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  1. To the OP'nat least in my local meta, swarms have not been an issue. It's the bros, my 2 imp firesprays has been been holding their own. I've been running : Kath Mangler Predator Gunner 50pts Krassis HLC Gunner Anti pursuit(yes, really) 50pts For brobots' you block with krassis,all kicks in, then unload on robot one with kath. His ability shuts down the advanced sensors/push the limit combo,crowding the table makes them split up, and rear arc keeps them form getting too close behind. Also four more hp dosent hurt. It makes the bros play defensively. I have not tried it against turrets yet, but the PS 7 and 5 have been enough to hold their own round here.
  2. I have recently become a huge fan of the firespray. I would love to see a large ship only illicit that allowed a second mod, similar to the royal guard tie title. Then you could throw engine upgrade and auto thrusters on it. Maybe call it "Shug's special" after mechanic Shug Ninx. Also make it unique, maybe 4 points so it stays balanced. Plus auto thrusters on 2 dice is way less overpowered than it is on ships that can use it now.
  3. These are fantastic. Have considered doing your Xwings as the aerial bots?
  4. R2Tito

    Imperial Aces

    SHINY! looks awesome in the gloss red.
  5. Digging that crane boom. Nice job.
  6. My ordinence toting firespray https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/uploads/monthly_05_2015/post-229059-0-57883900-1431485872.jpg
  7. R2Tito

    Today's project

    Thank you. It is only my second non sharpie paint job and I am quite proud of myself, I did cheat with the seams though. They were done with a fine tipped India ink pen and the grey is all the factory grey.
  8. R2Tito

    Today's project

    a customized mando-minivan, complete with heavy ordinence tubes with a patch work paint jobs meant to be different body panels salvaged from different ships it destroyed, similar to a mando warriors beskaram. Enjoy.
  9. Awesome. If you take this game too seriously stops being fun. Love the idea
  10. R2Tito

    HWK repaint

    Too dark? Nah, looks great.
  11. R2Tito

    Uploading photos.

    Was trying to avoid that, but I guess imagure is the way to go. Thanks.
  12. R2Tito

    Uploading photos.

    Has anyone else noticed or having the problem that when they upload a photo, the maximum size for uploading reduces each time? I was trying to add more photos to the mod section and the first time I did it it was 256k max(that was about a month ago and I was able to add about 6 at that size). This time it was 140k max. Then after I uploaded a photo it dropped to 18k. Or am I just a k-wing?
  13. R2Tito

    Episode 7.5?

    Disney/Pixar's X-WINGS Movie Trailer:
  14. R2Tito

    Premium Core Set

    It doesn't have to be acrylic. Plastics and even some metals are cheap(aluminum and nickel alloys for instance) to manufacture. look at a game like ticket to ride that comes with a ton of plastic train cars. FFG could easily have tokens manufactured in that type of plastic, maybe in a more sculpted relief style, color coded and with built in stands for much less than acrylics. That way you get some nicer tokens, target locks, numbers, and templates and the prize acrylics would still be desirable. Also you could pick your kit by faction which could have faction specific colors for movement templates, numbers, and faction logos on the tl. Plus you could always repaint them since thry are plastic.
  15. Such great use of stuff that most others wouldn't even think of.
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