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  1. New Article- Dark Days

    I mean, they're not going to come out and say "Our game has all these problems!" in a blog post meant to hype the game and this particular tournament series, that'd be nonsense. I'm sure they're aware, just as usual don't expect whatever change eventually comes to be very quick in doing so.
  2. What to do with wrinkled Playmats

    Also, a general note, if you're storing your FFG playmats in their boxes, do not stand them vertically, lay them on their side. That's how they get all wrinkled. If you see them displayed that way in a store, let them know they've probably ruined their mats, too.
  3. Hoth Open Final

    High level play doesn't have to be boring or un-fun. The most fun games I've played have been at GenCon and regionals. It only becomes so if the most competitive options are boring. Hence Miranda vs Miranda mirror match. There are absolutely things that can be done at the design level to alleviate that problem, the X-wing team often just seems to be too slow, or shows too much restraint, in their attempts to do so (see the U-boat and how long it took to bite the bullet on its upgrade bar, and even after all of that it still performs pretty well). I also highly doubt anyone is getting bored in a noisy stock car toping out at 200mph, regardless of how boring the typical NASCAR race can be to watch.
  4. Artificial Intelligence In X-Wing

    That's more to do with it being outside the scope of the people developing your StarCrafts and your Command and Conquers to tackle major AI research issues. Your typical video game bot or AI opponent is just a collection of scripted responses to stimuli; it can't actually think or strategize, it's purely reactionary and purely within whatever parameters the developers put down. Stuff like Deep Blue actually worked on a similarly reactive principal; you look at the current game state, then using the computational power available to construct a tree of every possible move, then every possible move after each of those moves, on and on and on for as much as you can hold in memory until you figure out which move available to you from the current board state puts you on the branch of the tree that has the most chances to win the game at the bottom. Deep Mind's tech, and modern machine learning in general, are quite a bit different. Really the game experiments like Alpha Go are just a means to an end of creating a more generalized problem solver. Go, like Chess, does have a limited possible number of board states; the difference being Go's limited number is still greater than the number of atoms in the universe. It's impossible to use the same old brute force method to solve the problem. The end goal of Deep Mind, and other outfit's research, is a set of tools that, given a set of inputs and knowledge of what the end goal is, a generic system that can solve any problem. Games are just a good test ground because they have defined rules and victory conditions, but the more serious applications are things like medical diagnoses(see also IBM's Watson bot that crushed human players at Jeopardy a few years ago).
  5. Artificial Intelligence In X-Wing

