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  1. If you're moving after generics and not facing any turrets, sure, you might get some value out of him. He is fun, don't get me wrong. However, green dice are too fickle to risk putting your only action into repositioning, and with a stress token to boot! Hell, TIE/Int, in general, are bad without push the limit to help them reposition and take defensive actions. Lorrir's been in the game for a relatively long time and I don't think it's lack of faith that is holding him back at all.
  2. This seems pretty solid. Additionally: 1. All named pilots need an EPT. 2. Lorrir should not receive stress for his ability. 3. Fel's Wrath should last one more round, rather than till the end of combat. Being able to put PTL on Kir Kanos would be amazing! Maybe he'd actually hit the board...imagine that!
  3. Super Dash is the only pilot in the game that makes my blood pressure rise. I'd rather face primary weapon turrets than Super Dash, any day of the week. At least PWT don't throw four red dice, 360 degrees, at range 3 with zero bonus defense dice. That range one bubble would be a lot more significant if obstacles actually meant something to him, and with the new Rebel crew, he'll become significantly more unpredictable. FFG honestly should've given Dash's pilot ability to a lower pilot skill ship (or even better, give that ability to a non-turret ship instead). An incredible green dial (new crew) and ignoring obstacles? Good grief. The lists that suffer the most against Dash will have an even harder time with the new rebel crew, while lists that effectively counter Dash shouldn't be very much affected.
  4. Ysanne can work. I like the idea, but would have to see it in practice. Maybe couple it with Determination? Agent Callus might be a better option overall, though. HLC is just bad on Firesprays. Perhaps it'd be ok if it worked in the auxiliary arc, but otherwise it's not worth it. Just my two cents.
  5. Exactly. They really seem to love their turrets. Low risk, high reward.
  6. Just because you can proxy cards does not make OP's request unreasonable. Updating expansions is a very consumer-friendly approach and I'm not sure how you can dispute that. I've bought expansions just for a single card, but that doesn't mean I should wish new players to endure the same punishment. It's nice to actually have the official cards to make your ship playable, tournament or no, first off. Secondly, I do think that the cost barrier for tournament entry should be as reasonable as possible, and if someone wants to fly a competitive TIE Advanced, buying the $100 Raider shouldn't be the only official channel to do so. Have more respect for yourselves as consumers, people. Most of us give FFG money quite regularly, myself included.
  7. Turnout is great so far! Looking forward to next week.
  8. I love the Defender myself, play it all the time casually, but I would never bring it to a tournament. Auto thrusters and a native boost would go a long way, though. As is, with its limitations as an arc dodger and the introduction of TLTs, those 3 green dice you're paying for are about as fickle as can be and they will determine your fate. The Mk. II fixes its green dial, but ironically enough, this prevents you from taking an EU. Hopefully FFG doesn't wait as long to fix it as they did with the Tie Adv. I'm a bigger fan of running Rexlar than Vessery, mostly because I hate list-building around Vessery. I don't like how he requires you to build around him more-so than any other pilot, which is why Rex became the go-to for elite pilot + TIE swarm. I may have to give Vessery another shot now that the TIE F/O is out. In any case, I'd love to see new pilots with abilities that don't have such strong dependence on everything else on the board.
  9. I'll be able to make it next Thursday
  10. Exactly this, and I believe it's very telling about what such a list offers to the game. It's actually more boring than watching two Fat Han lists face each other, so I suppose that's some sort of accomplishment. Have you ever watched a TIE Swarm vs TIE Swarm. That is just as, if not more, a dice dependent matchup. At least with the Y-wings, things are likely to be removed in a timely fashion. And maneuvering does play a big part in that. TIE swarms take significantly more skill to maneuver (more ships + keeping within range 1 of Howlrunner, which is indisputably a higher skill cap) and you actually have to worry about, you know, firing arcs. There's obviously more room for the better player to shine, which is the bottom line for me at least. There's no way it's more dice dependent, but maybe not so different in this respect. I'll agree with you about the time factor, which might be the only reason I'd consider watching TLT vs TLT over a TIE swarm match.
  11. Exactly this, and I believe it's very telling about what such a list offers to the game. It's actually more boring than watching two Fat Han lists face each other, so I suppose that's some sort of accomplishment.
  12. I know people are tired of the complaints, but I can't help but also question how these turret issues keep on arising. PWT were a problem for a long time (and were still incredibly dominant until very recently), we received multiple changes to address the problem, and now here we are with another potential turret issue. Lists dominated by turrets are incredibly boring to play and play against and honestly, I think people that disagree with this probably are absolute bores that only benefit from playing ultra-safe lists where firing arcs are a complete afterthought. If you can't see why turrets can be such a problem to the depth and strategy of this game, then you really don't appreciate why PWT were so dominant in the first place, and what it took away from the game. Turret wing needs to die. People may be overreacting, but that's simply a symptom of the issue at large. I'm all for people calling turret balance into question, for it's a **** delicate thing to consider.
  13. HLC Dash actually scares me more than Han. The only ship that made it easy to exploit the range 1 donut was the Phantom. I thought running Vader with engine upgrade would also be simple, but it really isn't. That large ship barrel roll + boost (assuming EU) covers an incredible distance, but I wouldn't be too bothered by if asteroids were actually an issue! A good Dash player can easily cut off avenues of approach using asteroids. I had no issues with HLC Dash until I realized how hard it was to actually exploit the range 1 donut relative to the difficulty of flying Dash. The most viable option is to block and ability to do so consistently will depend on your list.
  14. This was my issue from day one. Changing Decloaking is fine, but doing nothing to Turrets in return makes no sense. If one was OP and needed to be changed, why not change both? Turrets were dominating tournies before Phantoms got nerfed, and they will continue to. One less scissor indeed. Again, people thought, not unreasonably, that they were only dominant because of the Phantom. The problem with Autothrusters is that it's only usable on a few ships. It would be nice to see primary turret ships have one less attack die when attacking outside of arc and one could scrap autothrusters altogether. At least secondary turrets have range limitations (Outrider aside...) and I think it balances them perfectly.
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