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  1. One of my player and I were discussing this, but I thought I'd ask those who have more experience with the system: What guidelines do you use when creating your own species? I imagine folks use humans as a base and every special ability takes away from the XP beginning characters get, but if that's the case, how do you price those special abilities? Any help would be hot.
  2. The idea seems familiar, almost like I've read this in another RPG before or even experienced something similar in a video game. In any case, it seems like a great experiment to run for this game system! The first session could be run like a tutorial level in a console game. The closest thing I've experienced to this idea was a player who came in on a game in progress. He simply named his race and class and began making his character while the scene in game kept going on. But to do this for a whole group would take a bit of planning as well as a variety of encounters to introduce various game elements and rules. I hope you run with this idea, I look forward to finding out how it goes!
  3. Thank goodness there are people to tell folks when they're wrong on the internet, otherwise they would never know!
  4. In the end, gaming is gaming, and I'm just glad to have such an awesome hobby!
  5. While I like the idea of being a player, I don't feel as fulfilled unless I'm GMing- I get a kick out of creating a story and background characters and watching my players navigate the adventures while exploring their character's personal stories. When I do play, I often feel like I could be doing "more" and end up putting more effort into creating "props" and background stories for my characters, drawing a portrait and getting really into my portrayal, still- it feels like there's something missing. It probably doesn't help that the other GMs don't seem to want to tell an ongoing story; one of them has "gamer ADD" and switches games ALL the time. The longest running game I can remember him GMing was three sessions, the usual is two. Another GM doesn't have a lot of confidence in his abilities as a storyteller and never feels like he has the rules down in any system he runs. He's admitted to having little desire to read the rules and typically relies on running games that have been played by the group before and goes off of memory. So, it usually fall on my shoulders to run games and as I said, I love the idea of being a player, but I get my greatest enjoyment from GMing. Maybe I'm a control freak?
  6. I put this together a long long time ago (sorry- had to). I can't remember all my sources, so I can't vouch for it's authenticity, but it's the one I use in my games.
  7. The system allows for more outcomes than simple "pass/fail" and opens up the narrative to both players and GM input; so if you and your players are open to or skilled at improv, it should be a nice fit. As far as the archetypes and style of play, the system works for that just as well, but the main difference between the systems is the amount of fine details and crunch (in a D20 system) verses, interpretation and narrative cooperation among the entire table. There's also, in my experience, more of a reliable or even predictable effects for traits and rolls in a D20 game. If I have a certain stat and skill combination, coupled with the right set of feats and equipment, I can predict my chances of success and if I know my GM well enough, I can may even be able to predict what that success will lead to. With EotE, having the right attribute and skill combo along with the right talents and equipment will give you a great pool of dice to roll, but from there anything can happen, even what your successes or failures mean isn't just interpreted by one person, but by the whole table (be careful not to back stab your fellow players)! I would recommend EotE, but if you prefer the finer details, consider allowing rolls that miss the DC by 3-5 to still succeed (but at some cost), while giving those who beat the DC by 3-5 or more to succeed with some kind of bonus. This won't fully capture the dynamic feeling of this system, but would be a great primer if you want to make the eventual adjustment a little less jarring. Game On!!!
  8. I made this list for my players as well as a list of common drinks. I can't remember the sources for all of it and I'm sure not all of it is official, but here's what I got: Basic Profanity · Bantha: A large slow moving hairy herd animal · Blast!: an adaptable expletive like “****” · Blaster-Brain: Derogatory, meaning dumb · Borked: Like “f__ked”, but more acceptable · Braintick: Parasite that feeds off the brain · Cantina Rat: Someone who frequents bars · Core Slime: Those who live on a Core World · Druk: As in “a drukload of stormtoopers” · Good Novas!: An exclamation · Gravel Maggot: A species of worm · Great Balls of Fire!: An exclamation · Haja: A curse · Hairless Wookiee: A human · Hang This!: Similar to “screw this” · Huttwash: Similar to “hogwash” · Jactna!: A Rodian interjection · Laserbrain: Insults intelligence · Lust Toad: Possibly a real creature · Madclaw: A Wookiee who uses their claws · Mooka: Insults intelligence · Noski: “Idiot” · Piece of Chizk: A curse or insult · Piece of Rankweed: An insult · Schutta: Twi’lek insult against women · Shavit: A curse · Skidcrust: Equivilent to “roadkill” · Skrag: A Corellian curse · Slag: An interjection · Starforsaken: A derogatory modifier The “F” Words · Frack!: An adaptive expletive · Frag: An adaptive expletive · Fraggin: A derogatory modifier Huttese Insults · Chuba: Huttese meaning “you” or “hey you” · E Chu Ta!: An insult · PooDoo: Excrement (Ok, it’s a silly one, but lots of characters say this in the films) · Shag: A Slave · Skocha: An insult · Sleemo: Slimeball · Stoopa: Fool or fools Mandalorian Maledictions · Chakaar: Thief or Grave Robber · Di’kut: Fool · Hut’uun: Coward · Osik: Feces · Osik’la: Something badly messed up · Shab: “F__k” · Shabiir: To badly mess up · Shabu’droten: “F__king people” · Shabuir: Harsh insult · Shebs: Someone’s _ss · Usenye: “F__k Off” By The… · By the Eternal: An exclamation · By the Original Light: An exclamation · By the Red Seas of Knores: A curse · By the Stars: An exclamation What The… · What in the Worlds?: An exclamation · What the Brix?: An exclamation · What the Hutt?: An exclamation Son of a… · Son of a Kath Hound: An insult Earth Curses Used In the Films · I’ll See You In Hell: An exclamation · Scum: An insult · What in the Blazes: An exclamation
