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  1. So before I got any feedback, my pointing was as follows: 4 points of Pilot Skill: +4 points. special ability: +3 points adding EPT slot: +1 point targeting computer: -2 points remove turret 360: -6 points Essentially making it a wash.
  2. Thanks for your response. It's important to note that we are not playing the "Star Wars IP", we're just using the game system and the stats to reflect our Game Master's own Space Opera universe, which is very similar in many ways to Star Wars. That's why we can narratively justify getting rid of the turret on the Y-1300...it's not *really* a YT-1300. As our characters get money and prestige, we will be able to buy mods for the ship, like a targeting computer, lateral thrusters (barrel roll), engine upgrades (boost), other sensors (sensor upgrade slot), etc. Right now I'm trying to price it appropraitely, for the GM, so he can figure out what to send up against us without destroying us. (There is no such thing as "You are knocked unconscious" when your spaceship goes kablooey! in space.)
  3. Hello X Wing Experts: My friends and I are going to be using the XWing Mini game to supplant ship-to-ship combat in our role playing game (Savage Worlds Sci Fi). Our group is starting off with a stock light freighter (YT-1300 model/stats), with a couple exceptions: -We won't be starting with a turretted gun. Just the normal firing arc with 2 attack dice. -My character's special ability allows him to spend 2 "bennies" at any point during the activation phase (prior to his activation) to basically re-select and re-deploy his maneuver dial. Bennies are "per session" luck points...you get 3 per session and the GM can award further ones at various points, but for all practical purposes this is an ability he'd be able to use once per night -My character's pilot skill will be 5. -We won't start with a targeting computer. So I'm basically trying to determine what the model point cost would be. Take an Outer-Rim Smuggler (27 pts) -add 4 points of Pilot Skill (+4 points?) -add the special ability, above (+? pts) -add an EPT slot (+? pts) -remove the 360 degree turret ability (- ? pts) -remove the Targeting Computer (-? pts) Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks Trustybroom. In fact this is/has been my entire point/suspicion all along. I first started playing XWing with Rebels, and got my ass kicked....a lot. And I looked at TIE F vs. X Wing and/or Squints vs. X Wings and I thought...how is this balanced? Rebels take X Wings because they don't have a better option to fulfill that squadron niche (whatever it is/means to that individual player). Imperials disregard TIE Advanced because they have much better options to pick from. But I hear what others are saying about the need for firepower more than agi. I get that Firepower = better than Agi. But I'm curious if the Advanced's action bar makes up for that. I'll have to play it to make up my mind for myself. Edit: I just did a chart that proves out how much more swiftly the 3 gun vs. 3 agi defeats 2 gun vs. 2 agi. The long and short of it; an X Wing and a Tie Advanced, shooting it at out at range 2 of one another, with no nothing else, just upgrades. The X Wing destroys the Tie Advanced in 13.5 rounds, the Tie Advanced shoots down the X Wing in 20 rounds. That really solidifies for me how much of a difference it is.
  5. I have a question/observation for all those who feel the TIE Advanced is lacking. Now I'm still somewhat of a nubcakes for Star Wars. been playing about 2 months now, and only been flying Imperials half that time. I didn't even own a TIE Advanced until this last weekend and I have not flown one yet. So all of this is merely theorycrafting. I look at the TIE Advanced and I see basically an X Wing. It's gun/agi are reversed, but in the scheme of flying against opposite faction, it seems like this is a wash. -Hull and Shields are identical. -Missiles and Torpedos are pretty close to one another in terms of upgrades, though I'd give a slight favor to missiles. -Modifications are modifcations. -The X Wings get Astromechs, but the Advanced gets two additional actions on its bar which it doesn't have to pay extra for. -Manevuer dial is almost identical. X gets the green 1 but Tie gets the white 5. I'd call it a wash, but for my playstyle I think I like the Advanced dial a little better. So my question is, if the TIE Advanced is not balanced (read: underpowered) (which it seems the community at large agrees to), can it not also be said that the X Wing is likewise? (I'm leveraging this conversation as a means by which to support my own feeling, since I started, that the rebels are at a slight disadvantage with respect to their ships) I guess in the broader sense, i just mean that it seems one cannot say the Advanced is {insert opinion here} without saying the same about the X Wing. If that's not the case, then why?
  6. I was wondering this too. The photo looks like both TIEs and X's have two different formation stands available. In one of htem they are in a single line, the other is kind of a V shape. I wonder if that's just aesethics or of formations will have some impact.
  7. Well thanks for the info. It didn't matter as rebels lost with about 4 moves left to the edge of the opposing game board. I'll post an official write up at some point.
