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  1. When the Explorator holds a funeral for the macrocannon
  2. This is more to try and make a "database" of sorts for anyone who needs it, rather than just me. I'm seeking the spell cards for inspiration, as I'm toying with the idea of doing a homebrewed 4th edition using the 40K rpg's mechanics.
  3. The spell cards, including the ones from the print on demand/other source books. And I'm from New Hampshire.
  4. The books are still floating around (and might even be sold again in pdf form given that the 1st and 2nd editions are), but the cards and tokens are not. Would it be possible to make scans of the various cards and pool them together into a pdf so that they won't disappear forever?
  5. Dark Reign is DOA, do you have another copy somewhere you can link to?
  6. When you get into a boarding action with Rak'gol and your Arch-militant is captured. After a few weeks you track down the ship and launch a rescue/bodily remains retrieval mission, only to find that s/he' taken over the ship, the Rak'gol having been awed by his/her combat prowess and worshiping them as a god.
  7. The websites gone, do you have a copy of the article?
  8. Thanks! I'm guessing the new regiments, talents, etc. were never completed?
  9. Any movement on this front, General?
  10. Has anything new come o these, I'd love to see a finished pdf someday!
  11. Hello? Is there anyone who has the links, I'd love the give these a read!
  12. Any plans to update Legends of the Expanse with unnatural characteristics for xenos careers/new equipment?
  13. I enjoy what's here, but where is the mandrake path?
  14. Khorne has no allies, only people/groups he hates (microscopically small amounts) less.
  15. Late post, I know, but it is mentioned that once in a blue moon a Dark Eldar will realize that their way of life is self-destructive/unsustainable, and decide to leave. Most end up as mercenaries. A few end up on a craftworld. Perhaps a DE could work if they're on the run from their society and join the Rt for a steady job/a way away from their kin. They wouldn't exactly be "good", but they're trying to be "less bad" at the very least. EDIT: just realized I already posted this a year ago. My bad!
  16. This is about your Traitor Legions guide: You don't have any Primarch's Curses or Demeanor's.
  17. When your Iron Hands player tells the Flesh Tearer that he's causing too much collateral damage.
  18. I really like them! Have you considered doing a Dornian Heresy version of the Primarch Preachers?
  19. When your Nurglite player effectively turns into Mayor Richard Wilkins III
  20. Love the new updated guides! Quick thing, though, don't you think the Rak'gol should have the machine trait once they hit legends of the expanse level?
  21. When Khorne tells the Arch-Militant to chillax When Slaneesh tells the RT he needs rehab for his obscura addiction When Tzeentch reaches for the headache medication after listen to one of the seneschals less complicated plans When Nurgle tells the Void Master to ease off on the virus torpedoes When a Necron calls the Explorator a soulless machine when he asks for some of their tech When they give him their tech anyway because they know he'll improve on it When the Dark Eldar Kabalite tortures the crew.... With bad jokes and bag pipe/accordion music. When the Dark Eldar haemonculi the friendliest and creepiest doctor in the universe. (yes, that friendliness is genuine) When the above accepts being experimented on as payment for her services When the crew still prefer her to the Explorator, due to his bedside manner being far worse, and him experimenting on them blatantly and without consent
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