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  1. I just got home from a game where my opponent picked my Superior Positions objective. I ended up tabling him, but he came very close to tabling me. Despite this, because of the huge number of objective tokens I racked up (running a TIE swarm), I won with over a 400 MoV. I've never played this objective before, but I absolutely love it now.
  2. What's the Battlestar Galactica looking ship at 0:09 in the bottom right corner? Also, where was the AFMKII?
  3. You can manually edit the number of cards you own - just hit one of the refine buttons and adjust the number of cards. Isn't there a maximum in the drop down bar though? For instance, for Leading Shots, I go to CR-90, refine, and it lets me select 0, 1, or 2
  4. Would it be possible to add the cards that were available through tournament kits? For instance, I own ~6 leading shots, but the program only registers 2. Thanks again for the awesome program!
  5. Should be ok now ! Just let me know All good on the Imperial Side. Rebel side is fully functional, but still gives me the option to have 4 Ketsus or E-Wings per pack rather than 1 and 2 respectively; just thought that was weird.
  6. The new squadrons default to one of the generic pilot cards per pack rather than 2. For example, I tell it I have two of Imperial Squadron 2 - I can only field 2 Decimators not 4; this is true with all squadrons in Imperial 2 and Rebel 2. Edit: Correction: For Rebels, it's showing the option of 0, 1, or 4, despite only owning a single pack. That said, your program is still amazing and the only way I would ever even consider building lists. Thank you!
  7. It's almost worth it. 25 points to have 2 B-wings engage turn 1? If the B-wings go uncontested, you've doubled or tripled the number of shots they make. Even if the enemy diverts their fighters to tackle the B-wings, they're hardy enough to slow the enemy fighters down while the rest of your bombers wage war, now uncontested.
  8. Barring brackets, you go left to right with addition/subtraction and division/multiplication at their respective steps. Edit: You guys are trolling me aren't you
  9. You're thinking of Heavy Turbolaser Turrets, H9s let you change damage/crit to accuracies
  10. Well, after playing for about 4 hours from set up to tear down, we made it to the end of turn 3. It felt fairly thematic - the star destroyers were obliterating rebel capital ships, but rebel fighters kept the 181st from joining the actual battle near the core, where Rebel squadrons were waiting in force for the shield to drop. Transports showed surprising utility as AA platforms - two of them plus a CR90 were able to decimate a very large number of Imperial fighters. Home One reiterated how important accuracies are - the rebel fleet consistently shut down all non ECM'd tokens, while one transport was able to scatter away from medium range ISD2 fire... Even with leading shots and Vader. The Interdictor, which couldn't take ECMs, found about 3 damage per turn sneaking past the shields it regenerated fully every time it activated because it's tokens were completely locked out. Deployment Turn 1 Turn 2 Turn 3 So, playtest number 1 gave us these notes: Bigger play area! As dense as it is there's no room to maneuver and it gets pretty hectic. It also leads to the possibility of 5-6 ships firing their anti-squadron into the same furball, because all the other ships are blocking their shots to larger enemy vessels. Next time, we'll try a 6x6 with the Rebels deploying diagonally across the center and the Imps in the far corner. We made it more likely for the shield generator to drop - turn 4 is still on a blue crit, turn 5 is blue crit or acc, turn 6 is automatic. Next time, the DS2 will have a limit to how many fighters can start on it (1/3rd of total squadrons, maybe?), and the DS2 itself will have a squadron command value. Depending on the wording of the new hangar upgrade in the Pelta, it might deploy basic TIEs at the start of the round and then give them an order at the start of the squadron phase (So after all legitimate squadron commands but before rogues). It might just get a ship card of its own to make things easier. The game is going to take too long. Deployment was helped by doubling the number of placements, but actual play was still the normal tradeoff - I think we must make it multiple activations per side in order to get the game to a more manageable length... had the store not closed on us we were looking at 1.5-2 more hours.
  11. Well then I feel glad I'm knowing we will never see the Executor, was feeling bad before but you showed I shouldn't give two $&@#s about that.Seriously, you want to ignore my point, go for it. I am explaining why you won't see the Executor, but ignore it and keep dreaming kid. It's good to have hope, even if it is a stupid one. Good day. And this is why this is my favorite thread. Thanks for making my day.
  12. I had this big long post written, maybe in part due to just getting home from the bar, but I'll just summarize. In casual play, I don't care if my opponent cheats. I feel like I've seen it every time, and in that moment, I've already won - the challenge changes from me trying to beat them to me trying to beat them with a handicap, and if you do, it's so very sweet. If you don't? They already felt that you were a superior enough player that they needed to cheat, so... again, you've already won.
  13. That looks like a pretty cool X-Wing scenario!
  14. v1.3 Of the rules. Added campaign connectivity, made the shield dropping less predictable, Imperial fleet starts at speed 0. Imperial squadrons may also begin overlapping the DS2; since they won't have access to squadron commands this is intended as a defensive measure in case the shield drops early. (If anyone knows how to upload a PDF here rather than converting my word document into an image file for photobucket, that would be pretty cool information to share!)
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