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  1. Hmm yeah it's a bit unclear, since the "spend 1 advantage" seems to be written as a max, not as a stackable use of advantage. Makes for a light area-of-attack ability in some ways, since it can "hit" a lot of targets with enough successes. And it would ignore Soak (I think?) which helps. I guess compared to a similar XP combat character with Autofire it's not that thrilling. But an interesting exercise in design.
  2. Thanks rowdyoctopus, I'm not much of a system master so I don't think I've even looked at multispecializing into Politico. I'll definitely have to consider it now, the Inspiring + Scathing seems like a pretty neat mechanism actually. I wonder if you can even end up with comparable damage via strain with a super specialized Scathing Tirade. Maybe by using it twice (once as a maneuver from Supreme Scathing Tirade) and then again as an action? So do people have experience with using Leadership during combat? Does it basically translate into the Assist maneuver? I like the idea of my character making a Leadership check and using the advantages to give free maneuvers and boost die to allies. But I don't know what the Successes would do in that case.
  3. That sounds good, maybe like a Warlord in D&D 4th. But what about just in core EoTE?
  4. Hi, I'm playing a bit of a support character as a Colonist Doctor. He has a pistol, but I rarely use it. I feel like something besides shooting would be a useful way to spend my character's action. What options do I have to support my combat orientated teammates during a fight? Is there a way (maybe houseruled?) to make a Leadership check to inspire them (almost like a fantasy Bard?), maybe use the successes as advantages to give boost dice or something?
  5. I wouldn't say incomplete. Although, if you're referring only to the EotE core rulebook, then yeah, two heavy or normal blaster pistols is a pretty decent combo and yes, the selection is rather limited, but get a look in Suns of Fortune, Enter the Unknown, Far Horizons, Dangerous Covenants and you can have more fun with pistols most certainly. Although, the dual combo would of course be superior still, and you could probably find quite a crazy combo of stuff. Or just get an auto-firing blaster pistol... then you're set. Good to know that supplements expanded the pistols. I am working with the core rulebook only, and will be for the foreseeable future, so my scope was limited to that.
  6. Well. I sort of get that, but I guess the designers expect something else from players. Other games have gone that route (although I'm not sure I've heard of a game that forces you to attack with both hands if you have weapons in them, or apply a specific numerical penalty for having to weapons drawn), whether those games are good, bad, better or worse than this doesn't come into it, but it's a different design philosophy I guess. Which I - surprise surprise - happen to agree with on some levels. I can go play HARP, Rolemaster or BRP if I want to. And I do that and have done it for years. Those are good games, but different to this. Hmm, except their design philosophy seems...incomplete, or inconsistent? It feels like there are a few rifle options, but less so with pistols. Again this is just Edge of the Empire, maybe the later books added more. Either way in our case we have a pilot who will dual wield, and be happy to do so from a flavor and mechanical point of view. Then a droid Doctor who is fine with one pistol, since he needs his hands free to patch everyone up as is. And then a Rodian melee character who, even if they dual wield, we'll probably retheme to something more fitting like a double-headed staff. The other two characters use two handed rifles. EDIT: I guess in general that inconsistent feel is what I get from EoTE. Don't get me wrong, I love the system, but in some cases they act like they want it abstract, loose, fast playing...and then you get these ridiculous spaceship combat rules which are WAY too gritty and detailed.
  7. Yeah exactly. The first list can be even shorter if the weapons are already drawn (say in a known hostile area such as a pirate base). I'll have to see how the Encumbrance factors in with the specific characters I have in mind, to see whether it'd be a factor or not. I guess there is just something in my brain that has a hard time accepting a worse mechanical solution purely for flavor when it comes to combat characters. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine having a weak, social focused droid who uses a single pistol. But for an intentionally combat orientated pistol using character, dual wielding is the way to go.
  8. Well you have that same thing if you have Quick Draw and the second pistol holstered too. Then you can run around with one pistol, and whip out the second one as an incidental, basically costing you nothing mechanically. So basically having one pistol holstered and one drawn would then be what you refer to as "= the end game for pistol characters" too (with that talent, which I think appears quite a few places on talent trees oriented towards firing ranged weapons, at the very least). Which I guess you could say it is, but there are enough drawbacks I think: Encumbrance, increased difficulty and the inability to do anything but shooting with you hands... Except Quick Draw would be a talent investment, correct? Whereas any old joe can pick up a second pistol and have that versatility. And even with Quick Draw the "end game" is still two pistols. I guess I was just hoping the rules would branch into high volume, low accuracy fire (dual wielding) or high accuracy, low volume (single pistol). Again from a pure mechanical point of view, regardless of what flavor fits a character.
  9. I don't understand, how is increasing the difficulty (and the added cost of 2 advantage just to activate the second hit) of a combat check not a REAL downside to two-weapon fighting? I must not be explaining it clearly. What I mean is when you dual wield, but CHOOSE to fire ONLY a single pistol, you aren't adding the additional difficulty die. So then you are basically firing the same as if you just had one pistol. But if you NEED to you can fire both weapons (at the +1 difficulty) with the chance to do more damage. You have no versatility when single wielding, and no chance to risk more damage for less accuracy. So why would anyone choose a single pistol? Compared to dual wielding but only firing a single pistol (ie: more choice, more versatility). The only upside to a single pistol is having a hand free.
  10. Sure. A PC could. Mine never did. Even when I did pull a pistol, it was only the one. Of course my skill was 2G, so tossing another Diff on there would have made the roll futile. I know a PC doesn't have to, and thematically my character wouldn't want too (a Droid doctor). I'm just sad that the rules provide versatility for dual wielding, but not for intentionally single wielding. So like I said, the only REAL downside to dual wielding is not having a free hand, because you can still shoot 1 pistol exactly the same, but have the OPTION to shoot both (for increased difficulty). So like I said, versatility, and a better "end game" for pistols than sticking to one.
  11. You're mistaken, I have no problem with dual wielding on it's own. My problem is that it's better to carry two pistols than one, because if you NEED to shoot both you can choose to do so, or you can just shoot one. The only mechanical downside is not having a hand free. There is no added versatility of opting for a single pistol. So for characters like Han Solo having a single pistol is arguably the "weaker" path. I don't like forcing players to weaken themselves just for theme, I think the game system should provide worthwhile, different upgrade paths. And right now it seems like two pistols = the end game for pistol characters.
  12. But once the two pistols are out, it's easy to just shoot with one, but have the option to shoot both. Whereas there is no comparable versatility with one pistol. Seems like a houserule of not being able to Aim when two pistols are drawn would balance it out well enough, without getting (arguably) petty with draw and Encumbrance issues.
  13. Bah I was hoping there was a mechanical reason not too, besides not having a free hand. Because then it basically ends up being the "best path" in terms of damage options for pistols. I agree it doesn't fit for all characters (mine included), but it's hard to resist.
  14. I find in almost every combat the order will change on the fly, and having a set order would actually make combat dryer and duller. I think your house rule of "emergency only reorder" would slow the game down more, because players debate every action and say "Should we reorder" instead of just "Who's going?". So it's an extra step?
  15. My question is why would a pistol wielding player NOT dual wield? My understanding is you can choose to shoot with a single pistol, even when you have both in hand, so it's much more versatile. I guess the downside is you don't have a free hand to grab stuff? Or am I mistaken and you HAVE to shoot with both and take the +1 difficulty every time?
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