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  1. Certainly looks amazing. Focused on Imperial specops so Yey. I guess hoping for limited paid DLCs is pointless. Let's hope for a good gameplay
  2. Kallus is Crix Madine. There I said it.
  3. Suriel

    Trailer up!

    Well, it is teaser after all. The other battle line and FO ships should be shown in real trailer
  4. Suriel

    Trailer up!

    Ok. We now need frame by frame shots of the whole trailer. C'mon community make it happen. PS. Yey Star Wars
  5. Guys, please, please do not pre order. Wait, observe. Don't let the hype overtake you. After the SW: Battlefront disappointment, EA needs to be sent a message. Players, fans must tell EA, "do not fu*k with us again" .
  6. I notice that people question the Interdictor's captain approach. Did not use gravity Wells etc. What he did was disobeying direct order in the field of battle. That is court martial.
  7. Mistake like not using that Predator you put on Rex during multiple battles?
  8. Suriel

    Ynot Squad Benchmark

    Yeah I know. Unfortunately Denis'benchmark is bugged as hell. Looking forward to the update of your benchmark.
  9. Suriel

    Ynot Squad Benchmark

    I can't even figure out how to add asteriods when creating squad on http://xws-bench.github.io/bench The other problem I face is when loading Parattani pre made squad as Player 2, only Fenn is part of it. Asajj and Manaroo spawn in top left hand corner of screen, while not being a part of any squadron
  10. Took Omega Ace for a spin the other night on TTS. Backed up by Stridan+systems officer+Huxie and 2 Epsilons. Truth be told I was not able to pull off Omega's trick even once. However, that's probably my bad flying and poor target prioritization. I will definitely fly it again.
  11. I appreciate the fact of unique design of Nighthawk, I like A10 in all its ugly glory. But that Shuttle, no thanks.
  12. I hope Krennic's shuttle never happens in xwing. That thing is hideous.
  13. How does it interact with Hux'ies condition card? Fanatic devotion states you cannot spend focus for defence.
  14. Suriel

    Ynot Squad Benchmark

    Great news. Looking forward to testing it out.
  15. See? Perfect Ps. To build on the batmobile hype. This is the list I want to try out next time I have a chance. All shall bow to the First Order Major Stridan + Fire-Control System + General Hux + Systems Officer (41) “Omega Ace” + Comm Relay + Swarm Leader (26) Epsilon Squadron Pilot (15) Epsilon Squadron Pilot + Comm Relay (18) The idea is that Stridan feeds Focus and TL to Omega Ace, who can use evade tokens from Epsilons to shoot 4-5 dice and flip them using his skill. Not really competetive list but seems fun.
  16. I read it in Cpt. Kirk's voice. It makes sense then
  17. After much testing I find the transparent sleeves to work best.
  18. Preach... Looking forward to Upsilon
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