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  1. While I understand this I very much dislike the "it doesn't say I can't" rules mentality in games I run or play in. I prefer the rules say I can play type and also "the rule of cool." If a player comes up with something actually cool then I roll with it and adjust as long as it isn't meta or power gaming.
  2. Thats what I thought and have been running it that way. Thank you.
  3. I personally would say no to both. I would say yes to number one for ground based vehicles but not space flight. Outdoorsman does not negate cover or effect combat checks or perception at all. It is for movement, survival checks, etc
  4. Question for the hive mind on this. Can reflect be used on blasters set to stun? Cannot recall if they ever show a Jedi using reflect against the blue rings of sleepy time in the Clone Wars or Rebels cartoons.
  5. Depending on how common their species is they could run into a small colony outpost or neighborhood in a big city of their own people. Start with good familial relationships and have it turn sour once they find out the truth. Maybe helping these people lowers their stain of exile. Need more information about the who what and why but you can use this for great story and roleplay.
  6. I really like this. Am fleshing out the Phelleem Sector of the Outer Rim for my new campaign starting up at the end of the month. I thought I had done a good job but this makes me a little envious. Great work dude.
  7. We play once a month and I give 15xp base and also add bonus xp for good roleplay with character motivations, duty, obligation, or hitting major plot points, etc.
  8. In the game that I run I give players a free universal spec at character creation with all the skill or force rating benefits as applicable. I negate the extra 10 xp for buying additional specs out of career. I also do not count the free universal for cost of additional specs. So for example if a player who is a Ace Pilot - Uni Ship Captain wants to pick up Smuggler Gunslinger then it would only be 20xp. I like the flavor of giving a free universal at creation and the extra 10xp cost on top of the scaling 10x# of specs just seems unnecessary as it just gets more and more expensive on its own.
  9. Underachiever599 has 100% agreement from me on this. The lightsaber form classes are exactly what they are... specializations. Those Jedi who choose to focus on that form have specialized in their chosen form enough to become a master of it. The forms give enough utility to make them stand above and beyond an outcasts ability to plainly utilize an ability other than brawn.
  10. I would say boost dice. The cannon examples we have are teachers giving guidance to their padawans and younglings but never getting full hands on. For example in the clone wars Huyang gave access to the correct tools and materials as well as encouragement but never got hands on with a screw driver himsself. He had them do it themselves. Therefore I dont think it appropriate to make it a combined skill check.
  11. I dont have the book yet but probably not. There are already rules for construction of lightsabers and you can treat specialized assistance as any applicable number of blue dice under GM approval. I personally ran a game where a teacher helped a number of PC Padawans construct their first lightsabers. I gave them 4 blue dice to help. 1 for specialized tools, 1 for right tools for the job which is a separate mechanic, and 2 for assistance from a Jedi Master teacher. We don't need new rules for that.
  12. Well I am glad to hear that the book physically exists. Now to play the patience game and wait for my copy to be sent to my FLGS.
  13. Days old post. Clicked the link out of curiosity. Yup. I deserved that. Totally forgot about not trusting anything posted last monday.
  14. Thanks. This does make me feel a little bit better. My game group wrapped up a long campaign and our GM has been wanting to start a Clone Wars game after this book came out. We are in limbo for now I guess.
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