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  1. Suriel

    Sword Squadron

    Subbed. Need more love for Imperials though. Go 181st
  2. What would you suggest for me? I have: - Tie Interceptor - Tie Fighter x 5 (one from add-on, 4 from basic set) - Tie Defender - Tie Phantom Imperial Aces of Firespray?
  3. As Sp00n wrote. I've watched it a dozen times. Will watch another dozen times. Good guys winning, terrorists loosing.
  4. Turrents are the worst thing that happened since Jabba thought it's a good idea to throw Luke into Rancor pit
  5. No invasion on Poland this time?
  6. In case someone missed. Star Wars trailer Guardians style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLyNMSkTiGg
  7. Suriel

    HATE the Defender

    3's all around + white K. Jousting in space
  8. This one but flown by Demon squadron. Why? Because I was a pilot of Demon Squadron. All hail Emperor's Hammer.
  9. This should speak for itself
  10. @the second situation: Did that gut play Nurgle by any chance? Maybe he was roleplaying. The weirdest situation I have ever heard off was during WFB tourney. One player jumped on the table (full of minis) and attacked the other player. This all happened because he was told he could play faster... He won the tourney
  11. I bow to your drawing skill, good sir.
  12. Hello community 1st post here. Torturing Han might have been used to brake Leia (as a know Rebel leader) so she might spill some beans trying to save him. However, Vader should be smarter remembering that Leia didn't say anything when Tarking blew up Alderaan.
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