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  1. Hello, for the card : LAY OF TWILIGHT , can we discard up 4 face down damages and 4 face down fears??? (in totality 8 cards) ???? thx All.
  2. and in order to be more precise, if the imperial squad leader is in base contact with the wall, rebels still have heavy cover. the base contact rules is not applied because : page 25 of the reference guide »» If the attacking unit leader’s base is touching a piece of terrain, that piece of terrain cannot cause a mini in the defender to be obscured, unless line of sight from the unit leader to that mini is completely blocked. in my exemple LOS from UNit LEADER IS COMPLETELY BLOCKED And other last question : speeder bike is just behind a core game barricade( provide heavy cover to troopers) . does the barricade provide heavy cover to speeder bike? i think no because base and clear peg do not matter when we check cover . speeder bike have only light cover i think from his unit card for me
  3. Hello, According to the sketch just after, stormtroopers can attack or not? ( yellow, orange and bleu are in the same unit) if YES, does rebels have cover? If NO, can you explain to me why? For me, in this case, imperial can only fire with DLT 19 but rebels have heavy cover due to the LOS blocked between the imperial squad leader and all the rebel minis. i'm not sure to read the reference guide correctly. Thx all ! thx
  4. Hello Everybody. i want to enjoy this program but when i launch KENSEIN IMPERIAL ASSAULT SKIRMISH LIST BUILDER, when i want to select a deployment card, the soft CRASH. WINDOWS 7 -64 Bit. if i import a URL from TABLETOPADMIRAL, i can see the list but when i click on a card, the soft Crash. have you got an issue for fixing thi crash? Thx a lot. (ImpAss.SkirmishListBuilder have stop running . please close program)
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