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  1. One can also attempt to change maneuver on dial when nobody watches. Seems like a good trick. I heard that being on a stream handicapes this tactic, though.
  2. I like this Backdraft Veteran Instincts Fire-Control System Lightweight Frame Special Ops Training Quickdraw A Score To Settle Fire-Control System Lightweight Frame Special Ops Training Colonel Vessery Juke TIE/x7
  3. How can I report the OP? I want forum administrators to own his ***.
  4. Yeah. It's not like you went to your 1st regional and went 2-4, with the 2 wins being bye's.
  5. That's a valid point. However, it still would be faq only, existing in ether. Somehow I don't think Punisher is in need of a reprint, which would trigger the need for additional slot on card.
  6. Missed little detail earlier. All Scurg pilots get EPT but the PS1? Are you f....g kidding me FFG?! I want EPTs for Deathrain and Redline in the next faq.
  7. And they last how long against current meta lists? 2 turn each? Maybe even one Punisher destroyed a turn? I get it these new upgrades do address some of Punisher downsides. UR bumps attack to 3 dice with limited modification. LWF will usually add extra green die. Maybe it will even make a difference and Punisher will survive 3 rounds of shooting. Bomblets, well, majority of forum ppl opted to have something like it as Punisher only upgrade. Instead Scum and Rebels got it as well, and have better chassis to use it. We have overpriced piece of garbage, added some points, and we still have garbage but this time it's environment friendly. Anyhow, I'm salty. I hope I'm wrong and Punisher will be the new overlord.
  8. Reading that article gave me cancer. As an Imperial player I feel almost cheated. Scum buffed even more. Miranda+Sabine going full carpet bombing. Meanwhile Imps get Agressor with TLT. Good game.
  9. As much as it pains me. At this point it's probably not "when" but "if". PS. I'd gladly eat those words. I love me some Gunboat
  10. Well, remember it gives out ion token.
  11. Would Pulsed Ray Shields really make TIE/FO broken? Would it kill FFG to give Imps little bit of regen?
  12. They are cute Your argument is partially invalid
  13. Having finished Thrawn book literally 2min ago, I have to say. The dynamics between admiral and Pryce in Rebels, do make more sense. However, Pryce lost o lot in my eyes. At first I liked but with her subsequent actions less. Anyway, Rebels' producer must not dare to kill Thrawn. He has galaxy to save.?
  14. That is excellent comparison. The camo I used is based on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORP_Błyskawica She was built by J. Samuel White, Cowes shipyards just prior to WW2. Current paint scheme is inspired by ones used during the war.
  15. Will test on the bottom side. Either a black or dark blue (could be interesting) wash. Not sure I have other washes, didn't paint in ages.
  16. Aye, I was thinking about it. Not fully sure I want to do it though.
  17. I don't care, I'm still free You can't take the sky from me
  18. My new project. Still needs some work mostly smoothing out the edges. Paint scheme is to honour the ORP Błyskawica, a Polish destroyer from WW2.
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