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  1. Gotcha. So one question then (and i'm not sure if this is even possible). If 2 characters are on the same space and one uses a spell to turn the other into a toad, based on what you mentioned about "not through other means such as a spell", it sounds like the player who cast the spell wouldn't be able to take anything that turn and at the start of his next turn would have to move off of that space. Appologize Uvatha for missing it in the rule book. I only gave it one quick read so far and have been setting the game up which has brought on some questions. I don't like when I miss stuff that's right in front of me! By the way, i'm having a blast painting these minis!
  2. Hi All, I'm very new to Talisman (Few days now since I opened the box) so I apologize if this is a wicked n00b question. What happens when a player attacks another player and the player defending kills the attacker? Does he get to loot something (Object, Follower or gold) or does he just deal the damage and that's it? Say he does kill the attacker in defense, the attacker leaves everything in that space so at the beginning of the defenders next turn (from my understanding of the rules) the player would NOT be able to loot and would have to roll to move off the space first, then try and get back if he/she did want to loot. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Oh I already have my eyes on the expansions! The game is awesome! I haven't brought it to my gaming group just yet (Literally just opened it and counted components), but I did set it up once and ran through to get the feel for it. That hooked me and I barley played! My kids are always interested in new games, but they are a bit young (5 and 6) but they pick stuff up quickly.
  4. That list was very helpful, thanks! The card I am missing is "Pestilence". I already filled out the form but didn't know at that time what card I was missing. I assume they will reply and I can respond with that card.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Yes I did buy it brand new, factory sealed. I am going to go through the list and see what I am missing. I noticed there were multiple "bags of golds" and certain other cards. I made sure ti count each one individually. Thanks again for the info.
  6. Hi All, I recently picked up Talisman (Been wanting it for a while!). First thing I always do is check the component list and count everything in the box to make sure it's in there. Instructions say 104 Adventure Cards and I counted 103. I counted MULTIPLE times. First time I noticed some of the cards stuck together (pretty normal thing). I counted again, and again, and again. Then broke them down into small piles of 10 each. Definitely only have 103. So, is the rulebook wrong and there should only be 103? Or is there supposed to be 104? If there is supposed to be 104, the problem is i have no idea what card I am missing. I can't find a list anywhere either. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, CJ
  7. Amazon has 2 versions of this game listed, a revised for around $37 and a DELUXE revised edition for $59.99. Curious if there is even a Deluxe revised edition because I cannot find reference to it ANYWHERE! Thanks!
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