    I think you're a little behind on the state of Deep Mind's progress, the Alpha Go AI is at the point where it pretty soundly trounces the best human Go players on a regular basis. It's also worth noting, Alpha Go is actually playing Go. Chess is a 'solved' game, in that it's possible to know the absolute most optimal move in any given situation, as long as you can hold the entire possibility tree for the game in memory. That's the barrier that stuff like IBM's Deep Blue did, they didn't so much learn how to play chess as brute force the problem, checking thousands of possiblities down the tree from the current gamestate to pick the most. Despite the mechanics of Go being simpler, the variables involved in playing are way more complex, Alpha Go had to actually learn how to play, similar-ish. It observed, and has played, probably hundreds of thousands of games against itself, and against people online, starting from just the ability to randomly place stones, to get to where it is, the only thing programmed there was the learning algorithm. It's pretty crazy, most researches didn't expect AI to get to this point for a couple decades more at least. As for X-wing, I think it'll get there eventually. Really aside from starting placement on the board, as complicated as the possibility space is to us, there are only so many maneuvers each ship on the table can make, a way more limited set than the possibilities of Go, once everything is deployed and in motion. The hard part is learning card interactions. But they're working on that kind of thing. I haven't checked in a while but the Deep Mind people had a couple sub projects going where they were teaching it how to parse Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone cards. I'm not sure if they've moved onto building decks and playing yet, I'd have to go look. It's not too far from having that capability to being able to crush most people in X-wing, I'd think.
  6. This is something about the production of these movies that is baffling to me. To some extent, there's a lot of movie by committee going on, even if the the credits don't seem to indicate otherwise, because that's just how this kind of movie gets made these days...But it's crazy what's apparently going on with Star Wars. "We're going to make a new trilogy but we don't have an over-arching plan for it, we'll just let the creative team of each installment wing it" seems like such a bizarre creative choice. In a way it makes me glad Treverrow got dropped, because what has he done that was good(for certain values of good...) outside of Jurassic World, a movie that was very definitely by committee... It blows my mind that JJ and Kasden spend TFA setting up mysteries without planned solutions, and did so with no guidance or oversight from anyone. That Johnson was apparently allowed to do whatever he wanted with what they left him, and that now JJ will have to pick up from what Johnson has done for the last film. And that both of these things happened beacuse there was no outline from the start about where this story was going in even a rough sense. This is how they're handling their $4 billion dollar acquisition? Don't get me wrong, as I've said before I enjoy the film we got with TLJ, but it seems like a lot of the issues people have with it stem from Disney's bizarrely hands off approach, rather than the heavily hands on one people were initially afraid of. EDIT: I mean, it's not like the OT was exactly plotted out from start to finish, but Lucas apparently at least had a rough outline of ideas to go on for sequels.
  7. It was certainly largely fan service for the adult fans, I don't think that really translates into it being a more mature or adult movie than anything else in Star Wars.
  8. Eh? It plowed a hole roughly its size(I think? I'm not sure what the scales involved are exactly but it didn't appear that Snoke's ship dwarfed other capital ships the way the Executor did) through the big ship. As big as Snoke's ship was it's still dwarfed by the Death Star and the mon cal was obliterated in the process of getting through that one ship. You could probably punch a decent hole in something like a Death Star that way but actually killing something that size in that fashion it seems unlikely at best.
  9. Do you have a source for that? The only thing Google is giving me is this article saying the only change he requested was that it be R2-D2 that went with Rey instead of BB-8. From what I can find the ending on the island was all JJ and Kasdan.
  10. What? That's not what I was saying at all? The polling data from that article suggests that the overall feeling from an actual sample of people coming out of the theater being overwhelming positive(89% overall) vs. the decidedly more negative user take of the self reporting Rotten Tomatoes user rating seems to imply that the negative opinions are actually coming from a much smaller group than the RT numbers indicate. Which added to the box office numbers indicating ticket sales went up over the weekend seems like it shoots down the idea that the movie is somehow getting overall bad word of mouth, as the original post I was replying to was saying. That's all I was trying to say. I was very much in the minority on Rogue One(it was entertaining but not an especially great movie, Scariff was the only redeeming thing about it), so I don't have some sort of need to be in the majority. Anecdotally the group I saw TLJ with was 6 to 1 happy with it, and all of my friends I've spoken to otherwise liked it, so the hate it's getting is just a bit baffling to me, is all.
  11. I feel like you've got a word wrong in here, did you mean decrease instead of increase? If so I'm not sure where you're getting your information. This box office analysis seems to say ticket sales increased through the weekend. It also includes audience polling data further down that seems to suggest the poor reception is mainly from a very vocal minority. Regardless, as I said before I enjoyed it and that's all that really matters to me.
  12. I really don't get the hate this movie is getting, I thought it was great. It's almost like some people would prefer if we got Empire v2.0, in the vein of TFA being ANH v2.0, instead of something different. I appreciate that it wasn't what I expected going in, it was interesting where the went with things. Being the hero, or a legend in Luke's case, shouldn't be easy. Finn wants to run again, Poe tries to solve all of their problems through heroics and bravado, Lukes fails, admittedly in spectacular fashion, and tries to just fade away. In that respect the movie is somewhat similar to Empire, bringing most of the characters to their lowest point, it just takes the time in this movie to resolve their dilemmas to set up the next one. The development that mostly happens off-screen for Empire to Jedi we got in the actual movie this time. Everything with Kylo, Rey and Luke was great, the only thing I was really meh on was the horse dogs, thought not the entire sequence.
  13. Pattern analyser wtf?

    No no no, to the bolded part. Not at all correct. As has been stated many times already, all Pattern Analyzer does is move when you gain/remove stress due to manuever difficulty to after the Perform Action step. If you start the round stressed, Pattern Analyzer does nothing for you. It does not grant you Tycho's Ability. Check Pilot Stress is poorly named and doesn't do what it sounds like it does, all it does it check your maneuver's color and gives/removes/leaves alone a stress token as appropriate. So in Celestial Lion's two examples - In the first one, you get to make an action before the check pilot stress step gives you a stress token for your red manuever - In the second, you're already stressed, so you don't get to take an action whether you use Pattern Analyzer or not. If you were to make a green maneuver instead while already stressed, you would have to specifically not use Pattern Analyzer that turn, or you'd get to the Perform Action step before Check Pilot Stress removed your stress for making a green.

    Labor Day weekend. So outside the announced scope. They don't have the gaming infrastructure currently to run something like this anyway. It's gotten bigger the last few years but it's still a relatively small part of the Con.
  15. Stressbugs! New Phantom II Article

    I was going to say you were crazy until I realized I missed the 'no enemies in your firing arc' clause. I thought it seemed way too good to be true for 1 point, and it was.