  8. Playing this mission later tonight. Can't wait.
  9. I don't think it's fair that Imperials have 50% more ships in play than Rebels do.
  10. I can absolutely support this, because I am absolutely one of the aforementioned "poor" players that KO is referring to. (Whether or not he knows it).
  11. Tonight I play the final mission of the Tantive Campaign. I'll be playing Rebels, my friend is Imperials. I won the first game, and then he shallacked my ass in the following 2 missions. It was pretty sad. So, I will have CR90 plus 1 free upgrade, plus 100 squad points. He'll have 240 points spread across 4 groups. He'll also have 4 "charges" for the asteroids, as well as 5 "scopes" for deploying his forces. For me to win I need to destroy enemy forces or run off the long edge of a 6' play area. Here's my basic strategy: 1. I'm going for a "run away" list. 2. To that end, I think I'm going to skirt the CR90 down one side of the map and refuse a flank. 3. Biggs will fly on the inside of the CR90 (between the edge of the map and the CR90, with about, literally, 1 CM on either side of him, but roughly in the middle/halfway point of the CR90 (where the blue line is). 4. The basic idea will be to force fire on Biggs, but through the CR90 it will grant 3 bonus agi dice (see below). 5. A turreted ship will cover the rear of the CR90, and possibly another ship in front of Biggs to protect the front. All that being said, here's the basic list I'm thinking of using: CR90 (15 upgrade points) -quad lasers (0, free uprade) -engineering team (4) -tibanna gas supplies (4) -dodonna's pride (4) -em emitter (3) Biggs + R5 (26) To take attacks off the CR90 and other escort ships. Dutch + R2D6 + Draw their Fire + Ion cannon (30) - covers CR90 rear blindspot, helps with TL, and offloads crits from Biggs and CR90 to himself. Dagger Squad + Ion Cannon, + Bwing Crew + Nien Nunb (29) Ionizes ships in front, laugh as CR90 squishes them, and general forward facing firepower. Nien nunb because the whole team will be moving fast, and we might need to do some 4^ green maneuvers. I've done multiple versions of this same theme, including Biggs + Lando, etc. But the basic gist is usually the same. Biggs provides his usual deal, put a turreted ship in back of the procession to cover the CR90's rear blindspot and another ship in the front to discourage anyone from attacking the front. All small ships are protected by CR90's EM Emitter, except being shot in absolute front or back. "Draw their fire" is to take hits off of the CR90 and/or Biggs. Procession would look something like this: | --------------- | B [ ] | [ ] | X [ CR90 ] Direction of travel = ^ | [ ] | Y [ ] | [_________]
  12. I'm a very new player to this game, having played around a dozen games in the last 2 weeks. It's funny because my buddy and I got into this at a time when most of you were veterans, and have had every ship available to us, so to speak, all at the same time. Because we are both working professionals, we basically went out and bought 2+ of every ship out there. The last 2 weeks for me have been like cramming for finals, trying to understand every ship, every pilot, every upgrade, and of course the rules themselves, and how to get them to work. I quickly learned that having a turreted ship was fun, but by no means an insta-win. I also did learn, as some anti-turreters have pointed out, that relying too much on turrets would make me a poor pilot. I have since tried to limit my turreted ships to a max of 1 per game, not because I feel they are "OP", but because I don't want to overly rely on them and not learning to fly in order to win and get good at the game. Right now I'm flying almost always 1 (and only 1) turreted ship, but that's less because TURRET and more because I like the idea of support ships, for which the turret just seems like a natural fit (Dutch, Jan, Kyle, Roark).
  13. If a small ship has an asteroid and something else, like CR90 or GR75 in the way, does it get multiple obstacle bonus defense dice?
  14. Yeah, I understood that part, but thanks for the confirmation. Let me ask you a more nuanced question, though, since I have some experts here. Imagine a CR90 equipped with (among other things): Sensor Team (TL at Range 1-5), a Weapons Engineer (can maintaing 2 TL's) and a Targeting Coordinator (acquire TL and then give the blue token to a friendly ship at range 1-2). You also have Dutch in your squad. 1. With the CR90, during the Energy Phase, you allocate energy and spend 1 Energy to use your Targeting Coordinator (not an action). 2. You then pick 2 targets at up to Range 5, and get a TL on both of them. 3. You then give one of your blue TL tokens to Dutch. 4. Does Dutch's ability now activate? (when you acquire a target lock, choose another friendly ship at range 1-2, they may acquire TL). At a glance the answer might seem like "yes", but under careful examination I'm not so sure. It seems that "acquire a target lock" is a distinct phrase with a specific and explicit meaning. Is Dutch, in this scenario "acquiring a target lock" or just receiving a blue TL token?
