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    SithSinner reacted to Parravon in Bomb template protrusions?   
    The bomb template guides count for hits. The ship guides don't count for range measurement, but do count for overlaps. Go figure!
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    SithSinner reacted to Cptnhalfbeard in Two GR-75 Damage Decks   
    Yes you can have 2 of them in an epic squad
    Yes, each ship would use its own separate damage deck.
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    SithSinner got a reaction from Marinealver in R7 Astromech, Re-rolling Twice   
    Ok thanks, I see it now. "If the attacker and defender both have abilities that can modify attack dice, the defender resolves all of his abilities before the attacker." R7 seems like a really good card then, especially if you run it with Tarn Mison
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    SithSinner reacted to dbmeboy in Decloaking with Advanced Sensors   
    He was asking a different question...@SithSinner - Yes, you cannot decloack, adv sensors cloak, decloack because abilities can only be used once per triggering condition. To the best of our understanding, that prevents decloacking the 2nd time off of the "before you reveal your dial" trigger.
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    SithSinner reacted to Conandoodle in Don't Hassle the Hoth   
    For me .. this is porn. Well done sir!

    I recall that kit form my younger years. How many did you buy? Also, if memory serves me correctly, you might be able to convert the x-wings (their s-foils are down yeah?) into Z-95s if you so desired.

    Yes .. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you have done!
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    SithSinner got a reaction from sunevora in high agility value vs high hull/shield value   
    Well said, I would have to agree with this. It really all boils down to what type of attack is coming at you. For example cluster missiles is a very good attack against ships with no agility dice, because you get 6 dice basically against their 0. While advance protons torpedos are extremely effective against high agility ships. This is why personally I am a fan of ships like the Firespray-31, it has resilience to both high and low attack values.
    I also am curious about the effectiveness of focus vs evade actions depending on your agility value. For example I find that focus can actually be more beneficial in defense than an evade if you have 3, 4 or more agility dice because you have the ability of getting more than one evade result with the focus. I think this also depends though on the attack coming at you. Against low attack dice I think the evade is the better bet because you will most likely not need more than one evade result. However against high attack dice, the focus is better because you need all the evade results you can get. One last thing worth mentioning I think is that it is always possible to get more evade results with a evade token because it adds the result to your dice pool, so if you rolled all evades on your dice you would get those plus the evade token to exceed the amount of evades you could get with just a focus.
    I would be very interested in reading your article about the statistics, this kind of stuff fascinates me
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    SithSinner reacted to sunevora in high agility value vs high hull/shield value   
    No, it was the stock model, no upgrades.
    With your second comment, I wholeheartedly agree. The dial and the player's ability to use it defensively in a game situation to dodge arcs is nothing we can easily crunch the numbers on. But the topic of this thread was to assess the static defensive capabilities of ships (hit points and agility) and this is something we can, in fact, do mathematically.
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    SithSinner reacted to Lagomorphia in high agility value vs high hull/shield value   
    Yeah, I remembered that wrong. The quote was
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    SithSinner got a reaction from DraconPyrothayan in high agility value vs high hull/shield value   
    Very true, I have had Soontir one shoted even when I had a evade and 2 focuses and on the other hand I have had games when my opponent could never kill Soontir. However ships like the Falcon have a very predictable life span.
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    SithSinner reacted to Hrathen in high agility value vs high hull/shield value   
    Like Sith Sinner said, If you have lots of low atack dice attacks it is better to have more agility, because you get your agiility dice against every attack. Examples, Cluster Missiles, TIE Fighters, A-wings.
    If you are fighting fewer ships that have more attack dice, it is more to your advantage to have more hull/shields. A single agility dice will only cancel about 1/2 hit per attack.
    If you are fighting rebels (their fleets are mostly YT-1300, X-wings, B-wings) I think lower agility/higher hull/shields is preferable.
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    SithSinner reacted to DraconPyrothayan in high agility value vs high hull/shield value   
    If you have lots of HP, you have very low variance.
    If you have lots of Agility, you have higher variance.
    A ship with 16 HP and 0 agility is very predictable in its survivability.  It will last a certain number of turns of concentrated fire. No more, and no fewer.
    A ship with 3 HP and 3 agility is very unpredictable in its survivability. It could easily be 1-shot, but it could also easily last 10 rounds of concentrated fire.
    The Phantom and the Defender are both odd ducks.
    The Phantom's cloaked agility is such that it surpasses the inherent superiority of 3 attack dice, and with 4 hp is very unlikely to be 1-shot anyway.
