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  1. "but right off the top of my head it seems like the font is much bigger than that for Mage Knight, for instance." Wow I couldn't imagine it being SMALLER than this, I mean if I measured it they wouldn't be but a few millimeters tall. also, I copied and pasted that and now my words are highlighted in dark grey, lol. NOt sure how this will post....
  2. Ok guys, I never read much. I used to have perfect vision etc. Here lately I've been having bad, bad headaches. I just got Descent 2.0 and I noticed how ridiculously SMALL the font seems to be. My friend said "That's the right size" But I feel that it's really hard to see, ESPECIALLY the flavor quest. Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble reading the books? I feel like I see fine everywhere else, but I just want to ask before I take off to the eye doc. Thanks. Dewayne
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