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  1. X-Wing When attacking, roll and modify defense dice before rolling and modifying attack dice.
  2. Because Suncrusher is dumb but starkiller base is ok?
  3. It would still be nice to get a player or judge rewards program going.
  4. Did they say how barrel rolls will work for medium base ships?
  5. Perhaps they are waiting until after world's to drop a new faq. That way playtesters don't have an advantage.
  6. I think any ship worth 33 or more points should be subject to the half point rule.
  7. I run triple Gand Findsman with fcs, snap shot, Intel agent and vector thrusters. It's fun.
  8. Lol, this was not the way it was ruled at GenCon.
  9. Expanding the answer. You didn't say you were going to use palp on the first two dice. So why would you be able too?
  10. Changing to a crit was also mandatory at gencon.
  11. I would think you could discard your non-existent tokens.
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