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  1. Hip Shooting poses a similar problem though right? It just lets you move up to a full move and fire once. Something that would normally be impossible. With Hip Shooting would you be able to move part of that movement, fire, then finish the move? I guess so because it would be part of one Full Action correct?
  2. Hello Everyone, This is probably an obvious answer. I just could not fine a reference to it in the rules. Last night we were playing a game and collectively as a group we asked the question if you do not use your full move allocation before firing a weapon are you able to then spend the remaining amount to move afterwards as long as the total distance does not exceed your action allocated amount. For example: Dark Eldar trooper spends a Half Action to move 4 m out of his 7 m maximum move. Could the Dark Eldar theoretically Move 4 m, fire a single shot of his weapon, then move 3 m back behind cover. Or once you have changed to a different action are you unable to finish a previous action? I looked through the rules for a while to see if this was defined anywhere. If you could point me to page numbers that would be great!
  3. Also, if this is true and Kill-team A spends 3 Cohesion. Then does the other kill team get to activate that Squad Mode ability as well if it is sustained? "When activating a Squad Mode ability that is Sustained, the Cohesion cost is only paid once per mission; after the cost has been paid, the Sustained ability may be freely used by any Battle-Brother in the Kill-Team that is in Squad Mode. The ability can be used for the duration of the mission." So can the other Kill-Team activate the ability across the mission map? Or do they not gain access to that ability until the Squads reunite?
  4. Thanks. Is there any documentation on this anywhere?
  5. Hey Everyone, I had a quick question. In the Errata for deathwatch it mentions the following: "If the Kill-team becomes separated during the Mission its members may form multiple Squads for the purpose of Squad Mode abilities so long as all the requirements of entering Squad Mode are met and the Support Ranges of the multiple squads do not overlap." What it does not mention is how the Cohesion is handled. Since Cohesion is created at the start of the mission does this mean that each Squad Leader needs to make their own cohesion pool at the start of the mission and pick a different Oath etc. Or does it mean you select one Squad Leader and he defines the Cohesion for both groups in case of a split up. Also, if this is true does it mean that you still spend from the same pool even though you might not be able to see each other? And if you were to join up later how would cohesion add back up when the group came together? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. So from what I gather on your comment then you mean to say that you would place Carcharodons with a +10 skill training in High Gothic?
  7. Is there any Errata on why the Carcharodons Chapter specific skill is "High Gothic"? Don't all Space Marines know High Gothic by default? Was this suppose to mean Carcharodons only speak High Gothic or is this suppose to be an Advance Skill High Gothic (+10)? The second option would make more since as they are suppose to speak and older dialect of High Gothic based on the lore in Honour the Chapter.
  8. The only issue is that the Exorcists have their progenitor hidden. So they do not have a source chapter. Their Gene-Seed is actually from the Grey Knights. I am going by the rules found in Honour the Chapter for Codex Successor Chapters. I think it is found on page 99.
  9. Where are the rules for Codex Successor Chapter Trappings? I am trying to create an Exorcist character and I can not find where my Chapter Trappings are. Do Codex Successors just not get Chapter Trappings?
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