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  1. Hoping to see this before December. Highly looking forward to it.
  2. That's why I love card games! So quick! Anyone have any ideas how long a product can be at the printer? How long is on the boat? How long is shipping?
  3. Yes pathfinder can get samey. I played the first one from start to finish. The most recent box wrath of the righteous is much more enjoyable with a lot of differences in terms of scenarios etc..... That being said I hope ffg can come up with something different (it looks different from what I've seen) and I hope it's successful. Day 1 buy for me.
  4. I think it will be a huge hit. Can't wait for pre orders to begin. As for expansions..... It's FFG..... enough said.
  5. I have sleeved with ffg sleeves because of how premium this game is to me. I have also laminated the character sheets and used a guillotine to cut the excess lamination into straight lines around the character sheets. I always laminate big character sheets eh zombicide, sentinel tactics and now this. Looks professional and good job too. First session playing it and some lad spilt his coffee over it. Thank god for lamination. Lamination rules. Did I mention lamination?
  6. Yea I think your right. Thanks for the advice.
  7. So I'm very new to this. I'm going to run a campaign with 3 people all of which have chosen there races but one has decided he wants to be skakoan. Now I've checked the Unofficial Species Menagerie – Version 3.0 and there's nothing there. I need help stat wise etc. I don't know where to begin. Thank you for any advice.
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