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  1. Still not available on Amazon. Us people that live in towns without game stores really get the crap end of this new Asmodee retailer agreement thing. Everything costs almost twice as much and now we can't even get it when it's released. Thank you Asmodee! Loving the new shake down for money!
  2. The ending we got was Skarn mowing us down. It was rough... lol
  3. It's funny that you mention this. Last fall during Gencon I emailed one of their promoter staff to share some of my enthusiasm and excitement for their new products. He warned me not to email him again or he would have my email banned. And I quote, "Please do not contact this email again with questions that do not pertain to Organized Play or Events. If you do I will be forced to flag your email address as spam." I had emailed asking initially about some of the game night kits and when they would be available. The person that initially responded was kind enough and told me about when they would be available. I emailed them back and was enthusiastic and said how much I enjoyed their games and was greatly looking forward to the next Descent release. That's when I got the aforementioned reply. Wow. Just, wow. They love to take our money but they sure seem to hate our guts.
  4. Is there a link on his page to sponsor him? I'm not seeing it.
  5. Hello Fellow Adventurers! I thought I'd tell you all about another great dungeon crawling adventure game. It's called Catacombs. It uses dexterity instead of dice. By dexterity I mean: Check it out! There is a kickstarter for one of the upcoming expansions called "Catacombs & Castles": https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/elzra/catacombs-and-castles?ref=email To check out the base game: https://www.elzra.com/catacombs.html It's a fun twist on the genre that we all seem to enjoy so much. I purchased the 3rd edition base game on their kickstarter over a year ago. It's a great game! Kind regards, -Umar
  6. A little comparison for those of you not in the USA. I've annotated where the prices have changed in the last week.
  7. @Otakuon I think you're right. I can't even find the Signs of Carcoas expansion for Eldritch Horror on Amazon. It's like all of ANA/FFG's new products are not being listed on Amazon on purpose.
  8. I hope that Road To Legend doesn't slow down the development and release of new small and big box expansions!
  9. I guess all I can really say is that I'm SO glad I started purchasing Descent two years ago. I got some huge discounts which has helped me to nearly complete my collection. If I would have had to pay full retail then honestly I don't think I would have allowed this addiction to begin in the first place. There is no way I could have afforded $80 plus tax for the base game. Getting it for $49 is what allowed me to start.
  10. Because increasing prices will encourage more people to buy them...
  11. Have some of you noticed the prices of Descent games/H&M's on Amazon slowly inching upwards over the last week? Also I find it interesting that Amazon doesn't have any inventory of Stewards of the Secret yet. Is this Asmodee cracking down?
  12. Hi Umar! Do you mean as a commission painter? Yes, I sure do!
  13. I agree. The branching with the different quests will hopefully add a lot to a campaign!
  14. Well, FFG has posted some more information about Kindred Fire. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/5/27/kindred-fire/
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