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  1. a different mission card, but in my eyes the same question: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/27845133#27845133 answer "the second ability [...] doesn’t have any specific sequencing instructions and should be treated as a single ability. All resulting VPs are gained simultaneously upon resolution of the ability. "
  2. I don't think that it is an oversight. This (pt 6) is a new text, written explicit for the RtL rulebook. Nathan also calls it "new blast definition" and that heroes are also affected. I see the old section " ATTACKING MULTIPLE MONSTERS" as the oversight relict.
  3. The current RrL rules (15 May 2017) has an additional general ruling for all attacks with blast, not only heros perform such an attack. Blast When resolving an attack with the “Blast” keyword, all spaces adjacent to the targeted space are also affected by the attack. The attacker rolls his attack dice once and applies the full damage (�) to the target enemy and half of the damage (�) to figures adjacent to that space, rounded up. Each figure affected by the attack (including any friendly figures) roll their own defense dice.
  4. Did anyone find rule changes ? e.g. "Trading" has new clarifications (after a move action at any time during that turn).
  5. Q: Hi FFG, i have got some questions regarding the RTL rules and the intend of the monster activiations: 1a) Monster action: "Engage the hero with the MOST search cards." - All four heroes have 0 (!) search cards. 1b) Monster action: "Engage as many heroes as possible within 6 spaces". There are 0 heroes within 6 spaces. Would this actions be skipped ? Does "most" and "as many" include zero ? 2) Monster action: "Attack the hero within 3 spaces with the lowest speed". - The hero with the lowest speed is not in line of sight. Whould this action be skipped (and so perhaps no hero will be attacked) or whould another hero within 3 spaces and the second lowest speed be attacked ? A: 1a) In this case, the monster would engage the closest hero given that all heroes are tied at 0. 1b) Yes, the action would be skipped. Most does include 0, but 0 does not count as “as many as possible.” 2) On page 10 of the RtL rulebook it reads, "When selecting a target for an action that requires line of sight, do not select targets that are not in line of sight—they are ignored and a different target is chosen. For example, if an action instructs a monster to attack the closest hero, but the closest hero is not in line of sight, the target that should be selected would be the next closest hero who is in line of sight.” Thanks! Nathan Hajek
  6. Unclear if it is a bug Kindred Fire-the glade of all illusions: First Hero steps into the portal, pass the attribute test and explore the portal in the north -> place title, place open group, place search token.ok. Second hero fail the attribute test and is involuntairly ported to the portal in the north. Then the whole "exploration" text occours again -> place title and search token (although already shown on the ma) and another open group spawns. Felt wrong for us
  7. But before this you also should check range. Rulebook;pt 8:" if there is a tie when selecting the target, select the closest target. If there is still a tie, the player are free to choose..."
  8. Fixes in Version 1.3.0The Delve: Fixed Queen Ariad appearing in Act I. The Delve: Fixed Raythen/Serena boss fight when using Raythen/Serena hero. The Delve: Fixed components being used that were removed from the user’s collection. Fixed Merick displaying previous monster’s instructions. Fixed elemental activation and door placement in Burning Wrath quest. Changed "Bone Wand” from Act I to Act II. Fixed travel event displaying “TRAVEL_JOYFUL_INN_2.”
  9. Kindred Fire, Quest Burning Wrath (4 heroes) - Entance title disapears without instruction (what if heroes are still on it?) - Title 27 should be set aside but is never used - Master Elemental should be placed, but there is no activation list for master (only minion). - After the 2nd attribute test (objective token) a door should be placed, but is not shown on the map (this should only happen after the 3rd test) - (happened only one time): Elemental did not activate automaticly and is skipped until new round
  10. Hi Zaltyre, Glossary: Is a space with a KO hero token an empty space or not ? e.g. can you spawn the reanimate on a field with the hero token ? RAW: Rules does not say a field with a hero token is considered as an empty space in all cases.
  11. Hi Paul, great work, thank you ! A question about Diagram 8 - Ettin can not attack: Where does the rules say that you have to "shrink" a large monster to a single space while attacking ? Do range and LOS have to start both from the same space ? For the rules the attacker is a "figure" with a target "space". The ettin figure has LOS and always range 2 - a valid attack in my opinion.
  12. i don't like the idea of a Knowledge 5 (e.g Leoric) Mage with "By the book" (Marshal). An Overlord 'without cards' is absolutly no fun.
  13. yes, i'm talking about the three coop adventures (forgotten souls...). There are little differences in the core rules.
  14. There are three rules for the co-op PODs online. FFG has no official errata for these rules but there are a few very small changes and clarifications. Has anyone tried to summerize these changes ? e.g. 1.) pt 4 Hero Phase, "during each round" instead of "at the start of each round" 2.) pt 6 Loot, "this is done in addition" instead of "this is done before" 3.) pt 11 Spawn Section more ?
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