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  1. Oh I know about Mel's. I keep staring at those models every second day. I have actually been thinking about getting Gunboats from him and using them as replacement for Gauntlet fighters once Chimera arrives.
  2. This should be a thing. Large model vs flotilla = dead flotilla and only shield damage for large model
  3. I haven't even played one proper game of Armada but I want GUNBOATS. Also, Strike Cruiser, Star Galleon, Escort Cruiser, Skipray Blast Boat, Missile Boat, Katana Fleet Dreadnought, TIE Scimitar, Lancer frigate, TIE Avenger, maybe some TIE Experimentals (Emperor's Hammer nostalgia glasses ), MC40, MC90, Action IV. List goes on
  4. I've read Aftermatch. I wish I didn't...
  5. All good recommendations. Loved the Hornblower series, available on YT. I've read pretty much everything from Honorverse. Space dildos for the win. Also enjoyed the "master and commander" movie. Did not read the books though.
  6. A crusade must be launched. If the Holy Gunboat could be summoned, certainly Gilad can be as well. It may take 3 waves, it may take 6 but we shall emerge victorious.
  7. Played my 1st and only game of Armada against my 3y daughter. She picked Imperials, Rebel Scum for myself. I did the moving and rules. She was throwing dice and deciding where to move her VSD and squadrons. Man, the Rebels didn't know what hit'em.  No mercy was shown. Those dice rolls were savage.
  8. I recall a paragraph were Pallaeon states he was contacted/found by Thrawn, some time after Endor. Empire was loosing system after system and suddenly Thrawn showed up.
  9. That's nothing. On a WFB tournament. One guy literally jumped on the table to get his opponent. Miniatures were flying
  10. Just noticed the distance between Crait and casino planet while browsing The Illustrated Dictionary. They are on the opposite sides of the galaxy. Apparently hyper drives got faster. PS. Unfortunately uploading picture gives me error.
  11. I also feel this is a good time to petition FFG to rename the game to Star Wars: Gunboat Miniatures Game
  12. Bonus points because it rhymes
  13. Pair that with some socks and see the magic
  14. As if FO would give a **** if they lost even a 100 fighters. They could probably send over 500 from Supremacy alone. Resistance had none. Should end it 15min.... buy yeah that MC85 had not only infinite shields but also plot armor with thickness of DSII diameter.
  15. For me the part that makes least sense if the chase of the Resistance cruisers. 1. That MC85 was able to deflect turbolaser shots for hours without any effort. Even with whole power to the aft shields, suffering constant barrage should take effect. (does the energy diminish with range due to space magic?). 2. As established at the very beginning of the movie, fighters are able to bypass the shields. Both Poe and Kylo did that. ****, we saw Kylo doing that while the cruiser was under attack (honestly expected one of the TIE/SFs to blow up due to friendly fire). Question is. Why FO did not send a wing of fighters to blow it up?! Apart from the fact the movie would end in 30 min. There is no justification given. Even the usual arrogance cannot be applied here. Hux was determined to end this quickly. Ps. Also part I loathe. RJ made Hux look like a total blabbing idiot on the level of Wile E. Coyote
  16. Bought ISD and fighter squad. PS. When will Chimera arrive?
  17. Gents. i need quick advice. I currently have ISD in my basket and pondering whether to add Imperial Squadron 1 or Gladiator. Any recommendations, please?
  18. Does the missing letter come in lootboxes?
  19. I shall report to the nearest ISB office for reconditioning. but seriously thanks for help. Now, how do you convince a wife?
  20. Thanks for response guys. Much vailuable info there. Could you just explain to me why fighter squadron I is better than II? To me it looks that Defenders, Decimators etc bring more bang.
  21. Hi guys. I am toying with the idea of having a go at Armada. Atm I have a starter. What would you recommend to buy next? I'm interested in Empire. No Rebel Scum for me. Nothing competitive, just something fun to play. Not interested in tournaments. Thanks in advance.
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