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  1. 30$...yeah I'm not buying Tie Silencer. Considering I barely ever play X-wing and our Lord and Savior Gunboat coming to us I cannot justify such expense.
  2. If that happens I'm selling x-wing and sticking to Vassal and TTS only
  3. So Ghost outmanouvered 2 Tie Defenders. K...
  4. Suriel


    As a retired member of Emperor's Hammer Tie Corps formerly assigned to Battlegroup IV, ISD II Immortal, Demon Squadron, I'd be hyped for experimental TIEs.
  5. Suriel


    Never played XWA?! You need to rectify this ASAP.
  6. Still cannot believe that gunboat is in. Will be first purchase since Tie Strikers
  7. First of all you will need gaming mat to scale. Then probably appropriate movement templates.
  8. I read that with Thrawn'voice in my head.
  9. Maarek Steele is mandatory pilot of course.
  10. Please tell me this is not some evil Rebel plot... Gunboat is really coming?
  11. Having seen the episode 6. (thx HBO). Yeah, that doesn't look like a trick. Looks like Lord of Light does give a f..k in comparison to the 7.
  12. Is it explained anywhere how the **** Thoros can light the sword? Is it magic or some sort of flammable liquid?
  13. Tried to listen the latest podcast couple days ago. After couple minutes of pointless talking about Pokémon and dismissive texts about Europe I had enough and closed it. Have no intention of listening that bull...again.
  14. To whom did the dagger belong? I do not remember...
  15. Polan Stronk PS. Gratulacje panowie
  16. It's like in that Stalin joke. They could give jm5k a white K-turn but they didn't. Be grateful.
  17. https://starwars.pl/2017/07/lego-star-wars-the-last-jedi/
  18. I had this feeling that Crix is the real name of Kallus.
  19. Controller for x360 is really that bad? I have never used it but planned to buy one for PC.
  20. TIE/M1 was my ship in Emperor's Hammer Fighter Corps. Is it ugly? Yeah, probably. Would I buy it. Definitely.
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