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  1. Rocmistro

    Character Creation: Basic Q's

    Ok so a couple new questions. 1. If you swap out a talent card using a maneuver, after it's been exhausted, and while it's still recharging, do the recharge tokens continue to move off it? example; i have 2 reputation talents...Strong Willed and Ascetic Upbringing. I exhaust Strong Willed to remove a fatigue and a stress and put 4 recharge tokens on it. Then I then use a maneuver to "swap it out" so I can socket in Ascetic Upbringing. Do the 4 recharge tokens on Strong Willed get removed (1 per round) while it's unsocketed? 2. Do "Assess the Situation" or "Improved Guarded Positions" (or really any other action card that doesn't have a "vs. xxxx" kind of language start with a single challenge die in order to use?
  2. Rocmistro

    Character Creation: Basic Q's

    Hrm. ok, I haven't looked too in depth at how to advance. So, on the back of the Career Card it's got 10 places under the "General Career Advances" section. 1 Action Card, 1 Talent, 1 Skill Training/Specialty, and 1 Wound Threshold, and 6 "Open Career Advances". To complete this career as I level up, I must; buy 1 action card (any action card that i fulfill the criteria for) with 1 XP (Advancement Point) buy 1 talent with 1 XP (Advancement Point) train in one skill (or purchase a specialty for a skill I have already trained) with 1 XP (Advancement Point) increase my wounds by 1 with 1 XP (Advancement Point) Additionally, I get 6 other "Open Advancements", which must be part of the schema on the FRONT of my career character sheet. So, for my Barger-Surgeon example, I have: Action: 2 Talent: 1 Skill: 2 Fortune: 2 Conservative: 1 Reckless: 1 Wound: 1 That means, with his 6 other "Open Advancements", that I have to pick some combination of 6 of the above items assuming I want to complete my career properly. So, for example, if I picked 1 Action, 1 Talent, 1 Skill, 1 Fortune, a Reckless counter and 1 Wound, (in addition to the 4 required items) I would have successfully completed my Career Advancement, and then could go into my next career keeping my dedication bonus. (However, if I picked 3 Actions, 3 Talents, I would not have completed the career properly. I could still go into a new career, but I would not get the Dedication Bonus.)
  3. Rocmistro

    Character Creation: Basic Q's

    Thanks so much Karanthir! Another question that popped up while I was toying around with the system. The talents, skills, etc. that you make at character creation...none of those things count toward you advancements to fullfilling your career path right? I can't wait to to give this system a try as it looks like a blast.
  4. Hello! Going to be trying this system with my friends. Have some basic questions about character generation. 1. If i put "3" character creation points into "Talents" I get 3 talents of my choice. Do those talents HAVE to be purchased from the talent option categories on the right hand side of the Career sheet? Ex: If I take the Barber-Surgeon Career, I get a "Reputation" and a "Focus" talent slot. So, the 3 Talents I pick have to be some combination of those 2 types of talents? - Can I take a different type of Talent that is normally not compatible with my career, with the intent to "slot" it into the Party character sheet? Ex: I take the Barber-Surgeon career, and we select the "Servants of Justice" Party. I select a Reputation talent (Silver Tongue), a Focus talent (Clear Minded), and a Tactic talent (coordinated efforts)? Is that all legal/correct? 2. Similar to Talents, if I put 3 character creation points into "Action" (Assuming, again, a Barber-Surgeon with all stats of "3"), i get 3 4 actions (in addition to the 8 "basic" actions). So, if all of my stats start at 3, I get: Assess the Situation, Block, Dodge, Guarded Position, Melee Attack, Parry, Perform a Stunt, and Ranged Attack, and then I also get 3 more, so I could, for example, choose: Twin Pistols, Shield Slam, Improved Guarded Position, +1 possible other one? I could not, however, pick Bullseye or Arrowtorm (Watcher Only), Troll Feller Strike (Slayer Only), or Staring Contest (Willpower 4+) My question here is, what restricts which Actions I can purchase, as opposed to which Actions I can actually use? Are those 2 difference concepts? I don't see anything that directly keys an action type to a specific career (except for a few very specific ones, such as the 3 I noted above)...so is it really just a question of fulfilling the brown text about requirements?
  5. Rocmistro

