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  1. Combat Bike

    Dark Reign is DOA, do you have another copy somewhere you can link to?
  2. You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…

    When you get into a boarding action with Rak'gol and your Arch-militant is captured. After a few weeks you track down the ship and launch a rescue/bodily remains retrieval mission, only to find that s/he' taken over the ship, the Rak'gol having been awed by his/her combat prowess and worshiping them as a god.
  3. New 'Secrets of the Skaven' article

    The websites gone, do you have a copy of the article?
  4. You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…

    Was mentioned in a previous page.
  5. "Eagle Above Us" Imperial Navy Supplement.

    Thanks! I'm guessing the new regiments, talents, etc. were never completed?
  6. Only War: Steel Tracks [?]

    Any movement on this front, General?
  7. House Supplements: Imperial Navy,Tempestus Scions, Expanded Armour.

    Has anything new come o these, I'd love to see a finished pdf someday!
  8. "Eagle Above Us" Imperial Navy Supplement.

    Hello? Is there anyone who has the links, I'd love the give these a read!
  9. Eldar and Tyranid Career Path Homebrew

    Any plans to update Legends of the Expanse with unnatural characteristics for xenos careers/new equipment?
  10. Dark Eldar for Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader

    I enjoy what's here, but where is the mandrake path?
  11. Khorne has no allies, only people/groups he hates (microscopically small amounts) less.
  12. Late post, I know, but it is mentioned that once in a blue moon a Dark Eldar will realize that their way of life is self-destructive/unsustainable, and decide to leave. Most end up as mercenaries. A few end up on a craftworld. Perhaps a DE could work if they're on the run from their society and join the Rt for a steady job/a way away from their kin. They wouldn't exactly be "good", but they're trying to be "less bad" at the very least. EDIT: just realized I already posted this a year ago. My bad!
  13. You Know You're Playing Deathwatch When...

    Only on Cadia....
  14. Aliens: Only War

    Any luck on the Predator supplement?
  15. This is about your Traitor Legions guide: You don't have any Primarch's Curses or Demeanor's.