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  1. This was my all-time favorite home-brew alien I developed years ago. I've long since lost the original character description, and I cannot remember the flare and super variations. Motivator You have the power to bring out the best in yourself and others. Whenever you are involved in an encounter, as a main player or as an ally, all the ships on your side of the encounter count double. This power is cumulative; Macron ships each count as 8; Anti-Matter subtracts double the total amount of ships, and Virus doubles the amount of ships before multiplication, for example. This power only activates if there are alliances on your side of an encounter. If no other player allies with you, each of your ships are only counted as 1 toward the total. The results of the challenges are never doubled. Only one base can be gained at a time, and Motivator's compensation is never doubled. History: The Motivators have evolved to use others to an incredible degree. Helplessly enamored of them, other alien races rush in to aid them in their race to dominate the cosmos. Until, of course, they inevitably get stabbed in the back.
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