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  1. If you think Luke's speeder is pricey, don't even ask about the XP-38.
  2. Star Wars Resistance is a bit silly. I think Freemaker Adventures is even more serious than Kaz and Co. But the ships. The Platform. The aliens. They're all rad. I'd love me some Star Wars racing. Would these work? Someone just needs to print up some round racing gates.
  3. Use the official Star Wars paint: Paint Sets for Star Wars
  4. Does Movement 1, take it off the table? Insta-kill?
  5. @melminiatures Any chance we can get Z-74 Speeder Bike with Imperial Scout Trooper or an AT-RT with a Rebel Trooper?
  6. Anyone think that little sound bite at the end of the Episode 9 trailer is a ruse to throw everyone off? And then bringing Ian McDiarmid on stage to top it all off? Has J.J. ever been so on the nose about anything?
  7. When are we getting this ship?:
  8. Why is she jumping over it? Seems it'll be easier to duck and jab her laser sword up.
  9. Legion is 1/46 scale. Here's the closest to those for Action Fleet (the 2nd column is the scale): Gian Speeder 40 14 cm 5.7 m Snowspeeder 42 12.5 cm 5.3 m Vulture Droid 46 15 cm 6.96 m Speeder Bike 47 6.33 cm 3 m Swoop Bike 47 6.33 cm 3 m A-wing 55 12.7 cm 7 m (est.) Anakin's Podracer 56 12.6 cm (engine) 7 m TIE Advanced x1 56 11.1 cm 6.2 m (est.) Darth Maul's Speeder Bike 57 2.94 cm (sans pedals) 1.65 m Flash Speeder 60 12.6 cm (sans gun) 7.54 m AAT 62 15 cm 9.19 m
  10. If you're playing to win, you follow the meta. If you're playing for fun, then you don't need to ask, do you?
  11. i was hoping someone with a preview pack could measure it up.
  12. Does anyone know the height of the Jyn Erso miniature? With and without base.
  13. SWL30 isn't the SKU you're looking for.
  14. 6mm would make it the same as X-Wing scale.
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