  9. I haven't played this game much, so let me know if I'm overlooking something here, but I would probably go with something like this: The leader of the effort (character with the best attribute/ skill combination as determined by the group) rolls for the entire team. The leader receives a Boost die for each additional character in his party. Additional Boost die can be awarded as needed for special abilities, exceptional skill or equipment. Successes rolled indicate that the leader has spotted something noteworthy. The more successes rolled, the more detailed information the leader gets. Advantages rolled are then split up among the rest of the party with each acting as a single success, or more precisely, they can cash the Advantage in to access one of their leaders successes. Players will determine together which character receives these Advantages and how many. No other party member can be awarded more Advantages than the leader has scored in successes. Only one Advantage is needed to avoid being taken by surprise during an ambush. Players whose characters are not awarded an Advantage must narrate why their characters are unaware or too distracted to notice their surroundings. Triumphs allow all of the leaders party one of their successes and multiple Triumphs stack. Failure with Advantages doesn't have to spell doom (unless Despair rears its ugly head). Although the party may miss hearing the squad of enemy soldiers heading their way, lots of Advantages could mean that the party just happens to enter another room moments before those soldiers round the corner looking for them. For example: Task is acting as the leader for his team of three, he has a total pool of three Proficiency and two Ability dice. His roll results are- one successes, one Triumph and three Advantages. Task has scored Two successes on the perception roll! The Triumph means that the rest of his team gets at least one success so the whole ream get to see the squad of Stormtroopers sneaking their way down the alley. His three advantages can mow be split up among the group. Jax decides that because his character was hacking into a terminal, he sees the troopers, but is too distracted to notice anything else. One Advantage each goes to the other two team members, so they see as much as Task does, but since Task only rolled two successes, the remaining Advantage can't be used to give either of the two remaining party members another success in their perception, Task will have to decide how to spend that last Advantage with suggestions fro the other players and the GM.
  10. In my mind, this is a narrative game with the purpose of emulating the Star Wars setting. It leans much less upon "science" then it does "fiction". The game would be bogged down by a mess of complicated rules if it tried to be more realistic. For all the action he sees, Han Solo bombs around the galaxy in a long sleeve shirt and a vest and his co-pilot is basically naked! I can't remember any character that's shown to be sporting multi-layeredd sets of armor. Storm Troopers, Vader and Boba Fett are among the most protected folks in the setting. I think some concessions were made to keep the game fun, fast-paced and setting-appropriate while allowing a group of players to emulate the action and characters presented in this setting. No game will perfectly match every player and GMs expectations or style of play. Some folks will be able to play with these rules as written and have a blast, others will need to tweak them to suit their needs. If someone wants to have various types of protection to stack, I say go for it- but set some type of rules (like limiting the number of layers, play around with encumbrance, maybe make stacking armor a talent, etc.) so that your players will know what to expect and how far they can go with it. For my money the D20 Saga rules did something neat that fit the setting very well; you got a base defense that you added either armor or half your level to. At low levels it made sense to sport some kind of protection, at higher levels, you were better off wearing the Han Solo starter kit, or going full monte like Chewie!
  11. So I saved Ogg's crawl to my dropbox and when I play it from there, the text plays, but I get no sound. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but don't know what I'm missing.
  12. I'll try out the system as written first, but I'm wondering if the Marvel Cortex initiative style would be easier to manage. Essentially, the GM eyeballs whoever is the fastest (in that system you may have superspeed, super reflexes, etc). That person would usually be chosen to go first. From there, that player selects who goes next (it could be another player, and NPC ally or an enemy). Potential hazards of using that style would be if all the PC go one after another against an enemy and taking him out quicker. Then again, if you have a large group of enemies, that style could be disastrous once whoever is left gets a series of uninterrupted attacks. In that system, the GM could give out hero points (can't remember what they're called) to interrupt the order and have a bad guy go. I suppose this could be done with the Destiny Points, but it seems a little off. I do like the idea of open slots that the players decide what character fills it. It's a nice middle ground between the ridged D20 mechanic and the "loosey-goosey" Marvel style.
  13. This would probably be Legends now, but I thought there was an alien species detailed in the Ultimate Aliens Anthology (D20) that was from hyperspace? Maybe looking into that entry would shed some light as to the nature of hyperspace.
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