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  1. gaerithe

    SOLO, Confirmation of Imperial Army Units

    The way I always saw it, and correct me if I’m wrong, was that the Stormtrooper Corp was an independent “assault force” and only garrisoned high value facilities and openly hostile planets (aside from small units at the disposal of the local governor). The Army was the main garrison/“cleanup force”. Basically, Stormtroopers captured a planet, Army troops secured it afterwards.
  2. gaerithe

    New Rebel speculation

    How about troopers like in Rogue One? Maybe some with alien heads & alt headwear options.
  3. gaerithe

    Imperial Unit Symbolizm

    Fighting Piranha Graphics has a lot of useful insignia decal sheets that I’m probably going to incorporate into this at some point.
  4. gaerithe

    Disneyland AT-AT popcorn bucket

    So need to get one of these...
  5. gaerithe

    Playing Star Wars music while playing

    I have the orginal trilogy soundtracks & break them out all the time. The music is what sets the tone in a cinematic adventure, so run with it.
  6. gaerithe

    Opinons - 40K IG Convertability

    I would probably go with one of the alt-40k companies like Puppet’s war or Anvil Industries if I were going to use them for rebel troops. They’re usually cheaper & people won’t immediately see GW whenever you put your army down.
  7. gaerithe

    The Last Jedi Trailer

    And my ‘keep my mouth shut’ yr old wife’s list, too.
  8. gaerithe

    X-Wing is dead

    If you’re Santa Claus, we need to have a few words about Christmas 1983...
  9. gaerithe

    U-Wing & Defender Screenshots Rebels

    It's around. It's just cloaked.
  10. gaerithe

    Potential for activation abuse/cheating

    Maybe they'll give them out as a set instead of individuals?
  11. gaerithe

    Potential for activation abuse/cheating

    Great. Now I'm going to be disappointed if I don't get my official FFG Star Wars Legion PEZ dispenser...
  12. gaerithe

    Ord Mantell Board Log

    I'm working on my wife. She's coming around slowly, but she IS coming around. She plays X-Wing, but she'll only do Legion if I paint the figures for her.
  13. gaerithe

    Ord Mantell Board Log

    Hope your girlfriend gets well soon. You're making her a beautiful present. Thanks for sharing
  14. gaerithe

    Faction You Will Play?

    All of them...
  15. gaerithe

    Star Wars From a Certain Point of View

    I'm glad he DIDN'T post it there. Never would've heard of this book if he had.