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  1. Otacon

    Clone Wars!

    Welp, I guess I'm saving a bunch of money this wave.
  2. This is a really difficult question to answer without observing your play. Yeah, games are going to take longer while you're learning with needing to reference the rules, but 4 hours seems excessive to me. Since we can't watch you and your friend play and see if you're actually doing something wrong, if you haven't already I'd suggest looking up some learn to play or demo videos. Those should make it obvious if you've been playing things incorrectly in a way that it's stretching your play time. Team Covenant has some pretty good ones I think, you can find them on youtube, but there's tons of them out there. Just make sure you're watching 2nd edition and not 1st edition videos.
  3. Time machine you guys have must be nice, it's not on the main page, or linked on their twitter yet...
  4. To that point, Luke is already 10 points more than Wedge, a higher I pilot in the same ship with a great ability, and 14 points more than the X-wing's other I5 pilot, Thane, who also has a pretty solid ability. Maybe they'll decide he's not paying enough of a premium at some point but he's already definitely paying for what he gets.
  5. Discovered this Saturday. I haven't been testing or theory crafting 2.0 stuff for the last few months like some people, but went into my first games of 2.0, and of X-wing period in over a year, this last weekend with the idea that anything providing action economy in this new environment is probably pretty good. List was Wedge with Swarm Tactics(to bump up Garvin's initiative) and torpedos, Supernatural Luke, and Garvin. I think Garvin's ability triggered all of twice, and only once when it was relevant, across 3 games. Pretty lackluster, not being able to spend for 0 changes is a lot more limiting than you might imagine at first. Ten Numb, with Farlander's old ability, is likely going to have the same problem. Servomotors are definitely neat, and have a bigger impact than I'd expected them to at first. It's extra fun how they combo with Supernatural Reflexes on Luke, letting him pre-maneuver boost > open s-foils > move > BR or whatever else into 3 dice attacks, and close s-foils > pre-maneuver boost/BR > move > whichever boost/BR you didn't already do, to run away. Does anyone know if, with S-foils closed, you can do the linked red Focus off of a Supernatural Reflexes Boost? I could probably figure it out for myself with a more thorough read of the new rules reference, but being able to, starting from Closed S-foils, do: SR Boost > linked red focus > Open S-foils > execute blue manuever to clear stress > BR or target lock, for a stress free triple action turn, seems too good to be true. Anyway, as to the question at hand, Wedge and Luke are definitely up there, Thane probably is too, thinking about his ability some more. The X-wing is pretty solid, and has a lot of really good pilot abilities, you just have to put some thought into flying them and use everything they have available.
  6. How long it's taking me to pack away my 1.0 stuff, assemble all of the dials, get all the new cards into my binders, and reorganize my factions in my carry cases. I only got through my rebels last night, my finger tips are still sore from all the dial assembly.
  7. Ended up with a core, Rebel and Imperial Conversions, and a single X and Y wing expansion each. I'm probably leaving my scum in the dust, unsure about sequel factions. I'd planned on at least one X-wing expansion, as the generic red squadron paintjob will be a good base to add detail for Wedge's X-wing. I hadn't been planning on a new Y-wing, but after seeing the new model in person I had to get one. It's crazy how much better it is than the original.
  8. I'd rather not have X-wing cards turn into the typical space instructions for a Euro worker placement game, where I have to reference the manual to have any hope of a clue what a given thing actually does.
  9. Otacon


    Well, at least with the new release model I won't have to buy them just for upgrades, if they stick with it.
  10. I don't remember what enough of the upgrades do off the top of my head to really dive in, but my base of: Lando + Nien Nunb Wedge + Proton torps for my Battle of Endor list coming in at 158, with 42 points left to play with upgrades and other additions, seems pretty solid. Wedge getting relatively cheaper, while his ability gets relatively better* has got me excited; I can finally play him and not feel like I'm wearing an anchor around my neck. *given how evade tokens work, within range 2 just about everything is capped to at best dodge 2 damage from him now. And, more of an edge case, but even if it's just at range 3 he at least does something against 0 Agility ships now.
  11. The $80 price tag seemed a bit out there, but reading the description it includes a Core Set and a fighter expansion, so that seems more reasonable. Not surprising they have events going for it given it's early launching there.
  12. There was no E-wing in Rogue Squadron. You got to fly the V-wing air speeder in the mission against the World Devastators on Mon Calamari, and could unlock the Falcon, TIE Interceptor, T-16, and a 1969 Buick, but you never got E-wings. Unless they showed up in Rogue Squadron 3, which I never played, they don't turn up anywhere else in the series either. Rogue Squadron only flew E-wings in one of the comics.
  13. Otacon

    Happy FRI-Day

    Ouch. I have friends in the 501st, from them you really don't want to fall in one of those costumes, though for what it's worth I get the impression from the look of it that that was purpose made for being able to do that, rather than a straight up stormtrooper outfit.
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