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  1. I run triple Gand Findsman with fcs, snap shot, Intel agent and vector thrusters. It's fun.
  2. I like snap shot with fcs.
  3. Lol, this was not the way it was ruled at GenCon.
  4. Expanding the answer. You didn't say you were going to use palp on the first two dice. So why would you be able too?
  5. You must change the third die.
  6. Changing to a crit was also mandatory at gencon.
  7. I would think you could discard your non-existent tokens.
  8. Rebel Nym can stop one from detonating.
  9. I got this as a judge call probably a dozen times at gencon. Genius allows you to drop the bomblet after you are done moving regardless of weather you bumped or were ionized. Genius doesn't care how you got to where you are.
  10. I do triple Gand Findsmen with snap, vector thrusters, fcs and intell agent. Ton of fun.
  11. Check "suffering damage" in the rulebook. It specifically mentions that damage cards get dealt one at a time.
  12. Yes. N'dru will gain a focus.
  13. What precedent has allowed a ship to add an evade result itself while target locked by OL?
  14. Adding a result is considered modifying a result. Plus Lowhhrick's ability says the defender does the adding. Which makes it not work even more.
  15. Are there better options from the new canon for scum?