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  1. This topic first popped up when they changed the rules for revealing red maneuvers while stressed. Definitely legal.
  2. I kinda was, but since you're being wrong on the internet I have to continue the topic They don't need a lot of bite when your opponent can't kill them. With Commandos you are able to push some damage through every turn, and that's enough. I found that I generally deal about as much damage as my opponent, and since I've got a lot more hp that's favourable. The main problem with running three is alpha strikes. By the time you get to shoot you're likely down to two ships, and all your opponent needs to do is kill one more to win. It's also much harder to pin down Dash, especially if he's running Burnout SLAM. Now, don't get me wrong- I'm not saying that 3 tuck lists are bad, I just disagree that they're better than 4.
  3. Why would you want to play three Auzitucks when you can play four? No, but seriously. 4 Kashyyyk Defenders with commandos is easily better than 4SR.
  4. Elavion

    Generics, why do they exist?

    How about being more specific? Let's look for 11+ hp small ship generics costing 11 points or less my goodness, they're not even on the list! Jokes aside, MA places way too much emphasis on popularity and completely disregards low occurrence lists. For example, if you manually analyse Quadzituck compared to 4SR you'll see that the first one has decent to exceptional results almost every time it shows up (literally 1 out of 14 showings with a negative W/L), whereas the latter has quite the number of very bad showings and it's performance to popularity ratio for large tournaments is average at best. Now guess which one places 34 positions higher in the ranking.
  5. Elavion

    Generics, why do they exist?

    I have to strongly disagree. There's still plenty of generics in the game that are very much able to compete at the highest level of play. Yes, there's more named pilots, but the state of generics as a whole isn't bad. Can you guess what connects the following generics? Contracted Scout Kashyyyk Defender Karthakk Pirate Glaive squadron pilot Rebel Operative Omicron Group Pilot Trandoshian Slaver Academy & Black Squadron pilots Binyare Pirate Jakku Gunrunner That's right, they all showed up in this season's major tournament* top cuts (and even won a couple!). And I probably missed a few, as I was going from my memory alone. On top of that, it's definitely not a full list of competitive generics. Lok Renevants, Syndicate Thugs and Sienar Operatives immediately come to mind. *large nationals and continentals
  6. Elavion

    Plot armour mechanics

    I have to disagree on space opera. There are some works in the genre that have nothing to do with fantasy and are actually rather hard scifi (example: "The Expanse". A great series btw) Space Fantasy is a lot closer, though mashups of scifi and fantasy that have nothing to do with space exist too (example: "Artemis Fowl") To the best of my knowledge, saga is just a name for a series of works related to each other, usually used when more than 3 or 4 movies/books/etc exist and has nothing to do with the actual content of them.
  7. Elavion

    Best Intensity Poe

    Comm relay/R2D2 by a loooooooong stretch. Regen is increadibly good in the slow burn meta we're in right now, Poetensity regenning more HP than he's worth is actually a rather common sight.
  8. Elavion

    Plot armour mechanics

    I hate to break it to you, but the Force literally is magic. And SW was never a scifi show, it's a science fantasy. And I do agree that putting magic in scifi is lazy writing in a way, but it does have it's charm.
  9. Elavion

    Can we REALLY talk about the Kimogila?

    He also doesn't need to hit to trigger the damage/token strip, just attack.
  10. Elavion

    Youngster´ s time to shine...

    Hmmmm... I'll probably consider trying Quickdraw/Backdraft/Youngster once the card is fully revealed.
  11. Elavion

    Change LRS to Fix the Meta?

    I'm under the impression you haven't been to a tournament this year -Existing JM5k builds don't have much use for LRS, but they would open up a lot of other options for them. -TLT spam very often ends up with some ships in obviously out of combat situations. Some games would easily end up with 10+ free target locks for them, and even 4 is amazing. -Party Bus always flies at PS2 (otherwise it's called differently) and cluster missiles are extremely rare on it. 9 times out of 10 it comes at the cheapest possible build of Zuckuss, Dengar, 4-Lom. Guidance Chips are usually a better fit for a VI Bossk (though in the current PS10+ meta I'd go for the TL without a second thought), but LRS is good at all those times when it doesn't want to invest points into ordnance. -EU and CM are nice on dash, but I've seen around one of each this year, and played against at least 50 Dashes with an open mod slot. They usually can't afford a high-cost modification. -We have no idea how well the new Kihraxz will perform, so buffing it before it's even released would be a tad riddiculous. the 4xHarpoon list is definitely capable of doing well.
  12. Elavion

    Am I the only one who wants this?

    HWK is very much viable. Death Rey (Rey+Jan) and Palobtanni (Palob, Fenn, Asajj) are both pretty high tier, and there's plenty of other stuff you can do with them if you get creative.
  13. Elavion

    Change LRS to Fix the Meta?

    Considering ordnance spam is one of the most meta-warping archetypes, I'd say it's a pretty bad idea. Sure, it helps underpowered ships like U-Wings and B-Wings, but it's also a free buff for Jumpmasters, Rey, 4x TLT, Dash, post-buff Kihraxz or party bus.
  14. No focus action, stress immunity, no EPT. Probably low PS, at least for the most part. I would expect them to have some actionless eyeball result mods, otherwise they'd be pretty bad. Potentially a new upgrade slot for every droid ship (like Tech for TFA+), "Protocol" for example.
  15. Elavion

    Adv(anced) Op(tics) on Poe Dameron

    VI AdvOp R2D2 if you need ps11. Intensity R2D2 Comm Relay otherwise.