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  1. No no no, to the bolded part. Not at all correct. As has been stated many times already, all Pattern Analyzer does is move when you gain/remove stress due to manuever difficulty to after the Perform Action step. If you start the round stressed, Pattern Analyzer does nothing for you. It does not grant you Tycho's Ability. Check Pilot Stress is poorly named and doesn't do what it sounds like it does, all it does it check your maneuver's color and gives/removes/leaves alone a stress token as appropriate. So in Celestial Lion's two examples - In the first one, you get to make an action before the check pilot stress step gives you a stress token for your red manuever - In the second, you're already stressed, so you don't get to take an action whether you use Pattern Analyzer or not. If you were to make a green maneuver instead while already stressed, you would have to specifically not use Pattern Analyzer that turn, or you'd get to the Perform Action step before Check Pilot Stress removed your stress for making a green.
  2. Labor Day weekend. So outside the announced scope. They don't have the gaming infrastructure currently to run something like this anyway. It's gotten bigger the last few years but it's still a relatively small part of the Con.
  3. I was going to say you were crazy until I realized I missed the 'no enemies in your firing arc' clause. I thought it seemed way too good to be true for 1 point, and it was.
  4. There is this page, the official FFG OP Events page, but it doesn't specifically mention the System Open series itself, it just has an entry for PAX Unplugged and a link to their event page, which lists the various FFG Star Wars games events going on there. It's a bit baffling we're this close to these events kicking off with no news at all. Star Wars Track regionals, other track Store Champs, System Open, they're all starting in the next 2 weeks and there's been not a peep out of FFG about them yet. What we can at least glean from the event+prize info from the PAX Unplugged page is, the Coruscant Invitational is going to be a much bigger event this year. Open event winners get an invite, airfare and accommodations, but the open Top 8 all get invites(they'd have to get themselves to the event it seems), and theres' a secondary event going, the Hyper Space qualifier, where getting 6 wins similarly gets you an invite, with no accommodations.
  5. I'm trying to come up with one and can't. I'm guessing it's just for consistency's sake, unless someone can come up with a legitimate situation where you wouldn't want it on during regular movement.
  6. http://unplugged.paxsite.com/schedule/panel/x-wing-system-open http://www.cascadegames.com/PAX-UP-17.html#xwing_schedule Yeah, what? Very odd there was no announcement, badges for PAX unplugged went on sale forever ago, I'm surprised there are still any given how quick the other PAX events sell out, but Unplugged is new this year. It doesn't appear this event is tied to a specific system, so maybe there's some sort of format change? Either way, really weird. It looks like Coruscant Open is going to be more than 8 players this year too. In addition to the System Open they're also running 'Hyperspace Qualifiers' Friday and Sunday at PAXU, anyone who goes undefeated in those also gets a Coruscant Open invitation according to the event info.
  7. The card system was well intentioned for the reasons you state, but the issues we're seeing them finally get around to addressing now are inevitable in any game of this type. Their commitment to not doing functional errata like this to keep the spirit of why they made the system the way it is is commendable, but it's hamstrung their ability to fix issues in the game. For all that though, actually look at the Errata section of the FAQ. Including all 4 Jumpmasters, there are currently 29 cards with altered text, and of those less than half are changes to their written functionality, the rest clarifying what specific step something occurs at or fixing obvious errors of intention where the card wouldn't actually do anything. Even including all of them, that's 29 out of 326 upgrades and 265 Pilots. Lets cut that pilot number in half to 132 to get a rough count of the number of pilots with abilities that would actually need errata, that means there's still just 29 changed cards out of ~460, 6%. There's not that much to keep track of in the grand scheme of things, the cards errata section is only as long as it is because of the included pictures of every card. That said the number is probably artificially low because they've tried to avoid the massive changes they've made these last two updates. I'd also argue that the FAQ document is the best solution for everyone to handle these changes. It's utterly impractical to make a pack of errata'd cards for sale; do you add newly errata'd cards to this theoretical 'errata'd cards pack' every time there's a new one, or release individual errata packs with every FAQ update? How many copies of each errata'd upgrade/generic pilot do you include? Do you bother distributing these things out to stores, because how many people are actually going to buy them, when the vast majority of your customer base are purely casual kitchen table players that only buy a few ships anyway? How many of the kits do you actually produce as a consequence of all of those questions together? What happens if we revert or re-errata something in the future, now there are 3, or more, versions of this card running around? You can argue, perhaps correctly, that they've brought this on themselves by going the card route that they did, but I can't see how you issue errata'd cards in a reasonable fashion, and I don't see how you fix the problems that inevitably arise in producing a game like X-wing without being able to change things, so we have to compromise.
  8. Optimal use of Biggs has always been to force split fire and bad shots, it's a waste of 26 points to just rush right in and have him die in the first round of shooting. He became especially abusable in FSR as the range control and positioning required to keep him from dying immediately in other lists wasn't as necessary, but he's always been a design problem that needed addressing.
  9. You'd have to drastically recost basically every named pilot in the game as they're all paying some number of points for those abilities, and come up with new abilities for every pilot whose ability is already limited use. That and a huge swath of pilot's abilities just aren't high impact enough for them being once per game to even be relevant. That's a biiiiig list. Biggs got hit with this because his ability was so warping on gameplay and design space, and its way past due. Doing this thing in a blanket way is gross overkill, if a pilot's ability proves too good it should be addressed individually, like Biggs and Manaroo.
  10. Indeed. Palpatine, as steep as his cost appears on paper, was probably still under-costed for his original effect, but post-errata is laughably overpriced.
  11. My regionals are 5 months away, so I'm not.
  12. Originals would have predated the Disney purchase if I'm not mistaken, I'm guessing recent reprints have the Disney branding while the ones prior to the purchase wouldn't have it. May not be first run still, there's not a way off the top of my head I could think to check that, it's not like there was any kind of special markings.
  13. Leaving a list as worse is likely considered preferable to making it illegal. As for the upgrade slot argument, it's a very simple matter to just remove the upgrade from the list. It might make other upgrades pointless but it's effectively the same situation as just changing card text to be less effective; the list is still legal, it just might not be any good anymore.
  14. Because changing text doesn't make a list illegal, generally. Changing point costs, so your list that you though was 100 points is actually 105, or something like that, does. I don't know where they've stated that off the top of my head but that's the reasoning.
  15. Until we start getting these things again you can't convince me the quality of Star Wars merchandise is declining. The crap has always been around, you've just ignored it in the past. It's also not like collectors wanted the vinyl caped Jawas because Jawas are so cool; they didn't make very many and most of the ones that were made got destroyed through normal play or getting tossed by parents. Trying to make a collector's market is oxymoronic, because things become actually collectible by accident.