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  1. Good afternoon (or whatever your local time is there), I am running a Store Championship in a little under 2 weeks and am looking for some help from the community. While many of the issues we run into are covered in the FAQ, with the recent new releases there are some which arent. The ones that come to mind are the following: Minefield Mapper - Can I use Extra Munitions tokens and the upgrade card with Minefield Mapper? No, you may use the EM token instead of the card, but not both. U-Wing Red Stop and flip while stressed - If I am stressed a perform a red stop maneuver while I have the Pivot Wing card on the landing side, can I rotate the ship 180 degrees before performing the 2 white straight maneuver? Yes, under RAW and the timing of the card this is legal Jabba The Hut - If the ship that is carrying Jabba the Hutt is destroyed, do I remove the illicit tokens from my illicit upgrades? - No, using R2-D6 as precedent if Jabba is discarded the tokens remain. Jabba and Cikatro Vizago interaction - If an Illicit Upgrade has a token from Jabba the Hutt and the upgrade is later switched by using Cikatro Vizago, does the token become the new upgrade or is it for the original upgrade? - It remains the original upgrade (May need another review before im concrete on this) What other weird things that have come up that havent been FAQ'd am I missing? Thank you JMSWood
  2. Personally I run him with R2-D2 because then his regen isn't action dependent. Surviving a stressbot fight will do that to ya.
  3. Unfortunately Poe is better. I can show you why real quick, lets take a look at they ways we can build Poe and Corran Maneuver Poe: Poe Dameron (PS9) (33) Push the Limit (3) R2-D2 (4) Primed Thrusters (1) Vectored Thrusters (2) Black One (1) Total: 44 Attrition Poe: Poe Dameron (PS9) (33) Push the Limit (3) R2-D2 (4) Sensor Cluster (2) Autothrusters (2) Black One (1) Total: 45 Elite Corran Corran Horn (35) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire-Control System (2) R2-D2 (4) Engine Upgrade (4) Total: 46 Push Corran Corran Horn (35) Push the Limit (3) Fire-Control System (2) R2-D2 (4) Engine Upgrade (4) Total: 48 Aggressive Corran Corran Horn (35) Expertise (4) Fire-Control System (2) R2-D2 (4) Engine Upgrade (4) Total: 49 So, for less than the cost of a Corran Build I can take a Poe build. The Poe build has more health, is more maneuverable (Thanks to talon rolls), and depending n the build mitigtes a lot more damage. Not to mention the ability to strip Target Locks shutting down alpha strike attempts on Poe. Corran is a great sledgehammer. Poe is a better closer.
  4. Addedmy Round 5 AAR. It was an incredibly amazing game of X-Wing.
  5. Did this guy just ragequit his own thread?
  6. Added Round 4. Will write up the Round 5 pre-flight later today..... ohh, and we're using "infographics" now. Woot!
  7. http://gitb.weebly.com/blog/a-reply-about-the-jm5k My Reply and my regards CJ
  8. How do ya think Rebels felt with the E-Wing? Went from Holy **** an E-Wing to meh..... pretty quickly when we saw the price point, Corran was good till Ill Show you the Dark Side came up.
  9. I added Round 2, no Round 3.... work schedule sucked
  10. Problem with that though is that under the old system the modified wins score differently and can affect standings when compared to the current system
  11. Something I noticed from the picture, they are using an old version of Cryodex. Scores are a 1/0 thing, not the old 5/3/0 thing as shown on the screen there with players having 20, 16, 15, 10 points and so on.
  12. Try Poe with: PoeDameron (PS9) - PTL, R2-D2, Vectored Thrusters, Primed Thrusters, Black One Dancing Regen Poe. It is what I have been running with my Dash/Poe build to great success
  13. So, I just won my first round match in the Reddit X-Wing tournament, Follow my progress through this interesting X-Wing Vassal tournament on my blog. Blog main page - http://gitb.weebly.com/blog Tourney Overview - http://gitb.weebly.com/blog/reddit-x-wing-tournament-pre-flight-briefing Round 1 Pre-flight - http://gitb.weebly.com/blog/reddit-x-wing-tournament-round-1-pre-flight-report Round one AAR - http://gitb.weebly.com/blog/reddit-x-wing-tournament-round-1-after-action-report Round 2 Pre-flgiht - http://gitb.weebly.com/blog/reddit-x-wing-tournament-round-2-pre-flight-report Round Two AAR - http://gitb.weebly.com/blog/reddit-x-wing-tournament-round-2-aar There wont be a round 3 because my schedule at work prevented it from happening. Look out for round 4 tomorow. Round Four Pre-Flight - http://gitb.weebly.com/blog/reddit-x-wing-tournament-round-4-pre-flight-report Round Four AAR - http://gitb.weebly.com/blog/june-23rd-2017 Round Five Pre-flight - http://gitb.weebly.com/blog/reddit-x-wing-tournament-round-5-pre-flight-report Round Five AAR - http://gitb.weebly.com/blog/redditx-wing-tournament-round5-aar Round Six Pre-Flight - Coming Soon Round Six AAR - Coming Soon
  14. Im surprised no one has brought up: Poe, Intensity, R2-D2, Comms Relay, Autothrusters (Or Vectored Thrusters), Black One - 45 points Setup parallel to you home board edge, bank 1 in, boost bank 1 in, get a evade token that you can keep with comms relay, next turn 1 straight, focus, spend focus to flip card, then move to engage with an effectively 4 shield Poe. After engaging you can disengage to regen and get your evade token back again.
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