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  1. @Simon Retold That picture is perfect for a Hutt that's running a criminal space station in my game. - Eck
  2. @Edgookin We weren't at the table, and I don't own the book. The player does, and just told me about the talent tree description. I'll point this out to her the next time we're at the table. That part of the problem is solved.
  3. Ah nice. I'm GM'ing for a new player and I didn't have access to the book so I just took it at face value from the player. Just 50% seems far more reasonable. I'd still be interested in hearing if anyone else has GM'ed for a group with this talent. - Eck
  4. The Cyber Tech has two ranks of Cyberneticist the text is: Remove setback per rank of Cyberneticist from checks to build, repair, and install cybernetic implants. Cybernetics cost 50% less. When purchasing both ranks, does that mean you remove 2 setback dice and now cybernetics only cost 25% of the total? That's the way it seems to read to me, but taking a 10k implant and discounting it to 2.5k seems like a little too much for something so early in the talent tree. Has anyone had a PC in their game with these talents? How'd it go? - Eck
  5. I know it would be more powerful with more ranks. It makes a well trained Jedi nigh unhittable as long as he has strain to spend. It fits my idea for how awesome I think they should be.
  6. Yeah, if you need the PC's to be captured, just have them captured. If you want a chance to have the PC's captured, by all means play out an encounter. If you come up with an "unwinnable" situation and throw the characters in it, one of two things is likely to happen. 1. The PC's miraculously get out of your cleverly laid trap. 2. The players recognize it as an "unwinnable" encounter and feel cheated. If there's some friction about the auto-capture non-played-scenario option, talk to your players. Ask them to trust you, and explain why you decided this citing your own reasons, or the reasons above. - Eck
  7. I'm having trouble crafting this post so I'll just be brief. I'm thinking of beefing this talent up for a one-shot opponent in my Edge of the Empire game. Instead of reducing damage by Ranks+2 for 3 strain (kind of pointless for a rival with only 1 rank), I was thinking it would reduce the number of to-hit successes by Ranks+2 for 3 strain. This will allow these talents to be more of an all or nothing. I saw another older thread here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/189277-reflect-and-parry/ talking about how some people also thought it was a little bit weak. Some suggestions wanted to introduce an active roll as that in-between step, but I agree that would bog things down too much. Thoughts? - Eck
  8. If it's not too late to offer advice... Make sure everyone knows what they're getting into. A game of Twilight Imperium can last a loooong time. Not all gamers are cut out for an all-day session. Make DOUBLY sure all significant others know about the time commitment. We've nick named the game "the Divorce Edition"... If it is too late... How did your first game go? - Eck
  9. My group has only played a few games of Twilight Imperium, and the Imperial (8) strategy card didn't sit well with our group. We quickly saw that the basis of any strategy was this: 1. Pick Imperial (8). 2. Pick Initiative (1), so you can do #1 next turn! 3. Do something else until you can do 1 or 2. Bleh, not fun. We were planning on reducing the VP cost of this card to 1 next time, but I stumbled across the following optional rule: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Twilight%20Imperium%203/ti3variant.pdf Scroll down to the bottom to see The Ancient Throne. Pick one: A) Claim a VP, but only if you own Mecatol Rex... BRILLIANT. You can also claim any number of public objectives (instead of just 1 per round). B) You get to activate the secondary ability of the card for free, and noone else does. I can't wait to play again. - Eck
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