    The Defender with High Agility, and Mid-HP clearly has a survivability bonus. However, it costs so much that we are having difficulty figuring out if it's got a good Survival-Damage-Cost ratio.
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    SithSinner reacted to sunevora in high agility value vs high hull/shield value   
    The survivability of a ship depends not only on its agility value and hit points (shield plus hull) but also on the kind of attacks it is submitted to. As for the example of the VT-49 and the B-Wing, they are not even close to being similar in terms of durability.
    Generally, averages are not a great statistic to look at when trying to determine how sturdy a ship ultimately will be. Even when you take the associated variances into account as well, you will easily get a wrong picture because the underlying distributions are not normal. In order to understand what is going on when ship A attacks ship B, you have to use the full probability mass functions for A's attack rolls (optionally including focus and target lock) and B's defense rolls (optionally including focus and evade tokens). These can then be combined to get the full probability mass function of this one damage exchange, and multiple of these can be convolved to see how a ship holds up under sustained fire and how many attacks it takes to bring it down.
    This is what we are interested in when we are asking about a ship's defensive capabilities.
    The math involved is not very advanced but still tricky to do by hand because the attack PMFs alone are four-dimensional; and convolving four-dimensional functions on paper is not my idea of fun (I am a computer scientist, however, and writing code that does exactly that for me just so happens to be my idea of fun).
    So, here's a bit of data for you:
    Let's look at unmodified attack and defense rolls for a moment, and let's pretend we have the matchup that was mentioned above, a B-Wing fighting a VT-47 (it is a nice example because if we assume range 2 all the time and assume that both can shoot every turn they do have the same attack).
    With the method outlined above we can calculate how many attacks the B-Wing needs to destroy the VT-47 with at least 50% probability (we could also use any other percentage as a cutoff, but 50% seems a useful bit of information). It turns out that we can expect the VT-47 to withstand an average of 11 unmodified 3-dice attacks before it will go down in half the cases.
    Vice versa, we can only expect the B-Wing to eat up an average of 7 unmodified 3-dice attacks before it's gone with at least 50% probability.
    Simply speaking, the VT-47 can take significantly more of a beating than a B-Wing and this is reflected in its cost. (As a side note: when normalizing these values over the cost of the ship they are almost the same again).
    If you have a look at the fully expanded probability tables you will notice a (fully expected) trend:
    Ships with less agility but more hull are sturdier against fewer but higher-quality attacks with many red dice.
    Ships with more agility but less hull are sturdier against more but lower-quality attacks with less red dice.
    A cloaked TIE-Phantom (4 evade, 4 HP) can take an average of 5 attacks from an unmodified HLC (4 red dice) before it goes down with >50% probability. At the same time, it can be expected to withstand 16 unmodified A-Wing attacks (2 red dice).
    A Lambda Shuttle (1 evade, 10HP) can take an average of 6 attacks from the same HLC but will fall to the A-Wing in half of the cases after 14 attacks.
    To sum things up:
    1) High Agi / low HP are not at all same-ish as low Agi / high HP. They are very different defensive profiles and have different strengths and weaknesses depending on your opponent's offensive capabilities and plan of attack.
    P.S.: I may be writing an in-depth article on statistics and the defensive capabilities of all ships if anyone is really interested in the math stuff.
    P.P.S.: The most efficient ship in terms of defense for its cost is... the TIE-Bomber
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    SithSinner reacted to Dagonet in Bring Out the Big Guns! Wave 5 announcement   
    Put this in a Phantom and smoke it.
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    SithSinner reacted to SableGryphon in Expose + Structural Damage + 1 base agility + range 3 = how many agility?   
    I still like:
    Biggs + R2F2 + Stealth Device + Shot through Em Emitter + Range 3. Good luck hitting him.
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    SithSinner reacted to Qapla187 in Looking for casual leagues or tournaments near Battle Creek, MI   
    Well I can think of three places within an hour or so. Oddessey Games in KZoo, Big Kidz Games in GR and Out of the Box in Zeeland. The first two ran Imdaar and I recall Oddessey talking about starting up a game night.
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    SithSinner got a reaction from DraconPyrothayan in Stacking Weapons Engineers   
    Sorry I meant to say targeting coordinator not recon specialist
    The base CR90 has one copilot in the fore and one in the aft, and the tantive IV title gives your +1 to your fore. For a total of 3. However you do get up to 4 "teams" with the tantive IV title, which doesn't make a lot of sense because there are only 3 team cards (so far).
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