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  1. I like your magnetic work, you have to look hard to see yours fish rider. Very clean.
  2. My buddy Jacob saw mine and ask me to paint his. I can't do it the same way twice. Its different but I liked how his turned out.
  3. I use top coat clear fingernail polish. Its very shinny, I took it from 40k where u sued it on gems. It does wonders On them.
  4. When people do things that are just oppose the rules. I explain to them how the game is supposed to be played and then give then let them chose. We can play by the book rule or we can play by there's. I'm ok with street ball no blood no foul as long as we are on the same page. I can fly casual either way. :-)
  5. abc

    My wining Atlanta entree

    Thanks for help. There was some stiff competition
  6. abc

    My wining Atlanta entree

    It's the first one I've seen have one.
  7. abc

    Haedrin's repaints

    Those are really outstanding. Great technique.
  8. abc

    My wining Atlanta entree

    Yes, they had a painting contest that you could enter. It was included with the price of the regional fee. Here is a link to the Facebook page with the other entrees https://www.facebook.com/pages/Star-Wars-X-Wing-Miniatures-Game/402893733115355
  9. I heard some people say that it was too much because it was more then one ship but I thought it came out very good and it won. I get a lot of inspiration from you guys so I thought I would share.
  10. I like the hull plus shield equal you take that many red dice of damage. It would be fun that way. Missed me by that much...
  11. I play ww2 game, angles 20 and it uses a altitude. You can only shoot at the level you are on unless you tilt the plane up our down and then next movement you have to climb or dive depending on your orientation. You can climb 1 notch pre turn and dive up to two. Of course you get a bonus dice when you are diving in on someone.
  12. Sick vinyls will make almost any bandanna.
  13. No, I used an online program. And under-costed it a bit deliberately. The EPT is on the inside to make the rest easier to edit out.You asked politely so I'll tell you politely, if you have different opinion about how the card should be, I've already done all of the work, it would be very easy to edit it to what you believe it should be and repost it. Oh i took off the panels and green stuff the arms. The checkerboard i layed out with a fine point sharpy then painted.
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