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  1. If it was deliberate and without justification, yes. Anakin has only really one big bad event before he falls. He slaughters the Tuskens. Then he spends a while being the hero of the Republic and mostly doing his best to be a Jedi. Then he murders Dooku and finally doesn't save Windu. That's one mass murder, one individualI'm going to be watching Star Wars at midnight on Tuesday Night/Wednesday 16th morning. Want to come along? one and one murder by inaction. All of which could arguably be ameliorated a little by justification. I am honestly confused by the suggestion that falling to the Dark Side should be harder. The whole moral philosophy of Star Wars is that evil is easy and good is hard.
  2. If your players are committing flat out mass murder then I don't see what slow temptation they could possibly need. They should be well into the Dark Side already. That is flat out unarguably evil.
  3. This is the main way I play. The current cycle and the first one means that we can play the most dramatic battles in A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. The next cycle sounds like it will do the same for Return of the Jedi. You've asked "why can't we just put a deck together and have fun with it." There is no reason we can't. There never has been. Either get a buddy on board or bring a few thematic decks from both sides along to game night. This game is hugely thematic and has a lot of character. The fact that Jedi are so powerful currently is one of the things I find most disappointing about this game because it means we don't see more interesting stuff in tournaments. Then again, last time around it was Smugglers, so we've never really had a space for interesting decks.
  4. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/24742/cold-war-cia-vs-kgb Here is the game you should be looking at. This is a retheming of an old slightly successful game. FFG did the same with Game of Thrones: Intrigue recently. The original game doesn't deserve be mentioned in the same breath as the new LCGs.
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