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  1. Does any know what happened to the support page you could go on for PDFs of rule books, FAQ and more. It was a long list of FFG games, including some that were out of print. It included stuff like x-wing, gears of war and Tannhauser. It seems FFG games redid their website and now I can't find it. A explanation on how to find this page on the FFG site or a direct link would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Is it acceptable to use huge ships in any missions because it is technically not 100 point standard play? or can you only use them in missions that already include huge ships (like running a GR-75 in one of the missions that came with the CR-90)? or can you not use them at all, unless the mission specifically says it is part of your force? Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. I think your correct, a reinforce token is not a evade token. Thus it can be used against the homing missiles.
  4. I am also curious how cluster missiles works with munition failsafe. If one one the attack is successful does that mean you discard the card, or do both of the cluster missile attacks have to be successful discard the card? Thanks
  5. With Lieutenant Blount and Ion Pulse Missiles, Blount causes a missile attack that misses to hit thus causing the attack to deal a damage, triggered from the missiles effect. I'm also curious how a munitions failsafe plays into this, because it says unless the attack hits, which technically it didn't at first until the missiles effect played. My interpretation of these cards is that Lieutenant Blount causes the missiles to basically be a guaranteed one damage and two ion tokens, completely regardless of attack or agility dice that are rolled. Munition failsafe then becomes pointless since the attack cannot miss. Is this logic correct?
  6. All four of the arcs get this bonus? or just the arcs that are on the section (fore or aft) that the card is equipped to?
  7. How does tactician work on a CR-90?
  8. If you are using two GR-75's in a epic battle, first of all is this legal? Seems to me it is because they are only 2 epic points and you can have up to 5 epic points, and as far as I can tell they are not unique ship (but their titles are unique). Second, does each ship retain its own personal set of damage decks, so you will have a total of 4 damage decks (not including the regular damage decks for small and large ships) consisting of ship 1 aft, ship 1 fore, ship 2 aft and ship 2 fore?
  9. Is this because of the you can only use an ability once per opportunity rule?
  10. If a tie phantom has advanced sensors, can I choose whether I want to decloak before I use AS or use AS before I decloak, since they both should activate at the same time.
  11. Wow, just wow! I've been wanting to do this ever since I started playing x-wing. Keep up the good work, I expect to see a battle report in the future!
  12. Ok thanks, I see it now. "If the attacker and defender both have abilities that can modify attack dice, the defender resolves all of his abilities before the attacker." R7 seems like a really good card then, especially if you run it with Tarn Mison
  13. Twelve basic tie phantoms, sigma squadron pilots, equating to 48 attack dice a turn. Fly them in a swarm and I don't feel like anything could stand up to that. That could easily destroy a CR-90 in 1-2 turns. Only problem is buying twelve tie phantoms
  14. Is this sequence in rule book somewhere?
  15. With the new R7 Astromech how does this card play out because I know in the rules it specifically says you cannot re-roll a dice twice. So does this mean you can only choose the dice they did not re-roll after they have modified their dice or does it mean you get to choose the dice before they modify their dice and then they can’t spend their target lock on the dice picked. I guess this could also be seen as an exception to the re-roll dice twice rule and you can re-roll them twice with the R7. I would say it means you can only pick the dice they did not re-roll after they modify their dice because it says "when defending." Any ideas?
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