  15. Toryn has a lot of problems though: -He's expensive -Requires an ACTION to use. -Requires as many energy tokens as you want to affect. -Only works at range 1-2 Since the CR90 is pretty predictable and activates last, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to get your targeting locks in at range 3. Some of your bombers will come in to range 2; let Toryn have at them. He wastes an action and energy to do so. Any action and energy he's wasting on removing targeting locks (and the MOST he can do that with is 4), which will leave him starved. Again it's all about energy management. The small number of points you need to shut down the CR90, by comparison to it's cost, just makes it a non-threat. And then there's always Ion cannons on the more expensive stuff, which don't need TL.
  16. Having played the CR90 in the campaign, I can tell you it's relatively easy to shut down. The three main weaknesses are: 1. Useless main gun against your smaller ships. 2. Enormous blind spot, both front and rear. 3. Energy starvation. Let's start with the main gun. That range 5, 4 attack main gun might seem scary. If you consider you're always going to be rolling at least +1 and as many as +3 agi dice against it, you really shouldn't let it affect your psychology too much. Most Imperial ships are going to be rolling at least 4 and as many as 6 agi dice. Depending on where and how you fly, he might get in 2 rounds of shooting before you are under his range minimum. Once you get under the 3 range, you're in it's blind spot unless it's got secondary weapons equipped. But even if it does have secondary weapons, you got a blind spot in the front and a blind spot in the back. The back blind spot goes out forever, since the main gun really has only 270 degree firing arc. So unless the CR90 pulls a crazy ivan, you can just follow behind it and beat the crap out of it's aft section. Doing 11 (8h+3s) damage at range 1 and virtually no agi dice is not that hard. But even if you are not in the blind spot, which is to say, in the broadside gun range for secondary weapons, the CR90 still has some problems to manage, and the foremost of these is energy. Consider that in any given turn the max amount of energy that the CR90 can generate is 4; 3 from the maneuver and another +1 from the engineering team if he moves straight ahead. With Ion weapons, that's pretty easy to starve out. Let's take Captain Jonus + 2 Tie Bombers, all with 2 Ion Pulse Missiles; that's 6 attacks each hitting down 2 energy. You've starved off 12 energy, which if it generated max energy is 3 complete rounds of uselessness (no energy means to secondary attacks, no reinforcing shields, no special crew affects, and no pumped up primary weapon), and you did it for a little more than half the cost of a beefed up CR90 in epic squad play, leaving you an abundance of points to deal with the rest of his fleet. If you want more sustained (and varied) Ion damage, throw in a Defender, Firespray or Lambda with an Ion cannon.
  17. Ummm...ok. It just says on page 9 of my X Wing rule book "Ships with [icon] in their action bar may perform the ACQUIRE A TARGET LOCK action...." I'm honestly not sure what you're trying to convey.
  18. another way I like kitting out Dutch is to give him R2-D6 + Draw their Fire. I usually run this with Biggs. The opponent is forced to shoot at Biggs, and I can extend his life a little bit longer by soaking up a couple crits from Biggs. He comes in at 30 points, but serves 3 purposes: Ion turret carrier, TL squad buffer, and Biggs life extender.
  19. I like running Dutch behind Biggs with draw their fire and ion cannon. He spams target locks, covers flanks/rears and soaks crits for Biggs, all at 30 points.
  20. Wow thanks ixdta39, that's great to know! (about performing same action only once per round). I did know the bit about Dutch only being able to lock on to a different ship. Related question: If an ability, or synergy of abilities, gives you the opportunity to acquire a target lock more than once per round (not necessarily by using the "Acquire Target Lock Action" then that is legal to get more than one target lock per round, right?
  21. I think I agree with Tiltowait. Biggs is there for tanking. R2-F2 is great, but you have to commit Biggs' action to it in order to take advantage of it. None of your other ships really synergize to grant free actions, so I'd probably have Biggs always focusing, so he can use it for defense, if necessary, or offense, if he doesn't use it defensively. So I'd like to recommend replacing R2-F2 with either: R5-P9 (spend focus token to recover 1 shield). If you don't need your focus token with Biggs, you can restore a shield or R2-D2 (after executing green maneuver, recover 1 shield) Honestly I'd probably go with R2-D2 since Biggs will most likely use his focus token either defensively or shooting. I'm not a big fan of Intelligence Agent, so I'd take that off the BWing and either go with the FCS as someone mentioned or a Flechette Torpedo to throw onto a Phantom if you run across one. (how did you manage to get an Intelligence agent on your Bwing anyway?)
  22. Why can't Dutch do his TL action twice in a round? I realize he can't maintain 2 TLs per round, but he can do the action twice right?
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