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  1. ^+1 I don't think gunboat should get a canon. Yes it's called a gunboat but it's not accurate to the Tie Fighter lore. It was more a tanky missile/torpedo platform and heavy dogfighters that was near equivalent to an xwing in manuvourability
  2. Stellar. Love the mag pulse concept. I remember in the game , ships hit by them were fully disabled, movement and shooting (I think?) ... Obviously that would be a bit too harsh a penalty for this game however.
  3. Gotta say, I wasn't excited much for the new wave until I heard this podcast. Knowing the options and impact of the new units and cards is fun. The Arc I was staunchly against but would be cool alongside some YWings certainly. The new Tie SF I can't wait to field. Even the new scum ship sounds promising!
  4. You must be new or somethin' DJ Khaleddddddd Gunboat cultist , reporting in!
  5. So FFG thought it to be smart to introduce a prequel ship with NO generic pilots... But the longest and oldest thread begging for an Assault Gunboat... And we are now approaching wave 10 with NO hope of one? Ughhhhhh.
  6. What do I wish? -Gunboat -Avenger -R41 Starchaser What will we get? -another TIE -another rebel turret ship -another large base scum ship
  7. Really interesting concept. Looking forward to future updates
  8. Shoot Mine aren't in it Because I didn't write final submission or bc no dials? Next time I'll resubmit them again
  9. No, they already leaked and image of a dark, male figure in a uniform that looks kind of blue-ish. Where is that leaked photo? I havnt seen it I don't think.
  10. Shuttle Tydirium podcast crew of 4 would be good. Odd number is best for a panel however
  11. I recall the gunboat being able to carry a lot of torps. We need space bombs lol
  12. Dieter, those Y-Wing images are gorgeous! Where did you get them? Deep into google lol
  13. Working off my cell, I'll try though ya
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