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  1. How does one get a hold of the new Demon Alien? Is it a promo card? Or is it a card that is going to be released in a subsequent expansion: Cosmic Grail? What big news came from CosmicCon? I have not found a good source which states all the news from this convention since I was not able to attend.
  2. Thanks for your post. Yeah that is the beauty of this game as Mr. Olotka stated. We can alter and change the game to best fit our circumstances. For example I will never play with the Grumpus even if it is randomly drawn. If its flare is drawn and added in that's ok but I will always give a player another alien they can work with if that one is drawn. I never teach with flares first time either. I think the best way to teach is to give the players a preset hand. Play through once without alien powers and then let them play legitimately. I wish there were more opportunities to create fan made aliens like a layout we could use provided by fantasy flight games where we could print out our own cards or add our own aliens using their format. I would love a photoshop copy of their alien layouts with all of the layers. I could make some pretty cool aliens. Maybe even with a new colored light in the corner (orange) for custom made. I would bet many fans would be willing to even pay a price to print off some of their own custom aliens to use in the game. Almost everyone I have known always comes up with new aliens after playing 3 or 4 times. They always tell me when the play it "wouldn't it be cool if there was alien that could do this?"
  3. Another question about the Mesmer. It says that it can play any artifact card as any other artifact card. I think this must be clarified because technically this includes the defender rewards artifacts (omnizap, finder, space junk etc...) from the way i interpret it. This can mean that it is able to discard any card to do an omnizap. Obviously it would still need to remove ships from the game like the card says but to me this seems too overpowered. Now, if it can only use the original artifacts (mobius tubes, ionic gas, emotional control, force field, card zap, cosmic zap and plague) then that seems fair to me.
  4. Another Question. This one is about the saboteur. On the saboteur it says that you reveal your token when a ship "lands" on a planet with a token next to it. What constistutes landing on the planet? Obviously gaining a colony would but what about when a person is in the regroup phase and tries to put ships back onto a planet where they already have a colony? Does this constitute landing? What does it mean by landing. This must be more than just colonizing or else colonizing would have been the word used. What other situations might apply?
  5. Here is a question about timing that I just had today in a game we played. I was playing as the Dervish and my friend who we will call Sam was invited to ally. He joined as an ally, then I said I am using my power to switch hands between the three of us involved in the encounter(Myself, defense and Sam). As soon as I indicated this he played a Force Field card to stop his alliance and withdraw himself. At this point am I required to still use my power or can I say I am not going to use my power since the Dervishes power is a may use power? If I have a choice I might not want to switch with the defense because I wanted Sams cards from his hand. I am just confused about this and how this would be resolved? Or does my power resolve before he is unable to withdraw as an ally and then he does so after.
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