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  1. That is true, and it is in fact what I've done. It still bugs me.
  2. To be sure @Caimheul1313, I get that the rule is the rule. It's not ambiguous and I understand it. Here are my objections: 1. To declare or suggest that Legion is as open to customization as other games (it's not). 2. (on the heels of #1), it's disingenuous to make that claim when there are precisely ZERO extra bits, or upgrade kits/bits, etc with which to do any meaningful conversion work. 3. To suggest that obvious color differences aren't as noticeable and obvious as physical model differences. If anything they are probably more noticeable. I'm not talking about the "brim of this trooper's cap is a different color of that trooper's cap" (which is what I do to differentiate between my basic trooper squads. I'm talking about OBVIOUS (can be seen from 4' away) differences. I get I'm like the lone voice here advocating for that. But this game is always going to be several footsteps behind 40k and other truly customizable mini games if they can't on board with some of this basic stuff. I WANT legion to succeed. I love the mechanics. I'd LOVE to see it overtake 40k as THE tabletop miniature game, but it absolutely needs to come a long way with respect to army customization, and since there is ZERO conversion opportunity, I would assert that some of these binders need to be taken off.
  3. I'm not exactly sure what you mean here...Hoth guys painted in <any color> still look like extremely well-bundled cold-weather dudes. Same for F1.4 and Taun-Taun riders. It really should be no problem to say: "The 2 units painted in tans? Those are regular rebel trooper. But the rebel trooper unit painted with Navy Blue jackets and carrying a COM93 instead of a Z6? Those are veterans." It really is not that difficult guys.
  4. What amount of conversion work, in your mind, would be required for the Wookie to be satisfactorily used as a Rebel Trooper, or Rebel veteran (or commando or pathfinder)?
  5. Yeah I'm in the Albany area. We play at Zombie Planet on Central Avenue. We're trying to get a RitR campaign going.
  6. Hey @Cpt ObVuswhere in central NY are you? We don't have a competitive Armada scene as such anymore, but a few of us are still hanging around the Albany area.
  7. Jabbawookie is correct as I understand it. "Before" means "Everything else in the world that could possibly happen occurs first and then the <before> trigger happens, and then the thing that happens immediately after the <before trigger>. In abstract game terms, there is literally nothing else that can get squeezed in prior to the "before": not breathing, not blinking, not picking up or checking a command dial, not subatomic particles spinning at light speed, nothing, there is no time alotted to do anything else.
  8. I don't see how it matters that bullet points are or aren't steps. Would you at least agree that, regardless of whether or not they are steps, that checking for range occurs before HFZ allows you to swap blues for reds? And the reason it occurs before that is because that the swapping of blues for reds is literally the last thing that happens prior to gathering attack dice? (given FFG's wording of "before") You wouldn't argue that checking range (despite being a "bullet point" under Step 1. Declare Target) occurs in, for example, Step 5.) Resolve Damage ?
  9. What that means is I don't have a particular stake in the outcome being interpreted any particular way; I don't have $100 riding on a bet, I don't have an uber list that absolutely depends on Heavy Fire Zone working one way or the other. It means I'm not emotionally attached to the outcome one way or the other, and my ego/identify is not hanging in the balance.
  10. Of course I do. I also think some introspection and doubt should be maintained about ambiguous cards. (And this is, currently, at best, an ambiguous card) If for nothing else than for the relationship-building / social points gleaned by humility. Dras, I don't have a dog in this fight. I'm not married to any particular ruling of this card; I'm just deciphering it as best I can.
  11. I guess I meant more to assert it as a global fix. I think it's fine to say "I'm the TO for this event, and as such, given the card's ambiguity, we will be playing Heavy Fire Zone as a long-range red-die interpretation", without necessarily asserting that as the objectively settled way that the card will be FAQ'd by FFG.
  12. Dras I am sympathetic to your frustration, but this also underlies the very real possibility that FFG just made a mistake with this card. It wouldn't be the first time. I don't think it's our place to fix their mistake, at least not in tournament settings.
  13. Yeah thanks Mad, I can see it now. My ability to appreciate was being circumvented by focusing on the opportunity cost of pushing damage to different hull zone, as you can't spend multiple redirects.
  14. All I can think is that this is intended to work with point defense reroute to basically increase your chances of getting a hit or double hit with red dice? Dras what's your interpretation of how it's supposed to work?
  15. Honestly I'm not sure I see how this is vague. Attacking. Step 1. Declare Target -1st bullet: "If the attacker is a ship, the defending squadron or hull zone must be inside the attacking hull zone's firing arc and at range of the attacking hull zone" (what is the range? the range is determined by the anti-squadron dice of the attacking ship...usually blue or black). Step 2. Roll Attack Dice. -Gather attack dice. Immediately before* this is then when HFZ card would trigger. But you have no dice to gather because Step 1 was not fulfilled (assuming the squadron is at red range). *As Grumbleduke posted above, "before" is defined as an effect that occurs immediately before the specified event. Simply put, you can't replace dice that you don't have for an attack.
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