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  1. On one regional I had Predator on Rex. I put the card on the ship model not to forget to use it. Guess who forgot to use Predator every single round but last two. My opponent was embarrassed and reminded me about it.
  2. Suriel

    gaming 'online'??

    This. Sandrem did outstandig job. FlyCasual is perfect app whenever you feel like spending 20-30min on X-wing.
  3. Found a bug. Client crashes when you put Stealth Device on Kylo https://www.dropbox.com/s/3gto9l9wbpuib8o/Screenshot 2018-12-18 11.21.03.png?dl=0
  4. This needs to be added to Fly Casual simulator. @Sandrem, please, please make it happen.
  5. What do you mean? Only Star Wars fans have the right and privilege to hate Star Wars. All others can bugger off.
  6. Suriel

    X-wing Joke Thread

    Oh snap. There is actually one meaningful scene in that movie.
  7. I don't have Netflix. I am however, willing to accept if someone wants to share theirs.
  8. It was not meant as a bad thing. Looking forward to him. https://mobile.twitter.com/StarWarsDotGif/status/662877425316061184/photo/1
  9. I have a feeling that Lando will steal this movie
  10. The tentacles should be a big selling point in Japan though
  11. A place holder for the squadron that should actually be there. Gunboat. ?
  12. Emperor is pleased with the victory. However, an inquiry into the loss of Imperial-class Star Destroyer will be launched.
  13. Look like a fun list. It has Gunboats in it, after all.☺ Why no Collision Detector & A Score to settle, though? Keeps the bid.
  14. I approve this topic. The Holy Gunboat needs to arrive in Armada.
  15. So, Raddus cannot Raddus-in as in Rogue 1?
  16. Rebellion is awesome. I have it on Steam, unfortunately it crashes on space battles
  17. Help me out please. Thrawn, place three command dials. To be used at the start of ship activation phase. Does it mean that I can just stack three Navigation commands, to be used one by one or is it there some rule that forbids stacking the same type of command? I lean towards they can be the same but want to be sure.
  18. Oh. Didn't know that. Nice, thanks.
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