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  1. You may not need to get 3x Core Sets but it is necessary. Best option is to split the cost with a friend. If you both decide to be loyalists to a house. Heaviest investment are the 3x Core sets.
  2. Thanks for the feedback Istaril, I'm aware of all these options but still I'm hoping for commentary from Worlds and not simple cam over the table Cheers, Ivan
  3. Ooooo cool. Would love if you can point me to where I can find that coverage. Cheers, Ivan
  4. Hey FFG, With the rise of the streaming community and a tool for popularizing products I have this question. Has there been considered at this point the option to stream the bigger tournaments Worlds/GenCon to Twitch or other streaming media, similar to how Magic are streaming everything. Cheers, Ivan
  5. I think you should have contacted the TO at once if you have concerns. It is a good policy.
  6. If they do reboot and change in rules to some extend, I don't see most of our card pools being usable at all. ex. Meera may never see light of day with all her headache interactions.
  7. I don't see a reason why you can't? You can bring them with Luwin, Maege, Jeyne, At The Gates without a problem and they all search for different things in a different way.
  8. Thanks. Now I don't know if I've played it correct or wrong till now.
  9. I'm referring to the Neutral Faction. Here are the details. I play Neutral Conquest Something. I play one of the Kingdoms from hand (First out of house All houses). Will this kingdom reduce the next kingdom this round I'll have to pay all of them. This is to reference to posts #6 to #8.
  10. Does this affect the Kingdoms in the same way? If I play the first kingdom and afterwards I play the second will it be reduced or I'll have to pay the 1 gold? Cheers,
  11. The chambers are locations so I don't think you can reduce them in this way. They have the ability to be attached to a house card and become attachment only at that point.
  12. Also if you delve into the draft format of the game. The agenda allows you to use house X only cards as well but you need 5 more power. Cheers,
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