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  1. Ok so here's the scenario: An ISD has 1 starboard shield, 1 front shield, 0 port and 0 aft. Norra Wexley is activated and rolls up into the ISD's starboard side (1 shield) and rolls a hit/crit on the black die. The Imperial player spends the redirect token (and only that token). My interpretation of results: -Norra's ability triggers, taking down the Starboard shield to 0 -Redirect damage sends 1 damage to the front shield -1 damage is remaining, which the ISD suffers to hull (not a crit though, since Norra used her crit for her ability) My Opponents interpretation of results: -redirect sends 1 damage to front and 1 damage to side. -since there are no shields left to take down, Norra's ability is wasted. -no damage dealt to the ISD.
  2. Yes, hence why I don't support any of the proposed changes (notwithstanding, I don't agree with the OP's original argument which is that this game result is actually a problem). You might as well just rename the game to "CR90w/EngineTechs-mada"
  3. Yes. I don't understand the relevance, which is why, 2 posts ago, I asked what argument you were attempting to support with the Raddus/Hyperspace Assault illustration. I'm not trolling you here, Gink, I just really don't understand what you're trying to say.
  4. Umm...If they are going faster than speed 1, yes, they escape.
  5. There is. It's called: -deploy properly. -have a fleet that has a solution to late game runners. -use squadrons that can move and shoot.
  6. I don't ever want to become a curmudgeony "Get off my lawn" / Gatekeeper type, but if (and I sincerely stress the *IF*) that's a change your actually arguing for, I would oppose it vehemently.
  7. Which side of the discussion is this meant to support, Gink? Because in both of those instances, the Hyperspaced-in ship will not be going first (ie, there's a chance for the opposing player to first move his ship that would otherwise be getting nailed in the tukus), which still potentially presents the chase problem for the Hyperspacing-in player.
  8. Of course. I've been on the giving and receiving end of a runaway ship. That's how it goes. I absolutely do not want Armada to become a reactionary game, and this kind of talk is the first step towards that. If I had my druthers we wouldn't even have the Demolisher title in the game, but I suppose one "thing" in the game to shake up the meta is ok. Part of the game is planning for the possibility that an opposing player cuts and runs, and figuring out how to stop that from happening. That process starts as early as deployment, it doesn't just happen by accident on turns 5 or 6.
  9. For me, I would say, no. No. No. No. I like the hard mode of Armada's shoot and then move mechanic. It's the basic mechanic on which the entire game is built. Getting a rear shot is not that difficult.
  10. That's pretty much the conclusion I came to, jp. Thanks.
  11. In Correlian Conflict, can the rebels spend points in the Management Phase to "upgrade" an Outpost to a Base for 15 resource points? (assuming they won a battle there)
  12. Yes. Great game with plenty of expansions and content, even if they were to pull the plug on it tomorrow.
  13. And if you ever lose confidence, just remember good doggo and bike kid:
  14. That is 100% true. There is a speech by some admiral to naval institute graduating class. If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.
  15. What was the final score here, Crabbok? If he destroyed the DS9 and + 20 pts for warping out MC75, that would be around...what? 250 pts? And you destroyed, 3 CR90's + GR75 = ? around 200 pts, roughly?
  16. Oh yeah, and, USE THE **** GI BILL. I'll say it again: USE THE GI BILL. And in case you didn't hear: USE THE GI BILL. So many people I work with coming out of college (RPI, U Albany) with, 40k, 60k, 80k in debt. Go to online schools/community colleges. This is 2019, nobody cares what school that you went to unless you're a Dr./Laywer, something like that (it stinks of elitism). All that it matters is you stuck it out and did the "College Dance". (College/education is a racket anyway.) Don't worry about what your MOS or skills are/were in the military. The most useful things you were taught, and that will transition to civilian life aren't your hard skills anyway, it will be all the soft things that employers at least claim to want: maturity, integrity, perseverance, communication, professionalism, improvisation, etc.
  17. Crabbok, how did you like the way the DS9 performed? I did a similar thing a couple years ago, but quickly found the lack of "maneuvering" that it did/could do, made the play/counterplay rather boring. On the 2nd iteration, I broke up the DS9 into 6 "hull zones". The 3 "pylon" areas were shield generators only, and the stats were: -no battery guns (but a smaller overall arc) -6 shields each. -2 blue Anti squadron dice. -1 brace and 1 contain token PER Pylon section (only usable for that section). The thin latitude areas in between the pylons (which I called "gunways") were where the actual guns are. -I can't remember what the actual guns were, but similar to what you have -2 shields each -no antisquadron dice -2 redirect defense tokens per zone I also gave it several upgrade options, but can't remember what they were. It had a speed of 1 which it could use to rotate, like what you had, or it could combine a token and a dial to move Range 1 (squadron movement), keeping the same orientation.
  18. Change careers. Sorry for the glib tone, but seriously, there is no real income to be made in graphic arts or print. The sad truth is that everyone fancies themself a graphic artist, and the field is so cluttered... I got out of the Marines a 4611 (Graphic Artist). Worked a short time in that field, and then realized it wasn't what I wanted to do (drawing/being creative as a job was no fun for me) AND it paid crap anyway. I know people say to find the thing you love to do, and do that, but that advice doesn't hold water when you have kids to feed.
  19. We have some players in the Capital region if you guys ever decide you want to me halfway (ish).
  20. Ok, so, after 2 years, I'm finally getting around to playing CC. Reading through the rules, I think I only have 1 question; how/when do a given system's "Bonus Objectives" come into play? -Each player generates a fleet, and that fleet must include 3 objectives (Assault, Defense and Navigational), just as you would for tournament play, is that right? -So, if you were assaulting (or defending), for example "Duro" (+3 Objective Cards), how would they come into play?
  21. Yes and no. The rules of a tourney are the rules. If you go into them with an attitude or expectation that some are more important than others, you are putting your values on some items over others. You alone don't get to decide "this rule is not important as this other rule, so I'm going to ask an opponent if I can break it." Both me and TTC already provided what I think are justifiable reasons why we wouldn't be happy about someone not bringing the appropriate squadron models. It's not because we are rigid jerks; it's because we take visual cues from the models themselves which give us valuable, on-the-fly data about what we're up against. Obfuscating that, intentionally or not intentionally, by requiring me or someone else to put in more effort to "see" what's on the table gives a player a sleight advantage. When it's the 3rd game of the tourney, after I drove 3 hours and have another 3 hour drive back, the extra little bit of effort to ask "what's that squadron supposed to be again?"seems unfair to demand of me. That is, in fact, why they are the rules.
  22. For the Emperor! (wait, no, that's not what I meant!)
  23. Yes, that's exactly the case I was trying to make in my post above, but you illustrated it better than me. The rules say you must have ALL components, cards, ship models, squadron models, etc. They also say you must build up to but not over 400 points. If I asked you if I could include another 25 points in my list over 400, or if I could equip a second Fleet Commander, would that be ok?
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