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  1. Elavion

    Double EPT Resistance A-Wings Confirmed

    More than once. Both Crack Shot and Heroic are kinda bad, unfortunately (which makes me super sad, because I love the idea of heroic). I absolutely love Trick Shot on certain ships though, I usually get 2-3 dice per game from it which amounts to upwards of 2 extra damage after mods. I kinda wish FFG gave us the bad faction EPTs (Ruthless and Heroic) for free. Having them as an "it's there if you ever need it" without having to put points in them would actually be a really nice theme thing.
  2. Elavion

    Polish SOS Top16/32 lists

    Wedge's ability is mediocre- it is mathematically significantly weaker than palob's on the offense under just about every circumstances, and it doesn't offer the defensive and psychological effects that come with that. His power comes from the combination of his cheap, effective chassis and scarcity of 6es in the metagame, with countering Boba, Luke and Whisper as an added bonus. I expect his relevancy to diminish alongside all those dumb lategame 5s such as Whisper, AdvSen Guri and SR Luke once the game starts becoming saturated with relevant 6es.
  3. Elavion

    Can Real-Life Formation Tactics Work?

    There are many reasons why real life tactics have- for the most part- no place in X-Wing. For example: -Weapon Range. IRL, 1 meter of distance means a small decrease in accuracy. In X-Wing, it often means just not being able to shoot at all. This is a big factor for having a "front line" in formations. -In X-Wing, there is no risk collision during a maneuver. It is extremely common for ships to move on overlapping trajectories, especially in tight formations. -Friendly ships don't obstruct attacks. -Morale is not a factor, and value of ships is warped; A victory with a halved academy pilot left on the table is just as good as a complete wipeout (especially with FFG rearranging tournament structures to phase out advancement by MOV). -X-Wing ships generally don't get one-shot. Whether through agility dice or HP, most ships are perfectly OK with taking some fire. I'm no expert on real life air combat, but I would imagine tanking a guided missile usually isn't an option. -Obstacles.
  4. Elavion

    FFG DMCAed KeyForges TTS module, implications for X-Wing?

    They didn't crack down on the online client for l5r. Considering all the QR codes, the design etc. I'm almost positive they plan to roll out an online version of the game (they seem to be going with a very PokemonTCG-esque model where you get the digital product along the physical one), but we'll have to wait and see.
  5. Elavion

    X-wing 2nd Edition plug-in for Strange Eons

    It is not my highest priority for now, since I want to do dials and upgrade cards first. But, it is open source on github so anyone can contribute, and full art should be quite straightforward. I can give guidance to anyone who is interested implementing it.  Counterpoint: Promo templates would be valid substitutes for regular cards in every case except for when the art is particularly small (which is quite rare), but going the other way doesn't really work*. Therefore prioritizing them over standard cards would work out for both the users that want to make custom stuff and users that want to pimp their squads. * I tried, 2 hours of photoshopping just to get 1 card, not even a template On an unrelated note, Autopilot Drone has a different ship ability than the rest of the Escape Craft pilots. It might be worth it to enable ship ability textbox editing when using an existing ship template.
  6. Elavion

    FFG DMCAed KeyForges TTS module, implications for X-Wing?

    Welp, time to get a backup save for X-Wing. Juuuuust in case.
  7. Elavion

    Alternate Subtitles for Ships in Faction

    I don't care what his ability is, an I6 defender with 3 force would be completely bonkers. As far as the point cost is concerned, Vessery is priced mostly right at 88 points. That Vader would be going deep into over-hundreds.
  8. Elavion

    lets talk Kihraxz fighter

    Talonbane is in a really bad spot. He's 2 points cheaper than Soontir and Wedge who have arguably better abilities (Soontir's patches up his 1.0 vulnerability to bumping, whereas Wedge's ability is mathematically close while not being range-restricted), are piloting better ships, and most importantly- fly at PS6. If there's any hope for the Kihraxz, it's in the lower ini pilots, but literally all of them just seem overpriced next to the T-65s. They have slightly weaker dials, exchange the now-powerful Torp slot for the currently awful missile and lack S-Foils in exchange for the pretty meh illicit (which Renegade x-wings have too, btw) and almost completely irrelevant additional mod slots. (Edit: oh, and no astromech.)
  9. As per title. The PDF does list it as having 2 mods and the Rebel version has them listed correctly.
  10. This topic first popped up when they changed the rules for revealing red maneuvers while stressed. Definitely legal.
  11. I kinda was, but since you're being wrong on the internet I have to continue the topic They don't need a lot of bite when your opponent can't kill them. With Commandos you are able to push some damage through every turn, and that's enough. I found that I generally deal about as much damage as my opponent, and since I've got a lot more hp that's favourable. The main problem with running three is alpha strikes. By the time you get to shoot you're likely down to two ships, and all your opponent needs to do is kill one more to win. It's also much harder to pin down Dash, especially if he's running Burnout SLAM. Now, don't get me wrong- I'm not saying that 3 tuck lists are bad, I just disagree that they're better than 4.
  12. Why would you want to play three Auzitucks when you can play four? No, but seriously. 4 Kashyyyk Defenders with commandos is easily better than 4SR.
  13. Elavion

    Generics, why do they exist?

    How about being more specific? Let's look for 11+ hp small ship generics costing 11 points or less my goodness, they're not even on the list! Jokes aside, MA places way too much emphasis on popularity and completely disregards low occurrence lists. For example, if you manually analyse Quadzituck compared to 4SR you'll see that the first one has decent to exceptional results almost every time it shows up (literally 1 out of 14 showings with a negative W/L), whereas the latter has quite the number of very bad showings and it's performance to popularity ratio for large tournaments is average at best. Now guess which one places 34 positions higher in the ranking.
  14. Elavion

    Generics, why do they exist?

    I have to strongly disagree. There's still plenty of generics in the game that are very much able to compete at the highest level of play. Yes, there's more named pilots, but the state of generics as a whole isn't bad. Can you guess what connects the following generics? Contracted Scout Kashyyyk Defender Karthakk Pirate Glaive squadron pilot Rebel Operative Omicron Group Pilot Trandoshian Slaver Academy & Black Squadron pilots Binyare Pirate Jakku Gunrunner That's right, they all showed up in this season's major tournament* top cuts (and even won a couple!). And I probably missed a few, as I was going from my memory alone. On top of that, it's definitely not a full list of competitive generics. Lok Renevants, Syndicate Thugs and Sienar Operatives immediately come to mind. *large nationals and continentals
  15. Elavion

    Plot armour mechanics

    I have to disagree on space opera. There are some works in the genre that have nothing to do with fantasy and are actually rather hard scifi (example: "The Expanse". A great series btw) Space Fantasy is a lot closer, though mashups of scifi and fantasy that have nothing to do with space exist too (example: "Artemis Fowl") To the best of my knowledge, saga is just a name for a series of works related to each other, usually used when more than 3 or 4 movies/books/etc exist and has nothing to do with the actual content of them.