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  1. I like narrative battle reports. Even if traitorous scum win
  2. I envy you. I just don't feel the force in the trailer. I hope this changes the moment SW suite starts blasting in the cinema
  3. Why only two GG*? This looks like defeatism. You shall report to the nearest ISB office. *Glorious Gunboat
  4. You got it wrong. Should be- Shtirred Pilot: at the shtart of the combat phase, receive a dishgusted look from Sean Connery.
  5. That guy said he hates GUNBOAT!!!!
  6. Suriel

    Happy Halloween!

    Suddenly I feel the need to buy pumpkin
  7. Man of the hour. PS. Is there a repository of all faq'ed card?
  8. Thanks for the ref card mate. Ps. It looks like the GUNBOAT is available in TTS
  9. Do we know what jamming token does? Causes weapons disabled or what?
  10. Legends say of a legendary Duncan who's xwing skills were the stuff of legend.
  11. OMG OMG OMG. I did not notice that earlier. As much as I doubt it's the Five Winged Savior, hopes are built on GUNBOATS
  12. Thanks for update. Sad trend continues but of course according to some Imperials are perfectly fine.
  13. Hope so to, though not to much of nerf is required. . Bombs are fun and they shod remain viable. Empire just needs some upgrades so that it can use them efficiently as well. Give EPT to Deathrain and we are talking. Also, our Lord and Savior arrives SOON™
  14. Well, I'm glad you find them fun. I sure as **** have fun flying them in casual.
  15. That is just sad for the Imperials.
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