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  1. I didn't get reprints but I got my splig from here last month - http://kayjays.com.au/- He's in Melbourne Last I saw he also had 2 or 3 of each core set lieutenant, I'm heading back on payday for Belthir
  2. As someone that's painted their set.. I'd rather have my personal touches and figures that I can connect to rather than factory blasted prints.. However - Alternate Sculpts? there's a money maker!!
  3. Demon Lord - just about finished, bit more work on the base
  4. Should the responses be separate topics ? How I Play - Warrior/Beastmaster How I Play - Warrior/Berserker How I Play - Warrior/Champion How I Play - Warrior/Knight How I Play - Warrior/Marshal How I Play - Warrior/Skirmisher or just spawn from a Master post ? How I play a Warrior - Beastmaster Beserker Champion Knight Marshal Skirmisher Character I choose - Name? Why do I choose them? - Is it Stats? Their ability? - Why? what does it do? What's the best use of ability, example, got a pic? The Heroic Feat? - Best use - is it every round or a last resort? Is it because they have a Cool looking Mini? Equipment/Hero Combo? What's the best to use? Is it because they work well with another Hero? What class cards do you choose and what do you aim for in the end game? Any cool combos, start game, mid game and end game? Anything else?
  5. Why should I choose High Mage Quellan? Should I make him a runemaster or a geomancer? What are the best skills and why? Wouldn't it be good to have use the powers of this forum for good and niceness instead of constant top 5 or top 10 lists. Why don't we leverage the collective knowledge of the experts and frequent visitors here to learn some tips and tricks for that Hero and Class combination you've always wanted to try. I'm inviting everyone here to explain their favorite plays, best choices, n00b builds, list your favourite combos and strategies for play and inventories for must have items or the next best thing. Let's start with Hero/Class Combinations and then we can move onto Overlords/Monster Combos and Party Build combinations (does it really need to be 1 of each color?) Let's collectively work out : Gamebreaking Builds Builds that make you think Hilarious Combinations Strongest parties Complimentary heroes and parties Most deliciously evil Overlords - Favourite Deck / Favourite Combo Monster combos that make players weep and overlords grin
  6. I'm loving your progression - some real evolution in the work. Keep it up
  7. ooooh Danse Macabre! From what's shown there, there's so much sapping of Health and Stamina.
  8. The end is near, brace yourselfs for Descent 3.0 Well, I think atm, I'm fine with Descent news. Maybe in a couple months (FFG terms = at the end of the year) I would like to see the next Campaign for RtL but also what monsters are they going to put in the next H&M or how are they going to solve the problem of releasing the last heroes from Descent 1. I bet in more packs, with only new monsters and a new small expansion box for the next year. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a small box expansion "heroes Only" the opposite of Mists of Bilehall (Overlord-Only).
  9. I've just started painting the Core Lieutenants.. SOOOOO TINY compared to everything else. So disappointing. I suppose I'd have to repurchase everything is they reprinted them at this scale.
  10. I use a champagne cork, Wine bottle lid or even old citadel paint tubs, upside down. and yeah sticky tac/ blue tac is the best.. for holding down minis in spray priming all the way through to 1 on 1 painting.
  11. I'm loving your work Styfen, so vibrant! What happened with the reanimates that made you want to quit? ( If it was quantity and repetition, stay away from KOBOLDS, ugh)
  12. I've had that same sad misshapen face issue with a few of my heroes too.. Thankfully the last quality of H&M packs has increased with each release. Absolutely love Isphers Coloring!!!
  13. I use Imgur, the link for the images gets pasted into the picture link in this forum software.. works super well.
  14. Thanks man.. Can't wait to play with him properly.. I love the way his tail knocks EVERYTHING over.
  15. Ispher! - (still needs base and Matt/Gloss Finishing) - but I love this character and I love this mini.
  16. Brushes - Some nice fine ones - I found it cheaper to buy them from Art stores - Best Sizes 000, 2/0, #2, 5/0 - Washes / Inks - You can actually make these with a medium, Citadel have a nice easy option. Or like I found when learning to make fire - You can water down your existing paints with water. You can get a nice wash that seeps into cracks and crevices with that. Watch - Sorastro on Youtube - He has a Descent mini video, but his star wars (especially Vader) and Zombiecide has some really great tips and techniques. Orderofgamers.com - Great Descent Painting guide for the base set and some great videos and how-tos. Games Workshop on Youtube - Has some great videos on the basics (Base Coat, Shading, Layering, Dry Brushing, Texturing, Shading etc) You don't need to use these all the time or on every mini but there's some great stuff there and it's free.
  17. Also played Ispher in RTL with my boys. Loved him and he's next up.
  18. Had some sick days this week.. Got some heroes and SPLIG! painted.
  19. Freaking Awesome and I wholeheartedly agree with you. I had a wrap up of the game with my boys last night. The last mission saw Hellhounds, Crow Hags and Ogres make an appearance as open groups. My favorite was the skill check for Trenloe which when failed produced 2 fire imps to give him an extra special hard time. Good times. Loving the APP FFG Keep it up.
  20. I think you must be connected with a google account AHHHHH it doesn't like my corporate google account. works in a private browser session.. booooo Google.
  21. Heh it's my jam man, I couldn't have them 'all' brown. They needed some character!
  22. Yes indeed they are. They're a fantastic fit for Descent. The double doors are the largest but make a great marker for Entrance/Exit spots.
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