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    ion turrets

    Joe, enthusiasm is great, but please give credit where it's due. These Y-wings belong to a friend of mine, the way you've used the picture twice now makes it appear as though they are yours. A quick caption to indicate where you found the image would be great!
  2. Haha! It certainly felt like l was using someone else's dice that game...
  3. I was the #2 seed at Roseville MN, and was knocked out first round of top 8 by the 2nd place overall list. My full list was: Corran Horn (35) -Push the Limit (3) -Fire-Control System (2) -R2-D2 (4) -Engine Upgrade (4) "Leebo" (34) -Lone Wolf (2) -Heavy Laser Cannon (7) -Chewbacca (4) -Outrider (5) Total 100 An absolutely amazing day of games, my only two losses (and only lost ships on the day) were to the #1 and #2 overall finishers. For the first time I can recall while playing this game, I was actively cursing my red dice. Over six rounds of shooting from Leebo in my top 8 match, I got a total of 7 hits after modification, dealing 1 shield of damage in total. Corran fought a bit harder, taking a few more shields with him, but withered under literally perfect red dice from my opponent.
  4. As far as focus tokens go, this is a bit on the silly side, but the last few times I've run a HWK-290 with the Moldy Crow title and a Recon Specialist, I've run out of the 10 I keep in my kit.. Current record high total of 16 mid game, 13 at game end. Even while equipped with an Engine Upgrade, and taking target locks as needed.
  5. My movement set from Applied Perspective has the graduation marks on the straights. In the last 2+ years worth of games I've played with them, including games at three different regionals (including two at the FFG center), 2014 Nationals at Gen Con, as well as Worlds 2014 and 2015. Not a single opponent has brought this up as an issue to me. In the several events that I have been the TO for over the past year, no player has brought graduated movement templates up as an issue to me. That said, this is just my personal experience playing the game. Ultimately, I feel that this is completely resolved by the tournament document section on page 1 labeled "Range Rulers, Tokens, and Maneuver Templates" which allows for a player to request that only one range ruler and/or set of templates be used by both players for that match.
  6. I was lucky enough to play a demo of Armada at GenCon, and that alone was enough to make me pre-order one of everything; core, wave 1, even dice.
  7. Applied Perspective makes all kinds of acrylic for X-Wing, might try contacting them and see if they can make something for Discwars. http://www.appliedperspective.com
  8. Luke Skywalker + Predator + R2-D2 + Engine Upgrade You can swap in Lone Wolf and/or R5-P9 for points or preference. Makes for a surprisingly durable and punchy ship.
  9. Chris Jenkins here, you've got my nationals spot already. Only other background information of note is that I'm the volunteer TO for the FFG Game Center. As a side comment, I found the convergent evolution of Captain Typo's Han + Jan list and my own to be very interesting, I do have to give credit to Theorist over on Team Covenant for my Jan load out. For me, Han's load out came about from wanting to have offensive and defensive actions every round to make the most of Jan's extra attack die.
  10. I'm Chris Jenkins up on those lists for Gen Con Nationals My squad was: Han Solo with Veteran Instincts, C3P0, and Millennium Falcon Tarn Mison with R7 Astromech 2x Bandit Squadron Pilot What an amazing experience it was, and some of the best games of X-Wing I've ever played.
  11. Filling in my bit of info for Roseville Regionals. I landed at 14th with a squadron consisting of: Han Solo w/ C-3PO and Millennium Falcon (50 pts) Dagger Squadron Pilot w/ Advanced Sensors (27 pts) Rookie Pilot w/ R3-A2 (23 pts) Total: 100 pts Was an amazing day of games!
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