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  1. If you are playing standard tournament format (200 pts) I would keep a few of the focus and evade tokens. For green tokens, the conversion kits only come with the calculate tokens, no focus or evade. I would keep all of them so each ship in your collection has access to them but when playing 200 pts. you would only need <10 depending on what you’re bringing
  2. Yes! I really like that versatility and combo. Thanks, @theBitterFig!
  3. I really like the idea of Rey being on Norra but I think Ahsoka with VI and Rey might be better for what I want to do. As for the Sheathipede, I currently do not have one but it is on my to-buy list. For the moment, I might try to do: Ahsoka with VI, Rey, Sabine's Masterpiece and Captured TIE Norra with everything + Kyle Katarn Wullffwarro with Expertise (to take care of focus for offense), Jan Ors, Jyn Erso (using Jan Ors to change those focus into evades) and Targeting Computer (for those pesky red die blank results)
  4. Recently got the Auzituck Gunship and wanted to increase its defensive capabilities. Here is something that I put together: Wullffwarro (30)---------------------Once shields are gone, his firepower increases further Juke (2) -------------------------------- Will give me greater offensive capability when I have an evade or two Jan Ors (2) ---------------------------- Depending on Lando result, Jan could convert one of the focus to an evade Lando Calrissian (3) --------------- I know that there is a chance that I will roll two blanks but it's a 1/64th chance (if I am doing it right) Experimental Interface (3) ------ After reinforcing, Wullff will Lando Ahsoka Tano (27) ------------------ Once Combat starts, after Wingman kicks in, Ahsoka will use her ability to give Wullff another free action Wingman (2) ------------------------ Will help with removing Wullff's stress from EI Sabine's Masterpiece (1) -------- Will allow me to carry Recon Spec Captured TIE (1) ------------------- Prevents Ahsoka from being a target (since she is the most vulnerable) Recon Specialist (3) --------------- Gives Ahsoka a focus to spare on Wullff and, should she be the last ship or I need to use her for a killing blow, it gives her a fighting chance Norra Wexley (29)------------------Because some will try to avoid Wulff, I think Norra can hold her own for a bit. Definitely make sure she either hangs back, flanks the enemy force, or acts as decoy Push the Limit (3) -----------------Allows her to focus/target lock, or focus/barrel roll R2 Astromech (1) ------------------Gives her more options to get rid of PTL stress Alliance Overhaul (0) -------------Title is pretty much a given Vectored Thrusters (2) -----------Gives her more maneuverability to arc dodge In best case scenario, the Auzituck can have 7 evades (2 Lando, 1 Reinforce, 1 Focus into evade from Jan, 1 Range 3, 1 Obstacle, 1 Normal Agility) Worst case, I only have 2 (1 reinforce, 1 Focus into evade) but it's still a lot of health to punch through I am sacrificing some firepower, given that Ahsoka will not be firing until the late game. However, the defensive capabilities on the Auzituck will help absorb the hits that I will be getting and I will prepare for Norra being targeted first by either forcing my opponent to split their forces, or by maximizing her offensive power. The only three things my list is prone to is spread damage (Assault Missiles, Saturation Salvo, etc), stress-giving ships (though I have a few green maneuvers) and lists that all have 8-9 pilot skill ships, though I can still use Ahsoka as a blocker if that is the case. Let me know what y'all think and how this list can be improved or if it's complete trash. Whatever your opinion, let me know the reason behind it and how it can be made better. Thanks
  5. True. But back then Artoo didn't exist as crew
  6. 1. Aimed where enemy ships were, not where they were going 2. I performed the same action twice on Soontir multiple times during a game (boost, boost or b-roll, b-roll) 3. Ran two ships off the board (different games) 4. Was about to win when I proceeded to place the wrong dials to ships. The maneuvers were the intended ones, I just placed the Interceptor dial next to Vader and the TIE Advanced dial next to Lt. Lorrir (I know, that it's own kind of mistake). Once it was activation time, I realized what I had done and we followed through on what I had placed on the right dials. Lost the game soon after lol Best for last: On my fifth game, a friend of mine put R2-D2 on a B-Wing (it was his second game). I looked at his list before we started and went, "seems legit". Never made touched the hull the entire game. Wasn't until after the game was over that we noticed the tiny detail that astromechs don't fly in gyroscoping ships.
  7. Then perhaps make it so that it says (-2 points to a minimum of 0)?
  8. I know that FFG is out of stock and the usual places (Amazon, MiniatureMarket, etc) are out of stock on the TIE Striker too. I also know that reprints and having things shipped over take a long time. What are y'all's estimates on when they will be back on stock?
  9. If you plan your move to not end within Range 1 of the Bombs, your Y-Wing should be good. It does not detonate until after every ships has activated so you measure for Range once you've moved/done actions with all the ships. And if your Falcon ends up in Range 1 at the end of the Activation Phase, then yes, it gets Ionized. Bombs do not tell friend from foe.
  10. I have been an Imperial player since the beginning but I have played Rebel lists multiple times and had a blast. However, I really like outmaneuvering my opponent with fast and nimble ships and I feel that I can do that better with the Empire. I own only Imperials and Rebels because when I started, those were the only two factions. I wanted to have enough for both myself and someone who did not have any X-Wing stuff. I also wanted both sides to be on equal footing in terms of options. By the time Scum came out, I already had quite a substantial number of Empire and Rebel ships. To bring Scum up to speed, I would have to invest even more money on building an entire new faction from the ground up. Being a college student, my budget would not be able to support such an endeavor haha. I highly respect Scum and I never ignore its potential. Heck, I even recommended it to a friend who recently got into X-Wing and he comes up with some good stuff. To defeat one's enemy, one must know one's enemy. Still, I love how the Empire ships look and fly, with the Rebels being a close second and Scum being a respectable third.
  11. Yeah, that's a better option. I confused the ability of Autoblaster Turret with Blaster Turret's ability, where you have to spend a Focus for the attack. Not being able to cancel those results, especially on low health TIE Phantoms, can be brutal.
  12. They're definitely more than "one trick Ponies", but the descriptions by Meadbeard above are what they specialize in or what they're known for.
  13. Instead of an Ion Turret, have you tried using the Dorsal Turret instead? I've gone up against it and it's a pain. Definitely discourages people from getting into Range 1 of your Ghost from any angle.
  14. Before getting into the competitive aspect of the game, you'll need to focus on what you like to fly. Also, your budget will determine what expansions to get and in what order. I say start with the Original Core Set (Luke Skywalker starter). Then get some games where you fly both the X-Wing and the TIE's. This will give you an estimate on what you like. This is important because if you like your list, it'll be easier to learn how to use it. If you like fast and maneuverable ships, you can start getting TIE Interceptors. Or if you want to try turrets, the Falcon is a classic. While the 3 factions share similar characteristics, they have their own distinct style. Empire places importance on higher numbers and nimble ships. The Rebels like their regeneration abilities and like to work together. The Scum is all about tricks and trolling your opponent. The recommendations given above are pretty good. Just remember to be patient; you won't get good at X-Wing overnight. Enjoy the process and if any questions come up, don't be hesitate to ask!
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