    Vader Relentless

    Perhaps in the demo you saw, they player had used the "Implacable" priority card and actually activated Vader twice in that turn?
  6. Rocmistro

    Requesting Tabletop Admiral feedback

    werd, how about password reset, password recovery support? i don't see any place to do that in the ui?
  7. Rocmistro

    X-Wings in legion?

    AT-AT would be just frakkin huge. If I'm doing my maths right, the height would be just a little under 3x the AT-ST (8.3 meters vs. 22.5 meters) The width isn't too much of a problem, the length might be; it's 4x as long (deep) as the ATST. I think the base of the AT ST is about...what...5" across? Meaning the AT-AT would be at least 20"? Then again it's slow...I can't see the AT-AT going faster than speed 2. Possibly even speed 1. The dimensions are really odd for the AT-AT. The problems with it are less "game" issues and more physical manipulation ones. It's going to be tall and top-heavy (not good for table top miniature game). It's going to be really tough to move given how huge it's footprint would be.
  8. Rocmistro

    X-Wings in legion?

    I don't think the X Wing is "too big". It's about as long as the ATST is tall, and thus, could probably go on the same base size. It is, however, probably too fast. i think it would need a minimum compulsory move of about 6 (with no hard right-angle turns allowed).
  9. Rocmistro

    Activating units

    Part of the strategy of making a homogenous-battle-role army...you always get to activate the unit type you need/want.
  10. Rocmistro

    Does standby work with a cumbersome weapon?

    But using that logic of constraint, it could never attack again for the rest of the game, period. "Oh you moved in Turn 1? Too bad, you can't attack for the rest of the game..." The implied limitation of the constraint is "...during its activation", or else its useless for the remainder of the game after the first time it moves. Sorry, Crabbok has to be right on this one.
  11. Rocmistro

    Speeder Bike Instructions

    I thought it was a power converter/power coupling....or...some extension of the gun. I screwed it up too, it would seem.
  12. Rocmistro

    Does standby work with a cumbersome weapon?

    Kind of tangential to this question; If the Troop Unit Leader moves, but the actual HH12 does not need to in order to be in range (cuz range is measured from the unit leader), does the HH12 count as having moved?
  13. Rocmistro

    Full Pivot Timing

    I actually couldn't find anything that supports that, hence why I was asking. Ah. That makes sense/covers it. Thanks.
  14. Rocmistro

    Full Pivot Timing

    Ok so this actually highlights two issues; 1. Wedge's ability is NOT that he can Pivot 360 degrees as a free action; ok I see that now (Makes sense, as I thought he was waaay too good at 5 points before). 2. Neither of what you guys wrote above necessarily stops him from attacking with both guns. There's a difference between "Attacking twice" (which is, here, synonymous with "using the attack action twice") and "Using both guns when you attack" (which he can do by virtue of the T47 Speeder having Aresenal 2). So the question here is whether a different action (Pivot) can interrupt the 2 shots you make, both of which are couched within the one attack action. [Attack Action (fire with main gun) [PIVOT] (fire with second gun)] * *I'm not actually arguing that my interpretation is correct. I'm saying "I dont' know" and suggesting that I think there's an argument to be made/clarification needed.
  15. Rocmistro

    Full Pivot Timing

    So I just checked the RRG and I did not find anything explicitly stating you had to finish one action before performing another, though it seems likely this is how it's supposed to work. Wedges card text calls out that he has the ability to Full Pivot 'until the end of his activation'. Also can someone just confirm for me that; A "FULL PIVOT" is always also a "PIVOT" (it's just a specific kind of Pivot) A "PIVOT" is always a kind of Movement. Movement is always an action. Therefore, a FULL PIVOT is always an action.