours of sleep.
  3. The way I use Defenders (up close knife-fighters) the Stealth Device does not last long. The Hull Upgrade was more predictable with TLTs and such running around. With the x7, that could no longer be the case. If you are going the defensive x7 route, Stealth Device may be the better choice. Either way, an x7 Defender is going to be a fairly tough nut to crack.
  4. I am going to try this out tonight: Redline with Fire Control Systems, Extra Munitions, Cluster Missiles, Cluster Missiles, and Guidance Chips for 39 points Vader in the TIE/x1 with Predator and Advanced Targeting Computer for 33 points Inquisitor in the TIE/v1 with Juke for 28 points Vader and Inquisitor are fairly lean and should do consistent damage. I figure they will strip tokens and Redline can put some major damage through on tokenless ships. The double Target Lock and Chips will make the Cluster Missiles really deliver damage.
  5. Better still, PTL instead of Juke, comes to 36 points exactly. 2 actions and a free evade token every turn and 14 green maneuvers to shed the stress.Who says its not that easy being green? I think Lone Wolf may be better.
  6. Here are a few suggestions. No use of spoiled cards: Onyx Squadron Pilot with Stealth Device The Inquisitor in the TIE/v1 with Juke, Stealth Device, and Proton Rockets Vader in the TIE/x1 with Predator, Stealth Device, and Advanced Targeting Computer Dark Curse with a Stealth Device to just irritate people If you can use Imperial Veterans: Countess Ryad in the TIE/x7 with Juke and Twin Ion Engine Mk II (everything is Green!) Delta Squadron Pilot in the TIE/D with Ion Cannon and Stealth Device Tomax Bren with Crack Shot, Extra Munitions, Homing Missiles, Thermal Detonators, and Guidance Chips (swap out bombs for Proton Rockets) Gamma Squadron Pilot with Predator, Extra Munitions, Flechette Torps, Homing Missiles, Proton Bombs, and Guidance Chips
  7. I run the TIE Defender all the time without Imperial Veterans. It is a ship that does a lot that nothing else in the Imperial Navy can do. The 3 Attack, Agility, Shield, and Hull really makes it a durable and hard-hitting ship. You can't just throw it into the teeth of the enemy and expect it to live (although I have and it has). The 4 K-Turn is really really nice, but can be a crutch that makes you predictable.I usually ran naked PS 1 generics, but the advent of U-Boats makes that less optimal. If you are playing a casual game, go for it.
  8. Just to think out of the box, how about this? Chirpy with Predator, Gunner, Fleet Officer, Rebel Captive, and Engine Upgrade for 64 points or Chirpy with Expose, Gunner, Rebel Captive, Agent Kallus, Experimental Interface, and Seismic Charge for 65 Points
  9. The only thing and increased or decreased point cap does is establish a new meta. Just like any other rule change.
  10. This so reminds me of Zoidberg's "erotic display". My what? Don't be shy. It is magnificent.
  11. Evidently as old as I am... Then again, I was a juvenile delinquent as a kid.
  12. Join the Empire with this: Howlrunner with Determination and Stealth Device Omega Squadron Pilot with Draw Their Fire and Hull Upgrade x2 Academy Pilot x3
  13. This so reminds me of Zoidberg's "erotic display".
  14. I find you lack of faith disturbing. In all seriousness, I play Empire almost exclusively because I, simply, don't have the time to become good at all factions. When I first started playing my kids wanted to be Rebel, so I took Imperial and have never looked back. I buy everything, but with as few games as I play (I have not played in about a month due to baseball) I have to focus on something.
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